Opposite of HARDLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “hardly” are words that convey the opposite meaning of “hardly,” which typically implies barely or scarcely. These antonyms serve to emphasize the presence or abundance of something, in contrast to the limited or scarce nature indicated by “hardly.”

Common antonyms for “hardly” include words like easily, abundantly, freely, frequently, and plentifully. These words paint a picture of something occurring without difficulty, in large quantities, or with regularity, in direct opposition to the idea of something happening rarely or with great effort.

By exploring antonyms for “hardly,” one can gain a deeper understanding of the spectrum of possibilities in expressing the frequency, ease, or abundance of an action or situation. Utilizing these antonyms can provide greater clarity and precision in communication by offering alternatives to convey the opposite of what is implied by the term “hardly.”

35 Antonyms for HARDLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for hardly. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HARDLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Hardly Sentence with Antonym
Easily She hardly completed the difficult puzzle. She easily completed the simple puzzle.
Freely He could hardly move in the crowded room. He could move freely in the spacious room.
Effortlessly They hardly managed to finish on time. They managed to finish on time effortlessly.
Quickly The project was hardly completed within the deadline. The project was completed within the deadline quickly.
Fluently She hardly speaks any French. She speaks French fluently.
Comfortably He could hardly sit in the cramped airplane seat. He could sit comfortably in the spacious seat.
Smoothly The transition between songs in the concert was hardly seamless. The transition between songs in the concert was smoothly executed.
Effortlessly The athlete hardly crossed the finish line. The athlete crossed the finish line effortlessly.
Gracefully The dancer hardly moved on stage. The dancer moved gracefully on stage.
Fluently He hardly read the foreign language script. He read the foreign language script fluently.
Comfortably She could hardly sleep on the hard mattress. She could sleep comfortably on the soft mattress.
Easily He hardly grasped the complex concept. He easily grasped the simple concept.
Simply She hardly answered the difficult question. She simply answered the easy question.
Readily They hardly accepted the challenging offer. They readily accepted the tempting offer.
Without a hitch The plan didn’t go as expected, hardly a smooth process. The plan went smoothly, without a hitch.
Correctly He hardly solved the puzzle without any help. He correctly solved the puzzle on his own.
Openly She hardly shared her thoughts with others. She shared her thoughts openly with the group.
Readily He hardly agreed to the proposed changes. He readily agreed to the proposed changes.
Surely They hardly believed in the authenticity of the story. They surely believed in the authenticity of the story.
Easily She hardly lifted the heavy box. She easily lifted the light box.
Frankly She hardly spoke about her feelings. She spoke frankly about her emotions.
Warmly They hardly welcomed the new neighbors. They welcomed the new neighbors warmly.
Boldly He hardly protested against the decision. He protested against the decision boldly.
Smoothly The car hardly transitioned between gears. The car transitioned between gears smoothly.
Vividly She hardly remembered the details of the event. She vividly remembered the details of the occasion.
Softly He hardly spoke above a whisper. He spoke softly to avoid disturbing others.
Extensively He hardly researched the topic. He researched the topic extensively.
Openly She hardly expressed her opinions. She expressed her opinions openly.
Naturally Their skills did hardly improve over time. Their skills improved naturally with practice.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HARDLY

Overall, it is apparent that there are numerous antonyms for the word “hardly,” such as easily, effortlessly, and smoothly. By using these alternative terms, one can effectively convey the opposite meaning of struggling, difficulty, or scarcity. For instance, instead of saying “I can hardly understand this complex concept,” one could say “I easily grasp this intricate idea.” This diverse range of antonyms provides a versatile toolkit for expressing ideas in a more positive and clear manner.

In conclusion, expanding one’s vocabulary to include antonyms for “hardly” enables individuals to communicate more effectively and enhance the overall clarity of their messages. By embracing these varied expressions, individuals can better articulate their thoughts and convey a sense of ease, simplicity, and abundance in their language.

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