Opposite of AT PEACE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of feeling calm, content, and undisturbed, we often associate it with being “at peace.” However, the opposite emotions or states that contrast with tranquility are what we refer to as “antonyms for at peace.” These antonyms signify feelings of unrest, turmoil, and unease, painting a picture of inner discord and disquiet.

The antonyms for being at peace encompass a range of emotional and mental states that differ from the harmonious and serene feeling of peace. These contrasting emotions may include agitation, anxiety, discomfort, or distress, disrupting the sense of calm and balance that peace typically entails. By exploring these antonyms, we can understand the complexities of human emotions and the myriad ways in which individuals experience inner turmoil.

Recognizing the antonyms for being at peace allows us to appreciate the rich tapestry of emotions that shape our inner world. By acknowledging and understanding these contrasting states, we can gain insight into our own feelings and responses to various situations. Exploring the antonyms for at peace provides a deeper understanding of the complexities of human emotions and the diverse ways in which individuals navigate feelings of unease and unrest.

35 Antonyms for AT PEACE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for at peace. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AT PEACE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with At Peace Sentence with Antonym
Disturbed She finally found peace after years of turmoil. She couldn’t find any disturbance amidst the chaos and noise.
Turbulent The lake was calm and peaceful in the early morning. The sea was rough and turbulent during the storm.
Agitated His mind was finally at peace after a long meditation session. His mind was restless and agitated with worry and stress.
Unsettled The baby finally fell asleep, leaving the house at peace. The baby’s crying left the atmosphere unsettled and tense.
Anxious Amy felt at peace after talking to her best friend. Amy felt anxious about the upcoming exam despite studying hard.
Discordant The singers’ voices blended harmoniously, creating an at peace feeling. Their voices clashed, creating a discordant and unpleasant sound.
Disrupted The meeting proceeded smoothly, leaving the team at peace. A sudden phone call disrupted the team’s concentration and harmony.
Restless He finally felt at peace after a long walk in nature. His mind was restless and couldn’t settle down despite the calm outside.
Frantic Despite the chaos, she remained at peace and focused. Everyone around her was frantic and running around in panic.
Unquiet The library was at peace with only the sound of flipping pages. The library was loud and unquiet, making it hard to concentrate.
Troubled She finally found peace after letting go of her troubled past. Her mind was troubled by the memories that kept haunting her.
Tumultuous The protests calmed down and the city was finally at peace. The streets were still tumultuous with riots and clashes.
Unsettling The serene sunset left everyone feeling at peace. The loud noise and commotion were unsettling and disturbing.
Aggravated He took a deep breath to calm himself and find peace. The situation only aggravated his frustration and anger.
Disordered Her thoughts were finally at peace after practicing mindfulness. Her mind felt chaotic and disordered, making it hard to focus.
Out of harmony The orchestra played in perfect sync, creating an at peace atmosphere. The musicians were not in tune and played out of harmony.
Distraught Despite the bad news, she remained at peace and composed. Her friend was distraught and couldn’t stop crying.
Agitated The elderly couple walked hand in hand, at peace with each other. The young children were agitated and running around in excitement.
Chaotic She found peace in the midst of chaos, focusing on her meditation. The room was in total chaos, making it hard to find anything.
Discontented He had finally found peace after accepting his situation. He felt discontented with his job and wanted to quit.
Discord The holiday dinner brought the family together, leaving them at peace. A family argument led to discord and tension at the table.
Unhappy She was finally at peace with her decision to move abroad. Her parents were unhappy with her choice and expressed their disapproval.
Distressed The child’s crying stopped, leaving the room at peace. The child was distressed and couldn’t stop sobbing.
Aggravation The calming music brought her at peace after a long day. The constant noise was causing her aggravation and stress.
Jumbled His thoughts were finally at peace after organizing them on paper. His mind felt jumbled and confused, making it hard to think clearly.
Puzzled She felt at peace after finally figuring out the solution. The problem left her puzzled and unable to find a way out.
Uneasy Despite feeling uneasy, she tried to find peace within herself. She was uneasy and couldn’t relax, feeling on edge for no reason.
Disarray The living room was tidy and at peace after the cleaning session. The children left it in total disarray, with toys and clothes everywhere.
Tense They sat together in silence, at peace despite the tense situation. The air was filled with tension, making it hard to feel peaceful.
Strife The neighbors finally resolved their conflict and lived at peace. Their constant strife was causing tension in the neighborhood.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AT PEACE

In a state of turmoil, unsettled, or distressed, individuals may struggle to find inner calmness and contentment. When one is not at peace, anxiety, agitation, and unease can dominate their thoughts and emotions, leading to a sense of disquiet. Conversely, being composed, tranquil, and harmonious can cultivate a sense of well-being and serenity within oneself.

It is essential to recognize the significance of achieving a state of peacefulness, where internal conflicts and external disturbances can be resolved. By striving to being calm, undisturbed, and at ease, individuals can foster a sense of harmony and balance in their lives, promoting overall well-being and emotional stability.

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