Opposite of PURCHASE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for purchase, we are referring to words that represent the opposite action of buying goods or services in exchange for money. Essentially, these are terms that denote activities other than acquiring items through a financial transaction.

In everyday language, these antonyms serve to highlight actions that involve either not obtaining items at all or returning products instead of acquiring them. By understanding these contrasting terms, individuals can better express scenarios where buying goods is not the focal point.

Exploring antonyms for purchase provides insight into a range of actions that deviate from the typical consumer behavior of acquiring items through payment. By recognizing and utilizing these opposite terms effectively, we can enrich our communication and convey a variety of situations accurately.

35 Antonyms for PURCHASE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for purchase. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PURCHASE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Purchase Sentence with Antonym
Sell John decided to purchase a new car. John decided to sell his old car.
Give away Sarah purchased a beautiful necklace. Sarah decided to give away the necklace.
Get rid of They purchased a new television. They decided to get rid of the old one.
Acquire The company purchased new software. The company was able to acquire the latest technology.
Donate Mark purchased books for the library. Mark decided to donate the books.
Return Lisa purchased a dress for the party. Lisa had to return the dress due to a defect.
Lose After purchasing the stock, he gained profit. After selling the stock, he lost money.
Receive She purchased a gift for her friend. She was happy to receive a gift from her friend.
Rent They purchased a second home. Instead of buying, they decided to rent a second home.
Dispose The couple purchased a new refrigerator. The couple needed to dispose of the old one.
Gift Jacob purchased a watch for his father. Jacob decided to gift a watch to his father.
Donate They purchased toys for the children’s hospital. They decided to donate the toys to the hospital.
Trade She purchased handmade jewelry. She was able to trade her old jewelry for new ones.
Borrow Sarah purchased a new laptop. Sarah had to borrow a laptop for her presentation.
Reject The company purchased new equipment. The company had to reject the defective equipment.
Assist After purchasing a vacuum cleaner, cleaning was easier. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning was assisted.
Discard Emily purchased a new wardrobe. Emily had to discard the old clothes.
Barter They purchased fresh produce from a local farmer. They were able to barter for the produce they needed.
Forfeit Tom purchased tickets for the concert. Tom had to forfeit the tickets due to scheduling conflicts.
Donate The company purchased goods for charity. The company decided to donate the goods to charity.
Reject She purchased a new phone. She had to reject the defective phone.
Profited Karen purchased stocks in a rising market. Karen profited from selling stocks at the peak.
Lose Oliver purchased a lottery ticket. Unfortunately, Oliver lost the lottery.
Surrender The country purchased new technology. The country decided to surrender the outdated technology.
Refuse Amanda purchased online courses. Amanda had to refuse the opportunity due to lack of time.
Dispose They purchased a new couch for the living room. They needed to dispose of the old couch.
Spend They purchased a new kitchen appliance. They were careful not to spend excessively on the appliance.
Resell Lisa purchased jewelry from a designer. Lisa decided to resell the jewelry she didn’t like.
Handout The organization purchased blankets for the homeless. The organization decided to handout the blankets.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PURCHASE

In this article, we have explored a wide range of antonyms for the word “purchase.” From “sell” to “free,” these antonyms illustrate the spectrum of transactions that involve acquiring goods or services. While one might choose to “buy” an item, they could also “give away” or “return” it. Understanding these antonyms provides a richer vocabulary for discussing economic transactions and consumer behavior.

By expanding our knowledge of antonyms for “purchase,” we can better articulate the nuances of acquiring, holding, or disposing of items. Whether it is through “renting” instead of buying or “receiving” instead of giving, recognizing these antonyms enhances our ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts related to transactions and ownership.

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