Opposite of REVISION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to written work, the process of revising is a crucial step in refining and improving the quality of the content. This involves reviewing, editing, and making changes to the original draft to enhance clarity, coherence, and overall effectiveness. However, another important aspect of language and communication is the exploration and utilization of antonyms – words that have opposite meanings to others.

Antonyms for revision are words that convey contradictory concepts or ideas when compared to the action of revising written work. While revision focuses on modifying and enhancing the content for better understanding and impact, antonyms for this term represent words with contrary meanings that can provide a different perspective or tone to the language used in the original text.

Understanding and incorporating antonyms for revision can be a useful tool in expanding vocabulary, creating nuance in writing, and fostering a deeper comprehension of language. By integrating these opposites into written work, a writer can add layers of complexity and variation to their expression, ultimately enhancing the impact and quality of their communication.

35 Antonyms for REVISION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for revision. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REVISION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Revision Sentence with Antonym
Keep I always revise my work I always avoid altering my work
Maintain It is important to review regularly It is important to neglect regularly
Confirm After the revising process is complete After the doubting process is complete
Accept Make sure to go through a final revision Make sure to reject the final draft
Approve The document requires revision before approval The document requires scrutiny before disapproval
Finalize The article is subject to revision The article is subject to reconsideration
Overlook She vowed to carefully revise the report She vowed to carelessly disregard the report
Disregard It is advisable to revise your notes It is advisable to ignore your notes
Neglect After revising your essay, submit it After neglecting your essay, submit it
Modify Once a project is revised, it is complete Once a project is unaltered, it is complete
Ignore He forgot to revise his resume He forgot to acknowledge his resume
Skip Make sure never to skip the revision process Make sure always to include the revision process
Retain It is crucial to revise and update policies It is crucial to abandon and forego policies
Dismiss The team decided to revise their approach The team decided to dismiss their approach
Abandon He was asked to revise his initial design He was asked to abandon his initial design
Reject It is evident that a document has undergone several rounds of revision It is evident that a document has been repeatedly rejected
Discard Review the instructions before revising the assignment Discard the instructions before revisiting the assignment
Retreat We must revise our strategy for the project We must retreat from our strategy for the project
Avoid Perform a thorough revision before submitting the report Perform a thorough avoidance before submitting the report
Disapprove The committee will review and suggest revisions The committee will disapprove and suggest rejections
Revisit It is crucial to revise and reevaluate your performance It is crucial to neglect and avoid reevaluating your performance
Forsake The author decided to revise the content before publication The author decided to forsake the content before publication
Halt After a thorough revision, the project is complete After an incomplete revision, the project is halted
Nullify The editor required a detailed revision for the article The editor nullified the need for a detailed revision in the article
Inspect It is advisable to constantly revise your work It is advisable to overlook and disregard your work
Sustain The success of the project relies on regular revisions The failure of the project relies on neglecting revisions
Leave alone She decided to go back and revised her initial draft She decided to leave alone her initial draft
Advance Always revise and improve your skills Always retreat and regress your skills
Shake off It is important to review and revise your decisions It is important to shake off and ignore your decisions
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REVISION

In summary, when it comes to revising our work, we can choose to either overlook or scrutinize our writing. While some may opt for a superficial glance, others might delve deep into their material, thoroughly examining every detail. By ignoring the need for revision, we risk missing out on the opportunity to refine and enhance our work. Conversely, by actively engaging in the process of revision, we can identify areas for improvement and ultimately produce a more polished and effective piece of writing. It is important to recognize the significance of revision in shaping the quality and impact of our content, and to approach it with diligence and care.

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