Opposite of APPRECIATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for appreciation are words that represent the opposite of gratitude or the act of recognizing the value or worth of someone or something. These antonyms convey a lack of acknowledgment, recognition, or admiration for a person, object, or action. They can also indicate a negative sentiment, indifference, or even disdain towards the subject in question.

While appreciation involves showing respect, admiration, and thankfulness, antonyms for appreciation encompass feelings and attitudes like disregard, animosity, or disparagement. These antonyms serve to highlight the absence of positive regard, approval, or esteem towards a particular entity. They can range from subtle indifference to outright aversion or contempt.

Antonyms for appreciation can reveal a spectrum of contrasting emotions and responses towards people, events, or objects. By understanding these antonyms, we gain insight into the diverse range of attitudes that exist towards various aspects of life, allowing us to appreciate the nuances of human perception and expression.

35 Antonyms for APPRECIATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for appreciation. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPRECIATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Appreciation Sentence with Antonym
Dislike She expressed her appreciation for the thoughtful gift. She showed her dislike for the uninspired present.
Criticism I am filled with appreciation for all your hard work. Instead of giving thanks, he responded with criticism.
Detest He always showed appreciation for her help. Despite her efforts, he seemed to detest her presence.
Scorn They sent a gift in appreciation of their friendship. Instead of thanks, they received scorn and mockery.
Disapproval The students expressed their appreciation for the teacher’s guidance. The students showed their disapproval by not following the instructions.
Hostility The team showed great appreciation for their coach’s leadership. The team’s hostility towards the coach was evident in their attitude.
Loathing Her appreciation for art is well-known. His loathing for all forms of creativity is apparent.
Animosity The community expressed their appreciation for the volunteers’ efforts. The community’s animosity towards the volunteers was surprising.
Resentment She showed her appreciation for his support. He couldn’t hide his resentment towards her success.
Disapproval We received a lot of appreciation for our work. Instead of praise, they gave us disapproval.
Depreciation Despite his complaints, she expressed appreciation for his help. Her constant depreciation of his efforts wore him down.
Antipathy The speech was met with appreciation from the audience. The speech was met with antipathy and boos from the crowd.
Abhorrence He showed appreciation for her kindness. His abhorrence for her was apparent in his tone.
Derision They expressed appreciation for his dedication to the cause. Instead of praise, he was met with derision and mockery.
Rejection Despite the challenges, she always had appreciation for life. His rejection of optimism made him cynical.
Revulsion The team showed appreciation for their coach’s tough love approach. The team’s revulsion towards the coach’s methods was obvious.
Contempt She had a deep appreciation for his talent. His contempt for her lack of skill was evident.
Repugnance The community showed appreciation for the volunteers’ hard work. The community’s repugnance towards the volunteers was unexpected.
Condemnation He expressed his appreciation for their efforts. Instead of gratitude, they faced condemnation from him.
Aversion Despite the challenges, she always had appreciation for her job. His aversion to work was apparent in his lazy attitude.
Disgust She showed appreciation for his generosity. His disgust towards her ingratitude showed in his actions.
Misanthropy The artist’s work was met with appreciation by art lovers. The misanthrope’s work was met with misanthropy and disdain.
Abomination She expressed appreciation for his sincerity. His actions were considered an abomination by her.
Scorn The professor showed great appreciation for his students’ efforts. The professor’s scorn for their lack of preparation was apparent.
Critique She showered him with appreciation for his help. Instead of compliments, he faced harsh critique from her.
Derogation The team showed appreciation for their coach’s tough training regimen. The team’s derogation of the coach’s methods was evident.
Hatred Despite everything, she always maintained her appreciation for life. His hatred for everything made him bitter and resentful.
Disrespect He expressed appreciation for everyone’s time and effort. Instead of appreciation, he gave them disrespect and indifference.
Offense She expressed her appreciation for his honesty. His words were taken as an offense despite her goodwill.
Animus The committee showed appreciation for the volunteers’ commitment. The committee’s animus towards the volunteers was perplexing.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPRECIATION

It is important to recognize the significance of showing indifference towards others rather than appreciation. By overlooking the efforts and achievements of those around us, we risk creating a negative environment that lacks positivity and encouragement. On the other hand, valuing and acknowledging the work and contributions of individuals fosters a sense of belonging and motivation.

Displaying disregard instead of gratitude can lead to feelings of devaluation and demotivation among peers. Conversely, practicing acknowledgment and recognition cultivates a culture of respect and support within a community or workplace. In essence, the absence of appreciation can hinder personal growth and relationship-building, while the presence of it can enhance morale and productivity.

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