Opposite of PHYSICAL BODY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for the physical body refer to abstract concepts or spiritual dimensions that contrast the tangible, corporeal aspects of a person. In essence, they represent metaphysical or non-physical elements that are distinct from the physical form. These antonyms encapsulate the intangible aspects of human existence that are not bound by the constraints of the body.

By exploring antonyms for the physical body, we delve into realms beyond the material and open up discussions on the essence of being. This exploration allows us to contemplate the interconnectedness of mind, spirit, and consciousness, highlighting the multifaceted nature of human existence. Through contrasting the physical body with its antonyms, we gain insight into the complexities of identity, perception, and the human experience.

Understanding the antonyms for the physical body provides a lens through which we can examine philosophical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of humanity. It prompts us to reflect on the intangible qualities that define us and shape our understanding of self and reality. This exploration challenges us to broaden our perspectives and consider the holistic nature of our existence beyond the bounds of the physical realm.

35 Antonyms for PHYSICAL BODY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for physical body. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PHYSICAL BODY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Physical Body Sentence with Antonym
Soul She took care of her physical body through exercise. She focused on nourishing her soul.
Spirit His physical body was tired after a long day at work. His spirit was energized and lively.
Mind It’s important to take care of both your physical body and your mind. Meditation can help calm the mind while also benefiting the physical body.
Essence The dancer was graceful, her physical body moving with precision. Her performance seemed to capture the essence of the music.
Energy Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy physical body. Positive thinking can increase your energy levels.
Core Pilates exercises strengthen the core of the physical body. Yoga focuses on aligning the mind, body, and spirit.
Soul Yoga helps to align the mind, body, and soul. Pilates focuses on strengthening the physical body.
Emotion She kept her physical body strong by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. She focused on processing and expressing her emotions to maintain overall well-being.
Intelligence It’s important to exercise both your physical body and your intelligence. Reading and problem-solving exercises can stimulate your intelligence.
Aura The athlete’s physical body exuded strength and resilience. Her aura radiated peace and positivity.
Psyche Nurturing the physical body through exercise and rest is crucial for overall health. Taking care of the psyche through therapy and self-reflection is equally important.
Immortal Our physical bodies are mortal and subject to decay. Some believe in an immortal soul that outlasts the physical body.
Mental Physical fitness contributes to mental well-being. Mental exercises can be as beneficial as physical ones.
Psyche The therapist focuses on caring for the psyche. The fitness trainer specializes in strengthening the physical body.
Energy A healthy diet helps maintain physical energy levels. Meditation can replenish mental energy.
Essence The dancer’s movements expressed the essence of the music. Her physical body resonated with the rhythm.
Mind Taking care of your physical body also benefits your mind. Mental exercises can support physical health.
Spirit Yoga aims to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Pilates focuses on strengthening the physical body.
Emotion She expressed her emotions through dance. She kept her physical body strong through exercise.
Aura His aura was calm and positive, reflecting inner peace. His physical body showed signs of stress and tension.
Essence The chef captured the essence of the dish in her cooking. Her physical body moved with precision and grace.
Mind Focusing on the mind can enhance the well-being of the physical body. Physical exercise is beneficial for both the mind and the body.
Psyche Taking care of the psyche through therapy and self-reflection. Strengthening the physical body through exercise and nutrition.
Energy Exercise helps maintain physical energy levels. Mindfulness exercises can increase mental energy.
Soul The musician poured her soul into the performance. The athlete pushed her physical body to the limits.
Immortal While the physical body is temporary, some believe in an immortal soul. Our physical bodies are subject to decay, yet our immortal souls endure.
Mental Mental exercises are beneficial for both physical and mental health. Physical fitness contributes to a healthy mental state.
Energy Regular yoga practice can boost mental energy. Eating nutritious foods can sustain physical energy levels.
Spirit The marathon runner’s spirit never wavered, despite physical fatigue. Her physical body crossed the finish line, tired but triumphant.
Essence The artist captured the essence of the landscape in her painting. Her physical body moved gracefully as she worked on the canvas.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PHYSICAL BODY

Understanding concepts related to the physical body involves grasping its opposite counterparts: immaterial existence, intangible essence, and metaphysical presence. While the physical body is tangible and quantifiable, its antonyms hint at a realm beyond the visible and tangible, where the essence and being transcend physical boundaries. By exploring the antonyms for physical body, we delve into the abstract, spiritual, and intangible aspects of existence that go beyond the confines of the flesh.

Embracing the antonyms for physical body opens up a world of philosophical inquiry into the mind-body connection, spirituality, and the nature of being. It encourages contemplation on the holistic nature of human existence, extending beyond the physical form to encompass the intangible aspects that shape our identity and essence.

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