A New Way to Teach Grammar

Discover a new way to teach grammar. Developed by a 15-year veteran teacher, Mrs. Brubaker’s Writing Program teaches students through categorization and problem-solving, not memorization.

  1. Students learn language patterns through the use of color (color-blind sensitive).
  2. Students learn the uses of different word types.
  3. Students utilize high-order thinking skills.
  4. Assessment of progress is easy.
  5. Gets students excited about learning English!

Perfect for Home-Schoolers!

  1. Gives your child a solid foundation in English and Grammar.
  2. Is adaptable to any grade level.
  3. Can easily be used by the whole family.

Useful in Any Classroom

  1. Can be used on its own, or integrated into an existing required curriculum.
  2. Allows for immediate feedback.
  3. Is excellent for learning support, ESL, and gifted students.
  4. Promotes a high level of class involvement.
  5. Is skill level based. Grade levels are targets, and materials should be chosen according to the ability of the student.

Meet the Author

Mrs. Brubaker is a state certified teacher in Pennsylvania. After 17 years of teaching students of all abilities, from learning support to gifted, she developed Applied Grammar to enable all of her 3rd grade students to master the elements of English grammar. She has developed the original concept into a grammar and writing program that can take a student from their first sentences to the end of High School.

Mrs. Brubaker conducts seminars on topics of interest to Homeschoolers, as well as holding workshops for teachers.


  • Applied Grammar
  • Curriculum Management
  • Strategies to Motivate
  • Survival Skills for Teachers
  • Teaching Study Skills