Opposite of OBSTRUCT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for obstruct, we are referring to words that convey the opposite meaning of blocking, hindering, or impeding progress. These words represent concepts that emphasize facilitating, aiding, and clearing pathways for smooth advancement towards a goal or destination.

Antonyms for obstruct encompass terms that embody notions of aiding, assisting, and enabling smooth flow or progress. By understanding these contrasting words, one can effectively communicate ideas related to unimpeded movement, clear passage, and unrestricted development in various contexts and scenarios.

Incorporating antonyms for obstruct in writing or speech adds depth and clarity to the message being conveyed, allowing for precise and nuanced communication. By choosing the right antonyms, one can articulate the idea of unobstructed paths, unhampered progress, and unhindered advancement, contributing to effective and streamlined discourse.

35 Antonyms for OBSTRUCT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for obstruct. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OBSTRUCT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Obstruct Sentence with Antonym
Clear Construction work obstructed traffic flow. Proper planning can help clear traffic.
Aid The fallen tree obstructed the path. I removed the obstacle to aid passage.
Facilitate The closed road obstructed their journey. An alternate route will facilitate travel.
Assist The landslide obstructed the rescue operation. Volunteers arrived to assist in rescue efforts.
Open The heavy snow obstructed the entrance. Shoveling the snow will open the doorway.
Help The fallen tree obstructed the ambulance. Clearing the road would help save lives.
Allow Dark clouds obstructed the sun. Clear skies will allow sunlight.
Free The locked gate obstructed their escape. Breaking the lock will set them free.
Expedite The paperwork backlog obstructed progress. Streamlining the process will expedite results.
Unblock The rockslide obstructed the river flow. Removing the rocks will unblock the stream.
Aid The closed border obstructed their journey. Reopening the border would aid their travels.
Enhance The overgrown bushes obstructed the view. Trimming the bushes will enhance visibility.
Clear The faulty application obstructed the download. Fixing the issue will clear the download queue.
Clear The blocked drain obstructed the water flow. Fixing the drain will clear the clog.
Help The power outage obstructed communication. Restoring power will help with communication.
Allow The barricade obstructed traffic movement. Removing the barrier will allow vehicles to pass.
Facilitate The language barrier obstructed the conversation. Simplifying the language will facilitate understanding.
Assist The broken elevator obstructed the disabled person. Repairing the elevator will assist those in need.
Open The closed gate obstructed their entry. Unlocking the gate will open the entrance.
Aid The heavy traffic obstructed their journey. Finding an alternate route will aid their travel.
Help The closed door obstructed their entry. Opening the door will help them get inside.
Allow The fallen tree obstructed the pathway. Moving the tree will allow passage.
Free The handcuffs obstructed his movement. Removing the handcuffs will set him free.
Expedite The slow process obstructed the project timeline. Speeding up the process will expedite the project.
Unblock The fallen wall obstructed the hallway. Clearing the debris will unblock the hallway.
Assist The broken bridge obstructed the travelers. Repairing the bridge will assist their journey.
Open The shutters obstructed the natural light. Opening the shutters will open up the room.
Allow The locked chest obstructed the treasure. Unlocking the chest will allow access to the treasure.
Free The tangled rope obstructed the movement. Untangling the rope will set it free.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OBSTRUCT

Overall, finding ways to facilitate, aid, or assist can help improve efficiency and productivity by removing barriers and promoting smooth progress. When obstacles are cleared, progress is unimpeded, allowing for seamless advancement and achievement of goals. Encouraging support and cooperation instead of hindering, blocking, or thwarting can lead to successful outcomes and streamlined processes. By promoting openness and cooperation, opportunities for growth and success can be maximized, ultimately creating a more conducive environment for progress and development.

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