Opposite of ELEGANT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for elegant refer to words that are the opposite in meaning of the term elegant. In the realm of language and vocabulary, antonyms provide a diverse range of expressions that contrast with the sophisticated and refined characteristics associated with elegance.

The concept of antonyms for elegant plays a key role in enriching our verbal repertoire by offering alternative descriptors that vary in tone and mood. These contrasting terms can evoke a sense of informality, simplicity, or even clumsiness compared to the grace and beauty typically linked to elegance.

Exploring antonyms for elegant can help us better articulate a broader spectrum of qualities and attributes, enabling us to communicate with nuance and precision. By understanding these opposing terms, we can effectively convey varying degrees of sophistication and style in our conversations and written expressions.

35 Antonyms for ELEGANT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for elegant. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ELEGANT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Elegant Sentence with Antonym
Clumsy She moved with graceful elegance. He tripped over his own feet, showing his clumsy nature.
Awkward The ballroom was full of elegantly dressed guests. She felt awkward in her ill-fitting clothes.
Plain The art gallery was filled with elegant paintings. The room lacked color and was quite plain.
Undignified The queen was known for her elegant demeanor. His behavior was considered undignified at the formal event.
Sloppy She was always elegantly dressed for every occasion. His appearance was sloppy and unkempt.
Tasteless The hotel lobby was decorated with elegant furnishings. The decor in the room was deemed tasteless by the guests.
Shabby She always carried herself with an elegant air. His clothes were old and shabby, detracting from his appearance.
Coarse Her elegant manners impressed everyone at the party. His coarse behavior offended many people.
Frumpy She transformed the room into an elegant dining area. The old curtains made the room look frumpy and outdated.
Gauche She gracefully danced with elegant movements. His gauche actions embarrassed those around him.
Indelicate She spoke with an elegant tone befitting her status. His indelicate remarks caused discomfort among the guests.
Gaudy Her dress was elegantly designed and tailored. His suit was loud and gaudy, drawing unwanted attention.
Unrefined She had an elegant way of carrying herself. His unrefined manners made him stand out in the crowd.
Ungraceful Her elegant gestures captivated the audience. His ungraceful movements made him stumble on stage.
Tacky The table was set with elegant china and crystal. The decor of the room was considered tacky by the guests.
Drab She brightened the room with her elegant presence. The dull colors of the walls made the room seem drab.
Gritty Her elegant style was admired by all who saw her. His look was more gritty and rough around the edges.
Objectionable Her elegant taste was evident in her choice of decor. The art on the walls was objectionable to many.
Tawdry She added an elegant touch to every event she attended. His taste veered more towards the tawdry and flashy.
Homely She carried herself with an elegant poise. His appearance was described as homely and unremarkable.
Unkempt She presented an elegant solution to the problem. His disheveled appearance was the opposite of unkempt.
Vulgar She spoke with an elegant eloquence that captivated the audience. His vulgar language was offensive to those around him.
Bland She transformed her living space into an elegant sanctuary. The room’s bland decor left much to be desired.
Harsh She was known for her elegant fashion sense. His harsh demeanor made others uncomfortable.
Rustic Her elegant style was admired by all who saw her. His taste leaned more towards the rustic and rural.
Unkempt She presented herself with elegant simplicity. His appearance was unkempt and in need of grooming.
Flamboyant She preferred elegant and understated designs. He liked to stand out with flamboyant and extravagant attire.
Improper Her elegant conduct was a reflection of her upbringing. His behavior was deemed improper and disrespectful.
Tactless She handled the situation with elegant diplomacy. His tactless comments caused tension among the group.
Untidy She kept her workspace elegantly organized. His desk was cluttered and untidy.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ELEGANT

The opposite of elegant can be described as clumsy, awkward, or plain. While elegance embodies grace and sophistication, its opposite suggests a lack of refinement or style. When identifying something as elegant, one would likely highlight its tastefulness and beauty, while in contrast, the opposite may lack charm or attractiveness. The antonyms for elegant help to paint a picture of qualities that are far from graceful or stylish, adding depth to our understanding of what elegance truly embodies.

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