Opposite of DISCOVER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for discover refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of uncovering or revealing something previously unknown. When exploring antonyms for discover, we encounter terms that signify concealing, hiding, or keeping secret information or truths. These antonyms serve as integral components of language, offering contrasts to the action of finding or learning new things.

Opposites of discover feature words that represent the act of obscuring or withholding details, preventing them from being exposed or brought to light. By understanding antonyms for discover, we gain a comprehensive grasp of the diverse range of vocabulary available to express dissimilar concepts and ideas. These antonyms play a crucial role in language usage and enable individuals to communicate effectively by presenting contrasting meanings in conversations and written expressions.

In language and communication, antonyms for discover provide valuable options for conveying opposing notions to the action of uncovering or disclosing. By identifying and utilizing antonyms for discover in speech or writing, individuals can effectively convey the absence or prevention of revealing new information, enhancing the richness and nuance of their expressions.

35 Antonyms for DISCOVER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for discover. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding DISCOVER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Discover Sentence with Antonym
Cover She discovered a hidden treasure in the attic. She covered up a hidden treasure in the attic.
Hide The detective was able to discover the culprit. The culprit was unable to hide from the detective.
Ignore He chose to discover the truth despite the risks. He chose to ignore the truth to avoid confrontation.
Conceal The explorer discovered a beautiful waterfall in the jungle. The waterfall was concealed from view behind the thick foliage.
Overlook Sarah discovered the small details that made the painting so captivating. Sarah overlooked the small details that made the painting so captivating.
Bury The archaeologists discovered ancient ruins buried beneath the surface. The ancient ruins were intentionally buried to protect them from looters.
Neglect Through her research, she was able to discover insights that had been overlooked by others. Medical professionals should not neglect symptoms that could indicate a serious condition.
Miss Stacey discovered the missing piece of the puzzle in her investigation. Unfortunately, she was too late and missed the chance to solve the mystery.
Lose The scientist’s experiments helped discover a groundbreaking solution to the problem. Without further funding, we may lose the opportunity for future discoveries in this field.
Hideaway The children played a game of hide-and-seek to discover each other’s hiding spots. The group found the perfect hideaway for their secret club meetings.
Concede After weeks of research, the team was finally able to discover the source of the issue. It was difficult for him to concede when the evidence showed he was wrong.
Ignore When she discovered the errors in her work, she chose to learn from them. It’s easy to ignore mistakes, but it’s important to address them to improve.
Neglect The detective diligently discovered evidence that ultimately led to the criminal’s arrest. It’s crucial for law enforcement not to neglect any potential leads in a case.
Elude The answer to the mystery discovered the detectives despite the many false leads. The criminal had managed to elude capture for months before being apprehended.
Surrender Through his research, he was able to discover a new perspective on the ancient artifact. The enemy refused to surrender and continued to fight against all odds.
Lose The explorer discovered a new species of plant deep in the rainforest. If we don’t act quickly, we may lose the opportunity to protect this unique ecosystem.
Avoid By exploring different options, she was able to discover the best course of action. It’s important not to avoid difficult decisions but to face them head-on.
Conceal The author’s research discovered hidden clues that shed light on the true story. The conspiracy aimed to conceal the truth from the public.
Uncover She was thrilled to discover the buried treasure that had eluded many before her. The excavation team worked tirelessly to uncover the ancient artifacts buried beneath the city.
Camouflage The ornithologist managed to discover the well-camouflaged bird in the dense forest. The predator’s ability to camouflage itself helped it evade detection by its prey.
Supress The journalist discovered shocking evidence of corruption within the government. The authorities tried to suppress the information to avoid a scandal.
Reject Despite the challenges, the scientist was determined to discover a cure for the disease. It’s important not to reject new ideas outright without proper consideration.
Avoid He decided to discover the truth behind the rumors by speaking directly to the source. Some people prefer to avoid the truth rather than confront uncomfortable realities.
Escape The lab technician discovered a flaw in the experimental procedure that needed correction. The perpetrator tried to escape but was caught before they could flee the scene.
Stumble upon While hiking, they discovered a hidden waterfall by chance. They had never expected to stumble upon such a tranquil spot in the wilderness.
Locate By using the map, they were able to discover the exact location of the lost city. It took them hours to locate the missing keys in the cluttered room.
Abandon The explorer was determined to discover the truth behind the ancient legend. Despite the challenges, she never wanted to abandon her quest for knowledge.
Unsuspect The detective discovered the unsuspected link between the two seemingly unrelated cases. The criminal had found the perfect hiding spot in an unsuspected location.
Find The scientist’s groundbreaking research helped discover a new species of insect. It’s often when we least expect it that we find the answers we seek.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of DISCOVER

In our quest to find something or uncover new information, we must not overlook the possibility of overlooking or missing key details. While searching for answers, it is essential to remain open-minded and consider different perspectives. Instead of focusing solely on unveiling truths, we should also consider the significance of accepting uncertainty and embracing the unknown.

By recognizing the value in both exploring and being content with what is already known, we can strike a balance between seeking out discoveries and appreciating the familiar. Sometimes, the most profound wisdom can be found not in the act of uncovering, but in the act of acknowledging that some things may remain unseen or undiscovered.

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