Opposite of PARAPHRASE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we discuss antonyms for paraphrase, we are referring to words or phrases that have opposite meanings to restating information in a concise and clear manner. Paraphrasing involves rewriting a passage using different words while maintaining the original message, essentially rephrasing the content without changing its meaning.

Antonyms for paraphrase are words that contradict the concept of expressing ideas or information in an alternate way. These antonyms signify a direct opposition to the practice of summarizing, clarifying, or rewording text while preserving the initial thought or intent. Identifying antonyms for paraphrase can aid in recognizing words that imply the retention of the original wording or fail to capture the essence of the original message in an alternative form.

35 Antonyms for PARAPHRASE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for paraphrase. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PARAPHRASE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Paraphrase Sentence with Antonym
Original She articulated her thoughts clearly. She mumbled her thoughts incoherently.
Stifle He tried to suppress his laughter. He couldn’t help but burst out laughing.
Exact The artist rephrased the poem. The artist copied the poem verbatim.
Simplify The manual was dumbed down for beginners. The manual was made more complex for experts.
Different His viewpoint was elucidated in the meeting. His viewpoint was identical to everyone else’s.
Literal The translation was a word-for-word rendition. The translation was an interpretive adaptation.
Conceal She revealed her true feelings. She concealed her true feelings.
Summarize Can you expound on that topic? Can you be brief on that topic?
Hide He exposed the truth. He hid the truth.
Specific The details were generalized in the report. The details were specified in the report.
Interpret He clarified the meaning of the text. He misunderstood the meaning of the text.
Vague Her explanation was clear-cut. Her explanation was vague.
Articulate He was incoherent in his speech. He was articulate in his speech.
Rephrase Please retain the original wording. Please rephrase the text.
Uncover The investigation unearthed new evidence. The investigation buried the evidence deeper.
Elaborate The instructions were simplified for easy understanding. The instructions were elaborated for better clarity.
Synonym The two words are interchangeable. The two words are opposites.
Paraphraser The writer is known for rewording content. The writer is known for directly copying content.
Copy He tried to paraphrase the passage. He directly copied the passage.
Color The facts were presented without distortion. The facts were presented with a bias.
Hide She exposed her true feelings. She hid her true feelings.
Reproduce The article was rewritten to avoid plagiarism. The article was reproduced without permission.
Distort The image was accurately depicted. The image was intentionally distorted.
Original She provided an adaptation of the classic novel. She provided the original text of the classic novel.
Compress Can you expand on that idea? Can you compress that idea?
Transparent The company’s dealings were opaque. The company’s dealings were transparent.
Unique The design was an imitation of famous artwork. The design was unique and original.
Brief The report was lengthy and detailed. The report was brief and concise.
Revise The author decided to retain the initial draft. The author decided to revise the initial draft.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PARAPHRASE

In summary, when seeking antonyms for paraphrase, it is beneficial to consider utilizing direct quotes or exact replicas of the original text. Instead of rewording or restating information, one can opt to preserve the original wording to maintain accuracy and authenticity within the content. This approach allows for precision in conveying the intended message without the risk of misinterpretation or distortion of the original meaning.

By employing direct quotes or reproducing the original text verbatim, one can uphold the integrity of the source material while avoiding any potential misrepresentation or alteration of the information. This method ensures clarity and fidelity to the original text, providing readers with a reliable and transparent presentation of the content without the need for interpretation or rephrasing.

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