Opposite of ENJOY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we encounter words that have opposite meanings, they are referred to as antonyms. Antonyms are pairs of words that have contrasting definitions, and understanding them can provide depth and clarity to our language comprehension. By recognizing antonyms, we enhance our ability to express nuances and subtleties in communication.

The study of antonyms helps us to expand our vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of language. Antonyms allow us to convey precise meanings and nuances in our writing and verbal expression by providing options to express the opposite of a given word. Being able to identify and use antonyms effectively can enrich our communication skills and make our exchanges more engaging and dynamic.

By paying attention to antonyms for common words, we can become more adept at selecting the most appropriate word to convey our thoughts and ideas. This can lead to clearer and more impactful communication, fostering better understanding and connection with others. Understanding antonyms can help us to become more effective and persuasive communicators in both our personal and professional lives.

35 Antonyms for ENJOY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for enjoy. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ENJOY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Enjoy Sentence with Antonym
1. Suffer I enjoy spending time with my friends. I suffer through social gatherings.
2. Detest She enjoys reading mystery novels. She detests reading mystery novels.
3. Abhor They enjoy hiking in the mountains. They abhor hiking in the mountains.
4. Despise He enjoys playing soccer on weekends. He despises playing soccer on weekends.
5. Loathe We enjoy trying new cuisines. We loathe trying new cuisines.
6. Dislike Sarah enjoys going to the beach. Sarah dislikes going to the beach.
7. Hate The children enjoy playing in the park. The children hate playing in the park.
8. Regret I enjoy watching romantic movies. I regret watching romantic movies.
9. Deplore She enjoys painting landscapes. She deplores painting landscapes.
10. Misery They enjoy traveling to exotic locations. They live in misery traveling to exotic locations.
11. Displeasure He enjoys attending music concerts. He feels displeasure attending music concerts.
12. Boredom We enjoy going to the theater. We endure boredom going to the theater.
13. Despair The couple enjoys strolling in the park. The couple is filled with despair strolling in the park.
14. Pain I enjoy running marathons. I endure pain running marathons.
15. Grief She enjoys volunteering at the local shelter. She experiences grief volunteering at the local shelter.
16. Mourn They enjoy celebrating birthdays. They mourn celebrating birthdays.
17. Sorrow He enjoys listening to sad songs. He feels sorrow listening to sad songs.
18. Tears We enjoy watching comedy shows. We shed tears watching comedy shows.
19. Woe The children enjoy playing games. The children are in woe playing games.
20. Repel I enjoy swimming in the ocean. I repel swimming in the ocean.
21. Revolt She enjoys spicy food. She revolts against spicy food.
22. Abandon They enjoy working on projects. They abandon working on projects.
23. Desolation He enjoys spending time in nature. He feels desolation spending time in nature.
24. Dismay We enjoy solving puzzles. We experience dismay solving puzzles.
25. Anguish The couple enjoys watching sunsets. The couple feels anguish watching sunsets.
26. Misery I enjoy practicing yoga. I live in misery practicing yoga.
27. Heartache She enjoys attending parties. She feels heartache attending parties.
28. Lament They enjoy winter sports. They lament winter sports.
29. Discomfort He enjoys hiking in the mountains. He experiences discomfort hiking in the mountains.
30. Regret We enjoy visiting historical sites. We regret visiting historical sites.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ENJOY

In summary, while some may find it challenging to experience pleasure in certain situations, others may feel the opposite and struggle to find joy. Activities that one person may dread, another may relish. It’s all about perception and individual preferences. Some may not like a particular task, whereas others may find it engaging. The key is to acknowledge and respect the diverse ways people experience enjoyment, realizing that what brings joy to one person might not necessarily do the same for another.

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