Opposite of SHARE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing language and communication, we often come across the concept of antonyms. Antonyms are words that express opposite meanings to other words in a given context. They serve as important tools in language to convey contrasting ideas or concepts effectively.

In the realm of language, antonyms are valuable in providing shades of meaning and nuance to our expressions. By using antonyms, we can create a rich tapestry of words to accurately depict various situations and emotions. This contrasts the notion of synonyms, which represent words with similar meanings.

Exploring antonyms can enhance our understanding of language, enabling us to communicate with precision and clarity. By incorporating antonyms in our vocabulary and writing, we can amplify the depth and impact of our expressions. This linguistic tool adds layers of complexity and richness to our communication, allowing us to convey intricate ideas with finesse.

35 Antonyms for SHARE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for share. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SHARE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Share Sentence with Antonym
Hoard She refused to share her food with anyone. He tends to hoard his belongings and never gives anything away.
Keep Would you like to share your ideas with the team? He prefers to keep his thoughts to himself.
Conceal It’s important to share information with your partner. He attempted to conceal his true feelings.
Withhold It is common courtesy to share credit with others. She decided to withhold crucial information.
Isolate The company encourages employees to share resources. He tends to isolate himself from the rest of the group.
Separate We should share responsibilities in the project. He prefers to separate himself from group assignments.
Exclude They share a strong bond through their friendship. He tends to exclude others from his social circle.
Consume It is a good idea to share the workload evenly. He prefers to consume all the tasks by himself.
Deprive The siblings were taught to share their toys. He tends to deprive himself of any enjoyment.
Withstand The team decided to share the challenges together. He chose to withstand the difficulties on his own.
Separate The group agreed to share the profits equally. He wanted to separate himself from the financial gains.
Conceal It’s important to share your thoughts openly. He preferred to conceal his opinions during the meeting.
Retain She decided to share her experience with the new team. He chose to retain his knowledge and not pass it on.
Suppress The teacher asked the students to share their ideas. He attempted to suppress his doubts and not speak up.
Cover They agreed to share the responsibilities equally. He preferred to cover all the tasks by himself.
Hide The siblings learned to share toys with each other. He tends to hide his possessions from others.
Shut It’s beneficial to share knowledge with your colleagues. He decided to shut himself off from collaborating with others.
Save They need to share the available resources wisely. He would rather save everything for himself.
Divulge The partners agreed to share the profits equally. He refused to divulge any information about the earnings.
Confine We should share the workload evenly among the team. He preferred to confine all the tasks to himself.
Discord The family decided to share a meal together. He tends to create discord by eating separately.
Hide The company encourages employees to share ideas. He tends to hide his ideas from the team.
Hoard She refused to share her wealth with those in need. He tends to hoard his riches and not help others.
Exclude It’s important to share information with your peers. He preferred to exclude others from crucial details.
Claim Would you like to share your snacks with the group? He prefers to claim all the food for himself.
Give It is kind to share your resources with those in need. He tends to give nothing to those who require help.
Isolate The friends promised to share their experiences. He preferred to isolate himself from others’ stories.
Receive The students should share the books among themselves. He tends to receive all the books instead of sharing.
Connect They decided to share the workload to finish on time. He chose to connect all the tasks to his name.
Store They were always taught to share their things growing up. He preferred to store all his belongings and not let anyone touch them.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SHARE

In communication that does not involve sharing information freely, individuals withhold their thoughts rather than disclose them openly. This practice of concealment contrasts with the act of revealing or exchanging ideas with others. When people refuse to communicate openly, they exhibit a lack of transparency, which can hinder effective collaboration and problem-solving.

In situations where one refuses to share their thoughts, they are instead keeping their ideas private, and this can lead to misunderstandings and a breakdown in communication. Conversely, when individuals are open and forthcoming with their thoughts and opinions, it fosters trust and understanding among those involved. Thus, promoting a culture of openness and sharing is essential for maintaining successful relationships and fostering productive dialogue.

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