Opposite of INDICATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we communicate, it is essential to effectively convey our thoughts and ideas. One way to enhance clarity is by using antonyms for the word “indicate.” “Indicate” refers to pointing out or suggesting something, while antonyms provide alternative words that express the opposite meaning.

Exploring antonyms for “indicate” allows for a more nuanced and varied communication style. By incorporating these contrasting terms into our language, we can enhance the precision and richness of our expressions. Antonyms provide us with a broader range of vocabulary choices, enabling us to convey our messages with greater precision and depth.

In everyday conversations or written communications, utilizing antonyms for “indicate” can help us express ourselves more accurately and effectively. By understanding the opposing words of “indicate,” we can expand our linguistic repertoire and refine our ability to convey information in a clear and concise manner.

35 Antonyms for INDICATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for indicate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INDICATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Indicate Sentence with Antonym
Conceal The clues indicate that he was at the crime scene. She made sure to conceal her true feelings about the situation.
Hide His frown indicates his disapproval of the plan. She couldn’t hide her excitement upon hearing the news.
Obscure The signs indicate a change in weather. The fog was beginning to obscure the view of the mountains.
Camouflage The results of the study indicate a clear improvement in test scores. The camouflage of the chameleon helps it to camouflage in its environment.
Mislead His behavior indicates a lack of interest in the topic. Don’t let his words mislead you; he’s actually doing well at his job.
Bury The report indicates a decline in profits for the third quarter. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand; we need to address this issue right away.
Disguise The symptoms indicate a possible allergic reaction. She tried to disguise her disappointment with a smile.
Cover The data indicate a strong correlation between exercise and mental health. The cloud cover covered the entire sky, blocking the sun.
Mask The email indicated that the meeting had been rescheduled. His words were meant to mask his true intentions.
Suppress His comments indicate a lack of respect for her work. She had to suppress her laughter during the serious meeting.
Veil The study indicates that there is a need for further research in this area. She used the curtain to veil her face and keep the sunlight out.
Quiet The bell indicates that class is starting. The silence in the room quiet her nerves before the performance.
Muffle The survey results indicate a shift in consumer preferences. They tried to muffle their laughter by covering their mouths.
Disprove The evidence indicates that he is innocent of the crime. Their findings served to disprove the theory that had been widely accepted.
Withhold His actions indicate that he was the one who broke the vase. She chose to withhold information about the incident from her colleagues.
Misinform The signs indicate that the road is closed ahead. He didn’t mean to misinform her, but he had misunderstood the instructions.
Keep The study indicates a potential cure for the disease. Can you keep this secret until the right time to announce it?
Obscure Their body language indicates a sense of unease. The heavy rain began to obscure their vision, making it hard to see ahead.
Eclipse The smile on her face indicates her happiness. His actions would eclipse any doubts about his loyalty to the team.
Disallow The facts indicate that the proposal is feasible. The new rules would disallow any further exceptions to be made.
Discourage The results indicate a need for change in the company’s policies. She didn’t want to discourage him, but she had to be honest about the risks involved.
Negate The statistics indicate that the plan is working effectively. His remarks would only serve to negate the progress that had been made.
Mask The signs around the office indicate the emergency exits. The use of heavy makeup can sometimes mask the true beauty of a person.
Quiet His refusal to answer indicates a lack of interest in the topic. Her giggles were loud and could not quiet during the solemn ceremony.
Silence Her words indicate that she is excited about the upcoming trip. The silence in the house indicated that no one was home.
Stifle The reaction of the crowd indicates that they are unhappy with the decision. They had to stifle their laughter as they entered the quiet library.
Hide The symptoms indicate a severe allergic reaction. She couldn’t hide her anger towards him, no matter how hard she tried.
Cover The signs indicate an upcoming storm. He couldn’t cover his tracks, as the evidence against him was too strong.
Mask Their responses indicated a lack of support for the new policy. The mask she wore to the ball masked her true identity, fooling everyone.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INDICATE

In conclusion, when trying to conceal information, it is important to be discreet and subtle. Instead of blatantly revealing details, one can choose to keep things guarded or undisclosed. By maintaining confidentiality and withholding specifics, one can effectively veil or mask sensitive data. Employing synonyms like safeguard or shield can assist in discreetly managing information without drawing attention. Being discreet can help prevent unnecessary speculation or inference, enabling a more controlled dissemination of information.

In situations where divulging information is necessary, choosing words that obfuscate or obscure the message can help in maintaining a level of secrecy. By using terms like cloud or darken, one can give a vague idea without providing revelatory details. This approach allows one to maintain a level of secrecy while still providing an indication of the subject matter. Employing these strategies can enhance one’s ability to manage communication effectively in various situations.

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