Opposite of DISTANT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we seek to understand the contrasting meanings of words, we often turn to antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, providing a clear distinction between concepts, emotions, or descriptions. By exploring antonyms, we can deepen our comprehension of language and enhance our ability to communicate effectively.

One common phrase used to describe antonyms is “opposites attract.” This notion highlights how antonyms serve as complementary elements in language, offering a balance between contrasting ideas. By using antonyms, we can create vivid contrasts in our writing and speaking, emphasizing the differences between concepts to convey our intended meaning clearly.

Understanding antonyms can enrich our language skills and improve our capacity to express ourselves accurately. By recognizing and utilizing antonyms, we can enhance our vocabulary and communicate more precisely in various contexts. Whether we are writing an essay, giving a speech, or engaging in a casual conversation, antonyms play a crucial role in helping us articulate our thoughts effectively.

35 Antonyms for DISTANT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for distant. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISTANT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Distant Sentence with Antonym
Near The distant mountain loomed ahead. The town was near and easily accessible.
Close The stars looked distant in the night sky. The finish line was so close I could see it.
Intimate Despite being physically distant, they remained close friends. Their intimate conversation revealed their deep connection.
Immediate The goal seemed distant but achievable. The issue required immediate attention.
Adjacent The two islands were distant from each other. The houses were built right next to one another, forming an adjacent row.
Proximate The object appeared distant due to its small size. The airport was proximate to the hotel, making it convenient for travelers.
Nearby The town was distant from any major cities. There were several restaurants nearby that we could choose from.
Outlying The town was distant from the main area. The outlying regions of the city were less populated.
Closest The beach was still distant even after a long walk. The park was the closest recreational area to our neighborhood.
Immediate The solution was distant due to various obstacles. They required an immediate response to the emergency.
Connected Despite being physically distant, their bond remained strong. The two buildings were connected by a bridge.
Joined The two countries were distant geographically. The two roads joined at the intersection.
Touching The two points on the map were distant from each other. The edges of the square were touching each other.
Closely The memories of her childhood seemed so distant. The friends sat closely together, sharing stories.
Immediate The finish line seemed distant during the race. Please provide an immediate response to the inquiry.
Intimate Despite being emotionally distant, they had an intimate connection. The couple had an intimate dinner by candlelight.
Near The rock formation appeared distant in the desert. The oasis was near, providing a source of water.
Touching The two shores were distant across the lake. The roots of the trees were touching one another.
Intervening The river seemed distant from where they stood. The intervening trees blocked their view of the sunset.
Remarkable The achievement felt distant in the beginning. Their progress was truly remarkable and inspiring.
Apparent The solution seemed distant at the moment. The success of their project became apparent as time passed.
Nearby The forest seemed distant from their location. There were several shops and cafes nearby the museum.
Closeness The distant relationship between them wasn’t a concern. The closeness of their bond was evident in their actions.
Imminent The storm clouds appeared distant on the horizon. The possibility of rain seemed imminent.
Connected Despite being distant, they remained emotionally connected. The puzzle pieces were all connected to form a complete picture.
Congregate The towns were distant from one another. People began to congregate in the town square for the event.
Radiating The lighthouse was visible from a distant. The warmth of the fire was radiating from the fireplace.
Immediate The solution seemed distant at the moment. There was an immediate need for action.
Nearby The sounds of the city were distant in the quiet countryside. The convenience store was nearby, making it easy to get supplies.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISTANT

In summary, closeness in relationships fosters strong bonds and meaningful connections. Proximity allows for intimate interactions and deep understanding between individuals. When individuals are near, they can communicate effectively, offer support, and create lasting memories together. Conversely, distance can hinder communication, leading to misunderstandings and feelings of isolation. Being close promotes warmth, affection, and a sense of belonging, enriching the quality of relationships in various aspects of life. It is essential to nurture closeness in relationships to cultivate trust, love, and emotional security.

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