Opposite of NIMBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for nimble, we are in search of words that represent the opposite characteristics of being quick, agile, or light-footed. These antonyms describe attributes that are slower, clumsy, or unwieldy in movement or action.

In contrast to nimble, antonyms may include words that connote sluggishness, awkwardness, or heaviness in physical movement. These antonyms could express a lack of dexterity, grace, or quickness in the performance of tasks.

Exploring antonyms for nimble extends our vocabulary and understanding of different qualities that exist on the spectrum of physical agility and speed. By identifying and learning antonyms for nimble, we can better articulate and differentiate various traits and qualities related to movement and agility.

35 Antonyms for NIMBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for nimble. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NIMBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Nimble Sentence with Antonym
Awkward The nimble cat easily leaped over the fence. The awkward elephant struggled to climb the hill.
Clumsy She moved nimble as a dancer on the stage. He felt clumsy and awkward while trying to dance.
Inept The nimble fingers of the artist swiftly painted. The inept chef fumbled with the delicate dish.
Stiff The gymnast’s body was nimble and flexible. His body felt stiff and rigid after sitting long.
Lumbering The nimble cheetah swiftly chased its prey. The lumbering bear moved slowly through the forest.
Ungraceful His nimble movements on the ice were mesmerizing. Her ungraceful attempts at skating were painful.
Labored The nimble squirrel effortlessly climbed the tree. The labored tortoise struggled to reach the top.
Cumbersome The software was designed to be nimble and efficient. The old system was slow and cumbersome to use.
Rough His nimble fingers gently played the piano keys. Her rough touch on the instrument was jarring.
Sluggish The nimble hare easily outran the slower tortoise. The old car’s engine was sluggish to start.
Clunky She moved nimble in her sleek new dance shoes. He felt clunky and heavy in his work boots.
Stiff The nimble cat effortlessly balanced on the railing. The stiff robot struggled to adjust its weight.
Clunky The nimble acrobat gracefully flipped through the air. The clunky robot struggled to lift its arm.
Cumbersome The new design focused on a nimble and intuitive interface. The old layout was bulky and cumbersome to use.
Slow The nimble gazelle quickly darted away from the predator. The snail moved slow along the garden path.
Stiff The athlete’s nimble body effortlessly glided across the field. The elderly man’s body felt frail and stiff.
Slow The nimble fingers effortlessly played the intricate melody. His slow fingers fumbled over the piano keys.
Clumsy The nimble gymnast soared through the air with grace. The clumsy oaf tripped over his own feet.
Stiff The nimble cat leaped elegantly from branch to branch. The stiff scarecrow stood motionless in the field.
Slow The nimble dancer moved with speed and precision on stage. The slow turtle could hardly keep pace with others.
Sluggish The nimble fox easily outmaneuvered its slower prey. The sluggish old car struggled to climb the hill.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NIMBLE

Being quick and agile is important for efficiency and adaptability in various situations. However, being sluggish or clumsy can hinder progress and responsiveness. It is crucial to stay alert and nimble to navigate through challenges effectively, as being dull or awkward may lead to delays and missed opportunities. Therefore, being nimble is a valuable trait that allows individuals to react promptly and gracefully to changing circumstances, ensuring smooth and successful outcomes in different endeavors.

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