Opposite of EMERGING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for emerging are words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning of something that is developing, growing, or becoming known. They represent concepts that are established, declining, or fading away instead of coming to the forefront. These antonyms denote situations where there is no progression or advancement occurring, but rather a regression or stagnation.

When discussing antonyms for emerging, it is useful to explore words that describe things that have already reached their peak or are in a state of decline. These antonyms highlight contrasts to the idea of something new or freshly appearing in a specific context. By understanding these antonyms, one can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the range of possibilities and conditions that exist beyond what is currently coming into view.

Antonyms for emerging can provide valuable insights into the various stages of evolution, development, or visibility within a particular subject or field. They offer a contrasting perspective that enriches our comprehension of the dynamic nature of growth and change, showing us the other side of the spectrum where things are not evolving or advancing but rather receding or remaining static.

35 Antonyms for EMERGING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for emerging. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding EMERGING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Emerging Sentence with Antonym
Vanishing With each passing day, new technologies are emerging in the market. Sadly, many traditional skills are vanishing in today’s fast-paced world.
Disappearing A sense of hope and optimism is emerging among the community members. Worryingly, the sense of hope is slowly disappearing.
Receding The sun was emerging from behind the clouds, brightening up the sky. As the storm moved in, the sunlight was receding into darkness.
Dying A new fashion trend is emerging among the youth. The old fashion trend is slowly dying out.
Fading The memories of that day were emerging in her mind slowly. However, as time passed, the memories were slowly fading away.
Declining Their profits are emerging steadily each month. Unfortunately, their sales are declining rapidly.
Disappearing New opportunities are emerging for young entrepreneurs in the city. Sadly, opportunities are disappearing for established businesses.
Sinking A feeling of excitement was emerging within the team. Suddenly, that feeling started sinking as challenges arose.
Subsiding A sense of unity is emerging among the nations after the crisis. The tension seems to be gradually subsiding between them.
Discontinuing A new series of books is emerging in the market. Unfortunately, the old series is now discontinuing.
Diminishing A newfound confidence is emerging in her demeanor. However, her confidence is slowly diminishing due to setbacks.
Obsolete A new form of technology is emerging in the industry. The old technology is becoming obsolete.
Concluding The first signs of recovery are emerging after the economic downturn. Unfortunately, signs of further decline are concluding in the market.
Disallowing A fresh perspective is emerging in the debate among scholars. Opposing viewpoints are disallowing any progress in discussions.
Ceasing A fresh aroma of baked goods is emerging from the kitchen. Soon, the aroma will be ceasing as the goods finish baking.
Departing The truth was finally emerging in the investigation. However, with the suspect’s lies, the truth is now departing from view.
Hiding A beautiful rainbow was emerging after the storm. Sadly, the rainbow was soon hiding behind the clouds.
Perishing New strategies are emerging for sustainable development. Without adaptation, old strategies risk perishing.
Retreating A sense of clarity was emerging in her thoughts after meditation. Unfortunately, the clarity was retreating as distractions arose.
Dismissing Fresh talent is emerging in the field of music. However, established artists are dismissing the new talent.
Dwindling A sense of relief is emerging after the stressful period. Unfortunately, the relief is slowly dwindling away.
Dissipating A new model of car is emerging in the automotive market. Meanwhile, the demand for the older model is dissipating.
Hiding The truth about the situation was finally emerging. However, now it seems like the truth is hiding once again.
Decreasing A strong sense of togetherness is emerging among the community members. The feeling of togetherness is slowly decreasing due to conflicts.
Shrinking New possibilities are emerging with each decision made. However, the possibilities are shrinking with every mistake.
Concluding The first signs of change are emerging in the organization. Unfortunately, the signs are concluding that the change is negative.
Falling Innovative solutions are emerging for environmental issues. If not implemented, long-lasting consequences are falling on the environment.
Limiting A sense of joy and excitement is emerging from the upcoming event. Yet, fear and uncertainty are limiting the experience.
Vanishing The hope for a better future is emerging within the community. Nonetheless, the hope seems to be vanishing with each passing day.
Negating New possibilities are emerging in the field of medicine. However, negative attitudes are negating the progress.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of EMERGING

In established markets where competition is fierce and common practices are well-defined, the growth that many startups seek may prove to be challenging. The lack of emerging opportunities and cutting-edge technologies can hinder innovation and make it difficult for new businesses to thrive. Without a dynamic environment that fosters growth and innovation, companies may struggle to differentiate themselves and attract customers.

On the flip side, in stagnant or mature industries, businesses that focus on stability and consistency may find success by catering to existing demands and maintaining a reliable track record. While not actively emerging, these companies can leverage their experience and expertise to serve a loyal customer base and build a sustainable business model that thrives on reliability rather than constant change.

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