Opposite of ACCOLADE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of accolades, we often associate them with praise, recognition, and commendation. However, sometimes we encounter words that are the complete opposite of accolades. These words are known as antonyms for accolade. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings and can help provide balance and contrast in language.

Antonyms for accolade can offer a different perspective or tone compared to words of praise and admiration. By using these antonyms, we can express criticism, disapproval, or indifference towards a subject or individual. These contrasting words can add depth and complexity to our communication by highlighting the negative aspects or drawbacks of a situation.

Exploring the antonyms for accolades can enhance our ability to express a full range of emotions and opinions. By incorporating these opposing words into our vocabulary, we can achieve a more nuanced and balanced approach to conveying our thoughts and feelings.

35 Antonyms for ACCOLADE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for accolade. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ACCOLADE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Accolade Sentence with Antonym
Criticism The actor received accolades for his performance in the play. The actor faced harsh criticism for his performance.
Disgrace The team’s hard work finally paid off with an accolade. The team’s failure led to public disgrace.
Insult Winning the championship was the ultimate accolade for the athlete. Being called a loser was a major insult to the athlete.
Condemnation The artist’s work was met with accolades from critics. The artist’s work was met with harsh condemnation from critics.
Blame Jane was given an accolade for her dedication to the project. Jane was met with blame for the failure of the project.
Reprimand The student’s outstanding grades earned her an accolade from the principal. The student’s poor grades resulted in a severe reprimand from the principal.
Failure The author received many accolades for her latest novel. The author faced criticism and failure for her latest novel.
Disapproval The designer’s collection received accolades from fashion critics. The designer’s collection was met with disapproval from the fashion industry.
Denigration The singer’s new album was met with accolades from fans and critics. The singer’s talent was met with denigration by the media.
Degradation The team’s hard work was recognized with an accolade. The team’s effort was met with degradation by their coach.
Reproach Sarah was showered with accolades for her leadership skills. Sarah was met with reproach for her inability to lead effectively.
Rebuke The scientist was honored with an accolade for his groundbreaking research. The scientist was faced with rebuke for his unreliable findings.
Disapproval The company received accolades for its innovative approach to business. The company faced disapproval for its lack of integrity.
Insult Receiving an accolade for her hard work was a dream come true for Laura. Being called incompetent was a major insult to Laura.
Blame The chef was filled with joy when he received an accolade for his cooking. The chef faced blame for the poor quality of the food.
Disgrace The actor was honored with an accolade for his outstanding performance. The actor experienced disgrace for his lackluster acting.
Condemnation The student’s research project was met with accolades from professors. The student’s research project was met with condemnation from professors.
Ignominy The team’s accomplishment was recognized with an accolade. The team faced ignominy as they failed to meet expectations.
Discredit The author’s new book received numerous accolades from critics. The author’s reputation was tainted with discredit after the book’s release.
Censure The volunteer received accolades for her dedicated service. The volunteer faced harsh censure for her neglect of duties.
Reproach Winning the award was the pinnacle of his accolades. The loss brought about feelings of reproach and disappointment.
Disgrace The achievement was the highest accolade she had ever received. The failure led to an overwhelming sense of disgrace.
Denunciation The film was showered with praise and accolades. The film received denunciation and negative reviews.
Insult Receiving an accolade for her artwork was a turning point for Amy. Being criticized and belittled was a deep insult to Amy.
Defeat The football team received accolades for their exceptional season. The football team faced defeat in the championship game.
Critique The artist was honored with numerous accolades for his latest exhibition. The artist faced harsh critique for his lack of originality.
Disparagement The gymnast’s routine earned her high accolades from the judges. The gymnast’s routine was met with disparagement from the audience.
Reproach The young actress was filled with pride when she received an accolade. The comments made by the critics filled her with reproach.
Blame The team was finally recognized with an accolade for their hard work. The team was met with unwarranted blame for the loss.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ACCOLADE

Praise and criticism are two sides of the same coin. While commendations can boost one’s confidence, rebukes can offer valuable insights for improvement. It is important to embrace both accolades and critiques to grow personally and professionally. Rather than seeking constant acclaim, it is valuable to welcome feedback that challenges us to evolve and excel.

Acknowledging the significance of constructive criticism alongside accolades fosters a balanced perspective on our achievements. Embracing both sides of the coin allows for a more holistic understanding of our capabilities and areas for development. Ultimately, a healthy balance of commendations and reproaches ensures continuous growth and progress.

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