Opposite of DIVULGE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for divulge refer to words or phrases that have opposite meanings or connotations to the term “divulge.” In essence, antonyms for divulge are terms that imply keeping information confidential or private, as opposed to revealing or sharing it. These antonyms provide a range of alternative options when discussing the act of keeping secrets or maintaining discretion.

By exploring antonyms for divulge, we gain a clearer understanding of the various ways in which information can be withheld or concealed. These contrasting terms help to depict a spectrum of communication styles and attitudes towards sharing personal or sensitive details. Understanding antonyms for divulge allows for more nuanced and precise expression when describing situations where privacy or confidentiality is paramount.

In communication and writing, antonyms for divulge serve as valuable tools for conveying subtleties in meaning and tone. By incorporating these opposing terms, speakers and writers can create a more layered and nuanced portrayal of interactions that involve secrecy or discretion. Ultimately, antonyms for divulge enrich our vocabulary and provide us with a broader range of options for expressing ideas related to confidentiality and disclosure.

35 Antonyms for DIVULGE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for divulge. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DIVULGE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Divulge Sentence with Antonym
Conceal She was unwilling to divulge the secret. He decided to conceal the truth from her.
Hide The company CEO refused to divulge the new project details. She made sure to hide her true feelings.
Suppress The government chose to divulge only a part of the information. They tried to suppress evidence of their involvement.
Withhold The witness decided to divulge the crucial evidence. The suspect continued to withhold the information.
Cover The whistleblower was brave enough to divulge the corruption. They attempted to cover up their illegal activities.
Keep It was difficult for her to divulge her emotions. He preferred to keep his thoughts to himself.
Guard The spy refused to divulge any confidential information. He was determined to guard the secret with his life.
Protect The source promised to divulge more information later. It was necessary to protect the confidential data.
Shield The journalist decided to divulge his sources. They were determined to shield their identities.
Safeguard The detective had no choice but to divulge the evidence. It was crucial to safeguard the sensitive information.
Obfuscate The politician was careful not to divulge his real intentions. He tried to obfuscate the true meaning of his speech.
Disguise The informant finally decided to divulge the location of the hideout. They attempted to disguise their true motivations.
Concealment The witness felt relieved after divulging everything. The thief relied on concealment to avoid detection.
Secrecy The professor chose to divulge the test answers. The manager insisted on secrecy regarding the project details.
Silence The speaker refused to divulge any personal information. She preferred to silence any questions about her past.
Muffle She hesitated to divulge her innermost thoughts. He made sure to muffle his emotions.
Refrain Despite the pressure, she refused to divulge the secret. He had to refrain from sharing the confidential information.
Restrain The witness was finally ready to divulge the key details. The suspect tried to restrain himself from revealing too much.
Hold back She struggled to divulge the truth about her past. He chose to hold back the full extent of his involvement.
Suppress The informant was scared to divulge the crucial information. They decided to suppress any incriminating evidence.
Cloak The whistleblower chose to divulge the unethical practices. They tried to cloak their actions in deception.
Mask Despite the pressure, she refused to divulge the secret. He tried to mask his disappointment with a smile.
Bury She finally decided to divulge the hidden treasure’s location. They tried to bury their mistakes under a veil of lies.
Shroud The witness felt relieved after divulging everything. They preferred to shroud their deeds in mystery.
Hush The employee was hesitant to divulge the confidential data. The organization chose to hush up the scandal.
Silencing The suspect finally divulged the key information. The company resorted to silencing any dissenting voices.
Veil Despite the risk, she decided to divulge the secret. They tried to veil their intentions with ambiguity.
Repress The whistleblower felt relieved after divulging the truth. They tried to repress any memories of their actions.
Burial The witness felt a weight lift off after divulging the secret. They attempted to bury their misdeeds in the past.
Censor The source was afraid to divulge the sensitive information. They were quick to censor any dissenting opinions.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DIVULGE

In conclusion, concealing information rather than revealing it can be a strategic approach in certain situations. Keeping secrets can protect sensitive details and maintain confidentiality. By withholding information, individuals can safeguard their privacy and prevent potential harm or misuse of data. While divulging facts promotes transparency and fosters trust, maintaining discretion is also essential for personal and professional integrity. Balancing the need for disclosure with the importance of confidentiality is key to effective communication and ethical decision-making. Ultimately, knowing when to reveal and when to withhold information is a delicate dance that requires careful consideration in various contexts.

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