Opposite of APPROBATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for approbation are words that express disapproval, criticism, or condemnation instead of approval or praise. These are terms used to communicate the opposite sentiment of endorsement or admiration towards something or someone. Antonyms for approbation are essential in providing a balanced perspective and a range of opinions on a subject.

By understanding the antonyms for approbation, one can grasp the various ways in which disapproval or censure can be conveyed in language. These words offer a nuanced view of different attitudes and judgments that individuals may hold towards something being evaluated. Recognizing antonyms for approbation enables effective communication of dissenting opinions or negative feedback.

In literature, conversation, or everyday interactions, the use of antonyms for approbation can add depth and complexity to the expression of thoughts and reactions. These words serve as a means to address criticism, objection, or dissatisfaction in a clear and impactful manner, balancing out the more positive or approving language commonly employed. By incorporating antonyms for approbation into communication, a fuller spectrum of responses and perspectives can be conveyed.

35 Antonyms for APPROBATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for approbation. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPROBATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Approbation Sentence with Antonym
Disapproval The team leader showed approbation for the new idea. The manager expressed disapproval for the proposal.
Condemnation She received approbation for her hard work. Instead of praise, she faced condemnation for her actions.
Rejection The student sought approbation for his project. The board’s rejection of his idea was disappointing.
Criticism His artwork received approbation from the critics. The artist faced harsh criticism rather than praise.
Disfavor The author’s new book gained approbation from readers. The new book fell into disfavor with the critics.
Blame Despite the mistake, he still gained approbation. Instead of taking the blame, he received praise.
Reprisal The employee’s hard work received approbation. The lack of reprisal for his actions was surprising.
Condemnation The decision was met with approbation. The new policy faced severe condemnation from the staff.
Censure Her bravery in the situation was met with approbation. Her inaction was met with censure instead of praise.
Denunciation The volunteer’s efforts were met with approbation. The lack of support was seen as a denunciation of her work.
Disesteem The student’s academic achievements gained approbation. His poor grades resulted in disesteem from his peers.
Detraction The act of kindness was met with approbation. The negative gossip was a form of detraction instead.
Cold-shoulder Despite her hard work, she received approbation. She was given the cold-shoulder rather than recognition.
Disacknowledgement His efforts were met with approbation. The lack of appreciation was a form of disacknowledgement.
Disfavor The plan received approbation from the committee. The sudden change of heart led to the plan falling into disfavor.
Exclusion The team welcomed her ideas with approbation. The lack of invitation to the meeting was a form of exclusion.
Opposition Her actions were met with approbation. His ideas faced opposition rather than approval.
Prohibition The new project was met with approbation. The previous project faced prohibition from the board.
Reproof The student’s efforts were met with approbation. The lack of guidance led to a stern reproof from the teacher.
Repudiation The proposal gained approbation from the board. The opposing faction’s repudiation of the proposal was strong.
Revilement Despite the mistake, he received approbation. Instead of harsh revilement, he was met with encouragement.
Scorn The employee received approbation for his dedication. His lack of effort resulted in scorn from his colleagues.
Stigma The organization showed approbation for his actions. His actions carried a stigma rather than approval.
Alienation The community’s approbation of her efforts was clear. Her lack of involvement led to feelings of alienation instead.
Anathema The decision received approbation from the board. The change was seen as an anathema by the employees.
Blacklist His innovative idea was met with approbation. His previous failure landed him on the company’s blacklist.
Contempt Despite the error, she received approbation. The lack of effort on the project was met with contempt.
Condemnation The staff showed approbation for their hard work. Their lack of commitment resulted in condemnation instead.
Derision Her efforts were met with approbation from the team. Instead of praise, her work was met with derision.
Disparagement The artist gained approbation for his latest piece. The lack of recognition led to feelings of disparagement.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPROBATION

Receiving criticism or condemnation can be disheartening, as opposed to the positive feedback that approval brings. While some may face rejection, disapproval, or censure, it is essential to remember that feedback—whether positive or negative—can foster growth and development. Constructive criticism can offer valuable insights and opportunities for improvement, leading to personal and professional advancement.

Amidst disapproval, it is crucial to embrace feedback with an open mind and use it as a stepping stone towards self-improvement. While approval provides validation and encouragement, disapproval challenges us to reflect, adapt, and enhance our skills. By recognizing the value in both approbation and its antonyms, individuals can cultivate resilience, drive, and a continuous pursuit of excellence.

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