Opposite of REJOICE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we explore the concept of antonyms for rejoice, we are essentially examining words or expressions that convey the opposite sentiment of joy or happiness. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings, providing a contrast to a particular term. In this case, we are focusing on terms that express feelings of sorrow, disappointment, or unhappiness instead of celebration or delight.

By delving into antonyms for rejoice, we can uncover a variety of emotions and states of being that contrast with the outward display of joy. These antonyms serve to enrich our understanding of the spectrum of human experiences and emotions, highlighting the complexity of the human psyche and the diverse ways in which individuals navigate their feelings. Exploring these antonyms enables us to deepen our appreciation for the subtle nuances in language and the intricate ways in which words can convey diverse shades of meaning.

In examining antonyms for rejoice, we gain insight into the rich tapestry of emotions that define the human experience. By uncovering these contrasting words and expressions, we can broaden our vocabulary and develop a more nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in our emotional landscape. Embracing the diversity of emotional expression allows us to connect more deeply with others and navigate the full range of human sentiments with empathy and insight.

35 Antonyms for REJOICE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for rejoice. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding REJOICE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Rejoice Sentence with Antonym
Suffer Rejoice in the good times. I suffer in times of adversity.
Despair They rejoiced at the news. They were filled with despair upon hearing the news.
Mourn We all rejoiced at the wedding. We all had to mourn at the funeral.
Wail She rejoiced when she received the promotion. She did not wail when she lost the job.
Sulk Toby always rejoices when his team wins. Toby tends to sulk when his team loses.
Grieve The family rejoiced when the missing child was found. The family continued to grieve for the lost pet.
Cry Sarah rejoiced when she aced the exam. Sarah did not cry when she failed the test.
Lament The villagers rejoiced when the drought ended. The villagers had to lament over the loss of crops.
Frown She rejoiced to see her old friend. She did not frown when she met the new neighbor.
Mope The children rejoiced when school was canceled. The children started to mope once the vacation ended.
Gloom We rejoiced in the successful completion of the project. We were engulfed in gloom when the project failed.
Weep They rejoiced when the long-lost treasure was found. They did not weep when the treasure was stolen.
Sulking Jenny rejoiced at the news of her promotion. Jenny was found sulking when she did not get the raise.
Lamenting The team rejoiced in their victory. The team was lamenting after their defeat.
Bitterness The family rejoiced at the reunion. The family was filled with bitterness after the argument.
Sorrow They rejoiced after receiving the good news. They were filled with sorrow upon hearing the bad news.
Sobbing Heather rejoiced when she got her dream job. Heather was not found sobbing when she lost the interview.
Distress She rejoiced upon hearing the success story. She was in distress when she heard about the failure.
Pain The fans rejoiced at their team’s victory. The fans were in pain when their team lost the match.
Heartache Alex rejoiced at the opportunity to travel. Alex felt heartache at leaving loved ones behind.
Unhappy We rejoiced when the issue was resolved. We were left feeling unhappy due to the unresolved problem.
Depressed The employees rejoiced at the news of the bonus. The employees were depressed due to the layoffs.
Melancholy The village rejoiced during the festival. The village was in a state of melancholy after the storm.
Discontent Emily rejoiced after achieving her goal. Emily was filled with discontent about her current situation.
Regret The community rejoiced when the new park opened. The community was left with regret over ignoring environmental concerns.
Sorrowful They rejoiced at the long-awaited reunion. They were sorrowful at the news of their separation.
Troubled She rejoiced as she welcomed a new member in the family. She was troubled by the constant disagreements among relatives.
Complaint The citizens rejoiced when the new park was declared open. The citizens raised a complaint about the lack of facilities in the neighborhood.
Melancholic Sophie rejoiced upon hearing the good news. Sophie was feeling melancholic after the breakup.
Disappointed The team rejoiced at the victory in the championship. The team was disappointed after losing the final match.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of REJOICE

In life, we experience a range of emotions, sometimes we feel overwhelmed with joy, while at other times we may feel disheartened or saddened. The antonyms for rejoice capture the different shades of emotions we go through – from despair to sorrow, from mourn to weep. These words provide a more nuanced understanding of the human experience, acknowledging that not every moment is filled with happiness.

Exploring the antonyms for rejoice reminds us that life is a mixture of ups and downs, and it is okay to feel a range of emotions. It is important to embrace our feelings, whether they are positive or negative, as they are all part of being human. By acknowledging and accepting our emotions, we can navigate through life with a better understanding of ourselves and others.

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