Opposite of CONDUCIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for conducive are words that describe conditions or factors that are not favorable or suitable for promoting a particular outcome or result. When discussing antonyms for conducive, we are exploring opposites to circumstances that are advantageous or helpful in achieving a desired goal or effect.

These opposing terms represent conditions that hinder or obstruct progress, making it challenging to achieve desired outcomes. By identifying antonyms for conducive, we gain a clearer understanding of barriers or obstacles that may impede success or productivity.

Exploring antonyms for conducive allows us to consider factors that are detrimental, obstructive, or unfavorable in achieving a particular purpose or goal. By recognizing these opposing terms, we can better assess challenges or limitations that may impact the effectiveness or success of our endeavors.

35 Antonyms for CONDUCIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for conducive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding CONDUCIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Conducive Sentence with Antonym
Hindering Regular exercise is conducive to good health. Lack of exercise is hindering to good health.
Preventing Being well-prepared is conducive to success. Being unprepared is preventing success.
Adverse Positive reinforcement is conducive to learning. Negative reinforcement is adverse to learning.
Detrimental A healthy diet is conducive to weight loss. Unhealthy eating habits are detrimental to weight loss.
Inhibiting A supportive environment is conducive to creativity. A restrictive environment is inhibiting creativity.
Counterproductive Good communication is conducive to teamwork. Poor communication is counterproductive to teamwork.
Obstructive Proper planning is conducive to efficiency. Lack of planning is obstructive to efficiency.
Disruptive A peaceful atmosphere is conducive to relaxation. Annoying noises are disruptive to relaxation.
Unfavorable Positive thinking is conducive to success. Negative thinking is unfavorable for success.
Unsupportive Constructive feedback is conducive to improvement. Destructive criticism is unsupportive of improvement.
Deterring Setting goals is conducive to achieving success. Lack of direction is deterring to achieving success.
Nonconducive Structured routines are conducive to productivity. Chaotic environments are nonconducive to productivity.
Opposing Open-mindedness is conducive to innovation. Close-mindedness is opposing to innovation.
Retarding Stimulating activities are conducive to growth. Monotonous activities are retarding growth.
Discouraging Encouragement is conducive to motivation. Criticism is discouraging of motivation.
Hindrance Time management is conducive to efficiency. Procrastination is a hindrance to efficiency.
Stifling Regular exercise is conducive to flexibility. A sedentary lifestyle is stifling to flexibility.
Resistant Adaptability is conducive to progress. Rigidity is resistant to progress.
Unhelpful Seeking expert advice is conducive to success. Ignoring advice is unhelpful to success.
Blocking Clear communication is conducive to understanding. Miscommunication is blocking understanding.
Antagonistic Teamwork is conducive to reaching goals. Individualism is antagonistic to reaching goals.
Preventative Regular maintenance is conducive to equipment longevity. Neglect is preventative of equipment longevity.
Disabling Accessibility features are conducive to inclusivity. Barriers are disabling to inclusivity.
Inopportune Good timing is conducive to successful investments. Poor timing is inopportune for successful investments.
Interfering Personal space is conducive to relaxation. Constant interruptions are interfering with relaxation.
Negating Hard work is conducive to achieving goals. Laziness is negating to achieving goals.
Ruining A positive attitude is conducive to happiness. A negative attitude is ruining happiness.
Destructive Healthy boundaries are conducive to relationships. Toxic behavior is destructive to relationships.
Ruinous Effective communication is conducive to resolving conflict. Miscommunication is ruinous to resolving conflict.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of CONDUCIVE

Creating an environment that is not favorable, rather than conducive, can hinder progress and success. When circumstances are unfavorable, opportunities may be limited, making it harder to achieve desired outcomes. Conversely, a conducive environment can provide the necessary support and resources for growth and development.

By recognizing and fostering conditions that are opposite to conducive, individuals and organizations can work towards creating a more challenging and less supportive environment. While facing such obstacles may be daunting, they can also inspire creativity, resilience, and innovation. It’s essential to understand the importance of a conducive environment and strive to overcome challenges in less favorable conditions to thrive and achieve success.

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