Opposite of BASKET – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills? One effective way to achieve this is by exploring antonyms, which are words that have opposite meanings to each other. By examining antonyms, you can gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of language and how words can convey contrasting ideas.

Antonyms provide a way to express ideas that are dissimilar, contradictory, or opposite to one another. They offer a helpful tool for writers, speakers, and language learners to convey their thoughts with precision and clarity. By incorporating antonyms into your vocabulary, you can add depth and richness to your communication, allowing you to express a wider range of concepts and emotions effectively.

If you enjoy discovering new words and playing with language, exploring antonyms can be a fun and rewarding exercise. By delving into the world of antonyms, you can not only improve your language skills but also broaden your understanding of how words work in relation to each other. So, why not dive into the realm of antonyms and uncover the fascinating world of words with contrasting meanings?

35 Antonyms for BASKET With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for basket. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BASKET antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Basket Sentence with Antonym
Empty She filled the basket with fresh fruits. She emptied the container of all its contents.
Full The basket was overflowing with colorful flowers. The container was nearly empty with only a few petals.
Hollow The bird made a nest inside the basket. The bird made a nest outside, as the container was hollow.
Remove Please put the dirty laundry in the basket. Please remove the clean clothes from the container.
Collect She collected seashells in the basket at the beach. She scattered the seashells that were in the container.
Scatter The wind scattered the leaves all over the basket. The wind helped collect the leaves neatly in the container.
Sorted The fruits in the basket were neatly sorted. The items in the container were all mixed up and unsorted.
Disorganize He neatly arranged his tools in the basket. He carelessly threw his tools everywhere outside the container.
Organized The stationery was neatly organized in the basket. The stationery was haphazardly placed everywhere outside the container.
Confused She felt confused about what to put in the basket. She felt certain and clear of what to put in the container.
Add She decided to add some accessories to the basket. She decided to take away some accessories from the container.
Subtract He decided to subtract some items from the basket. He decided to add more items to the container.
Scant They were able to put only scant items in the small basket. The large container allowed them to put many items without feeling scant.
Abandon She abandoned the basket in the middle of the forest. She took back the container and didn’t abandon it anywhere.
Look The child looked for his toy inside the basket. The child didn’t even bother to look inside the container.
Explore The hiker decided to explore the basket to find hidden treasures. The hiker decided not to explore the container and continued his journey.
Lost She thought she lost her keys in the basket. She eventually found her keys in the container without any feeling of being lost.
Find She managed to find her favorite book in the basket. She couldn’t find her favorite book anywhere in the container.
Hide He tried to hide the love letter in the bottom of the basket. He openly displayed the letter outside the container.
Reveal With a dramatic gesture, she finally revealed the gift in the basket. With a nonchalant attitude, he kept the gift hidden inside the container.
Present She presented a beautifully wrapped package in the basket. She hid the boring wrapping paper outside the container.
Conceal She tried to conceal the secret potion in the basket. She openly displayed the potion outside the container.
Protect The delicate items were carefully protected in the basket. The delicate items were left unprotected outside the container.
Harm He didn’t want to harm the fragile items in the basket. He intentionally tried to harm the items outside the container.
Preserve She wanted to preserve the flowers in the basket. She didn’t care to preserve the flowers outside the container.
Spoil She left the fruits to spoil in the basket. She managed to keep the fruits fresh inside the container.
Fresh The baker only used fresh ingredients in the basket. The stale ingredients were tossed outside the container.
Stale The bread became stale in the basket. The bread remained fresh when placed outside the container.
Renew She decided to renew the collection in the basket. She ignored the collection outside the container and didn’t renew it.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BASKET

In conclusion, there are many synonyms for the word “basket,” such as bin, crate, or hamper, which can be used interchangeably depending on the context. While phrases like “pile on the floor” or “spread out on the table” serve as antonyms to the word “basket,” conveying a sense of disorganization or lack of containment. By understanding and utilizing different antonyms and synonyms, one can effectively communicate ideas and concepts with clarity and precision, enhancing the overall quality of written or spoken language.

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