Opposite of AROMA – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for aroma refer to words that describe a lack of scent or a negative odor. These terms are used to describe things that do not have a pleasant or noticeable smell, in contrast to the concept of aroma which signifies a pleasant fragrance or scent. Antonyms for aroma are often utilized to paint a vivid picture or evoke a specific sensory experience in writing or conversation.

When discussing antonyms for aroma, it’s crucial to understand the significance of these terms in creating a well-rounded description or narrative. By utilizing antonyms for aroma, writers and speakers can effectively convey the absence or presence of particular scents, thereby adding depth and detail to their communication. These antonyms serve as valuable tools for articulating different olfactory sensations and enhancing the vividness of the description.

By incorporating antonyms for aroma into their vocabulary, individuals can articulate a broader range of sensory experiences and paint a more detailed picture for their audience. Understanding the contrasting terms for aroma allows for a more nuanced and expressive communication style, enabling individuals to convey a diverse array of scents and odors accurately.

35 Antonyms for AROMA With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for aroma. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AROMA antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Aroma Sentence with Antonym
Odor The aroma of fresh coffee greeted me as I walked into the kitchen. The foul odor emanating from the garbage can made me gag.
Stink The aroma of lavender filled the room, creating a calming atmosphere. The stink coming from the sewer made it impossible to enjoy the outdoor picnic.
Fragrance The sweet aroma of roses wafted through the air, filling the garden with a delightful scent. The pungent fragrance of rotten eggs lingered in the room, making everyone nauseous.
Scent The aroma of freshly baked bread made my stomach growl with hunger. The room was devoid of any scent, which made it feel cold and unwelcoming.
Perfume She sprayed on some perfume and left a trail of her musky aroma as she walked by. He had been working in the garden all day, leaving a natural, earthy perfume that clung to his clothes.
Aromatic The aromatic spices in the curry filled the kitchen with a rich and flavorful aroma. The air was dull and lifeless with no aromatic herbs or spices to enliven the senses.
Essence The aroma of freshly brewed tea captured the very essence of relaxation. The stuffy room lacked the essence of freshness, and instead, smelled musty and stale.
Bouquet The aroma of the flowers in the bouquet was so sweet that it perfumed the entire room. The garbage truck passed by, leaving a pungent bouquet of smells that made everyone close their windows.
Whiff As she walked past, I caught a faint whiff of her aroma, reminding me of our last meeting. The stagnant air in the room meant there was not even a whiff of fresh air to breathe.
Fragrant The freshly baked bread was warm, soft, and fragrant, filling the bakery with an enticing aroma. The moldy cheese had a repulsive fragrant that made it hard to eat without feeling nauseous.
Savor I could savor the aroma of the roasted turkey as soon as I walked into the house. There was nothing delightful to savor in the room as its musty aroma lingered in the air, making me uncomfortable.
Smell The smell of freshly brewed coffee always arouses a sense of anticipation and comfort. The putrid smell of rotten fruit had saturated the room, making it unbearable to stay indoors.
Malodor The malodor emanating from the dumpster made it difficult to walk past without holding my nose. The pleasant aroma of fresh flowers masked the otherwise off-putting malodor of the damp alleyway.
Funk The funky aroma of the cheese was so overpowering that it filled the entire kitchen. Opening the windows dispelled the funk that had built up in the stuffy room over time.
Repellent The sweet aroma of the bakery acted as a natural repellent for stress and worries. The stench of the garbage acted as an unwelcome repellent, driving away anyone who came too close.
Reek The aroma of her favorite perfume lingered in the room, a stark contrast to the reek of rotten eggs. The fish market’s reek had permeated his clothes, masking any hint of a pleasant aroma that may have been present.
Aromatherapy She enjoyed a session of aromatherapy, where various scents helped relax her mind and body The absence of any pleasant scents deprived her of the benefits of aromatherapy, leaving her feeling restless and tense.
Mellifluous The mellifluous aroma of honey filled the air as she stirred it into her tea. The acrid smoke carried a harsh, mellifluous that made it hard to breathe and stung the eyes.
Niff I caught a niff of her aroma as she walked past, a fleeting hint that left me longing for more. The musty, damp room emitted a stale niff that clung to everything and gave a sense of unease.
Whiffletree The whiffletree of baked goods permeated the room, turning it into a cozy and welcoming space. The sterile environment lacked the whiffletree of nature and life, creating a cold and impersonal atmosphere.
Air-out He left his shoes outside to air-out after a long day, getting rid of any unpleasant aroma. The closed windows prevented the room from getting a good air-out, trapping the stale aroma within.
Whiffy The fresh baked bread was warm, soft, and whiffy, filling the bakery with an irresistible aroma**. The rancid milk created a sharp and unsettling whiffy, overpowering any other pleasant smells in the fridge.
Fume The chef’s fume-filled kitchen made her eyes water, although the aroma of the food cooking was delightful. The lack of proper ventilation had caused the room to fill with a thick fume that obscured any hint of a pleasant aroma.
Fetid The once beautiful garden now reeked of fetid water and decay, creating a stark contrast to the aroma of blooming flowers. The aroma of fresh oranges drifted in from the orchard, overpowering the fetid smell of the rotting pumpkins.
Noisome The noxious smells emerged from the sewer, overpowering the delicate aroma of the blossoming flowers. She lit a scented candle to mask the noisome smell emanating from the stagnant water, making the room more bearable.
Scent The sweet scent of roses greeted her as she entered the room, enveloping her in a sense of tranquility. The flat and sterile air lacked any scent, making it hard to breathe and creating a feeling of emptiness.
Stench The aroma of fresh linens and lavender filled the room, replacing the musty stench that had lingered for weeks. The combination of various stenches made it hard to distinguish any aroma present in the room, creating an unpleasant environment.
Malodorous The malodorous fumes rising from the chemical spill made it hard to breathe, contrasting sharply with the pleasant aromas of the countryside. The absence of any malodorous smells in the room meant that the aromas of cooking and flowers were able to linger and create a pleasant atmosphere.
Fusty The fusty smell of old books filled the abandoned library, a stark contrast to the warm and inviting aroma of a nearby bakery. Opening the windows to let in some fresh air dispelled the fusty smell that had long permeated the house, replacing it with a clean and refreshing aroma.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AROMA

In summary, scents can evoke powerful emotions and memories, with fragrance and odor being key factors. While one may find a fragrance delightful, another could perceive it as offensive. The absence of fragrance can be described as odorless, scentless, or unfragrant, making it neutral in terms of appeal.

On the other hand, the presence of an unpleasant smell can be referred to as malodorous, foul-smelling, or reeking. This contrast in perceptions highlights the subjective nature of aromas and the importance of considering individual preferences when encountering different scents.

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