Opposite of BRING – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we consider the concept of antonyms for the verb “bring,” we are exploring words that convey the opposite meaning of transporting something to a particular location. Antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings, providing a way to express opposites in language and communication. In the case of “bring,” antonyms can offer insight into alternative actions related to moving or carrying items.

This exploration allows for a better understanding of language nuances and the diverse ways in which we can express ideas. By delving into antonyms for “bring,” we uncover a spectrum of possibilities that showcase the richness and flexibility of vocabulary. Whether through verbal or written communication, having a grasp of antonyms can enhance our ability to articulate thoughts with precision and depth.

By identifying antonyms for “bring,” we expand our linguistic repertoire and enhance our ability to express concepts with clarity and diversity. This examination offers a glimpse into the interconnected web of words and their varied meanings, providing a broader perspective on how language can be employed to convey contrasting ideas effectively.

35 Antonyms for BRING With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for bring. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BRING antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Bring Sentence with Antonym
Take Please bring me the book. Please take away the book.
Remove Can you bring in the groceries? Can you remove the groceries?
Carry John will bring the suitcase. John will not carry the suitcase.
Fetch I will bring the documents. I will not fetch the documents.
Deliver The courier will bring the package. The courier will not deliver the package.
Return Remember to bring the keys. Remember to return the keys.
Retrieve Can you bring the file for me? Can you retrieve the file for me?
Forward Could you bring the email to my attention? Could you forward the email to my attention?
Send Please bring me another tissue. Please send me another tissue.
Remove I will bring the dishes to the sink. I will remove the dishes from the sink.
Export The company needs to bring new products to the market. The company needs to export new products to the market.
Extract With this tool, we can bring the data from the system. With this tool, we can extract the data from the system.
Withdraw They will bring the money to the bank. They will withdraw the money from the bank.
Take back Can you bring the book to me tomorrow? Can you take back the book tomorrow?
Carry away He planned to bring the goods to his store. He planned to carry away the goods to his store.
Escort The security will bring the VIP to the event. The security will escort the VIP to the event.
Drive Can you bring me to the station? Can you drive me to the station?
Lead She will bring the team to victory. She will lead the team to victory.
Run They will bring the operation smoothly. They will run the operation smoothly.
Bear Can you bring the weight to the corner? Can you bear the weight to the corner?
Haul They had to bring the equipment upstairs. They had to haul the equipment upstairs.
Import The country needs to bring in more resources. The country needs to import more resources.
Introduce She will bring the new employee to the team. She will introduce the new employee to the team.
Post Please bring the letter to the mailbox. Please post the letter in the mailbox.
Submit He needs to bring the paperwork to the office. He needs to submit the paperwork to the office.
Transmit We can bring the message to everyone. We can transmit the message to everyone.
Put forward Can you bring your plan to the meeting? Can you put forward your plan at the meeting?
Relocate I will bring the file to the new folder. I will relocate the file to the new folder.
Carry off They managed to bring the event seamlessly. They managed to carry off the event seamlessly.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BRING

In summary, the antonyms for bring, such as take, remove, and carry away, indicate the opposite action of transporting or conveying something to a place. These words signify the act of moving away or extracting an object from a specific location. Understanding these antonyms can help broaden our vocabulary and improve communication by expressing the opposite action of bringing things closer or delivering items to a destination. By familiarizing ourselves with a variety of antonyms for common words like bring, we can enhance our language skills and convey our thoughts more effectively in everyday conversations.

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