Opposite of GOOD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for good are words that convey the opposite meaning or connotation of the word “good.” These antonyms provide a spectrum of emotions, qualities, or characteristics that contrast with the positive connotations associated with the term “good.” By exploring antonyms for good, we can gain a deeper understanding of language nuances and how words can evoke different responses and interpretations.

Understanding antonyms for good allows us to accurately communicate different shades of meaning in our conversations and writing. By incorporating these contrasting terms into our vocabulary, we can express a wider range of emotions, opinions, and perspectives. Antonyms for good invite us to consider alternative viewpoints and challenge us to think beyond the conventional understanding of what is positive or favorable.

Exploring antonyms for good can enrich our language skills and broaden our ability to articulate thoughts and feelings effectively. By recognizing the diverse range of words that represent the opposite of “good,” we can enhance our communication skills and convey more nuanced and detailed descriptions. Embracing antonyms for good provides us with a valuable tool for enhancing our linguistic proficiency and deepening our understanding of the complexities of language.

35 Antonyms for GOOD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for good. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding GOOD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Good Sentence with Antonym
Bad She did not feel good after the accident. She felt really bad after the accident.
Evil The king was known for his good deeds. The queen was known for her evil actions.
Poor It was a good decision to invest in that stock. It was a poor decision to invest in that stock.
Wicked The superhero fought for good against evil. The villain fought for wicked causes.
Mean He always has good intentions towards others. He has mean intentions towards others.
Inferior The student received a good grade on the exam. The student received an inferior grade on the exam.
Unkind It’s good to help those in need. It’s unkind to ignore those in need.
Ungenerous She was good in sharing her toys with others. She was ungenerous in sharing her toys with others.
Uncharitable Donating to charity is a good act of kindness. Refusing to donate to charity is an uncharitable act.
Unhappy Despite the circumstances, she tried to remain good. Despite the circumstances, she remained unhappy.
Malign The company has good ethical values. The company’s practices are malign.
Unfriendly He had a good rapport with his coworkers. He had an unfriendly attitude towards his coworkers.
Disagreeable It is always good to listen to different opinions. It is disagreeable to ignore others’ perspectives.
Harmful Smoking is not good for your health. Smoking is harmful to your health.
Unhelpful Having a supportive friend is good during tough times. Having an unhelpful friend during tough times is challenging.
Unjust The judge made a good decision based on the evidence. The judge’s ruling was considered unjust.
Inferior The quality of the product was surprisingly good. The quality of the product was deemed inferior.
Detrimental Skipping breakfast can be good for losing weight. Skipping meals can be detrimental to your health.
Dishonest Always try to act with honesty and good intentions. It’s not right to deceive others with dishonest intentions.
Inappropriate Wearing jeans to work is not considered good, adhere to the dress code. Dressing inappropriately is not good etiquette, adhere to the dress code.
Impolite It’s not good manners to interrupt others when they speak. It’s impolite to constantly interrupt others when they speak.
Untrustworthy He gave me his word, I believe he’s a good person. He’s always been untrustworthy in keeping promises.
Malicious She always wishes good upon others. She always wishes malicious things upon others.
Acerbic Despite the criticism, she maintained her good attitude. Her acerbic remarks made her unpopular.
Inadequate Having a good education is essential for success. Having an inadequate education can present challenges in life.
Corrupt The politician promised good governance. The same politician was later found to be corrupt.
Lousy The team played a good game and won. The team played a lousy game and lost.
Damaging The house needed good renovation. The storm caused damaging effects to the house.
Unwholesome A balanced diet is crucial for good health. Eating junk food regularly can lead to unwholesome consequences.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of GOOD

It is important to recognize that the spectrum of qualities goes beyond just “good,” encompassing an array of antonyms such as bad, evil, wrong, and negative. This broad range of opposites allows for a more nuanced understanding of different characteristics and behaviors. By exploring antonyms for good, we can appreciate the complexities and diversity in human experiences, actions, and moral values.

In examining these antonyms, we expand our vocabulary and deepen our comprehension of the multifaceted nature of ethical judgments and moral dilemmas. Acknowledging the contrast between good and its antonyms invites a richer reflection on the shades of meaning inherent in our choices and perspectives, guiding us towards a more informed and thoughtful approach to ethical considerations.

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