Opposite of PRESTIGIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for prestigious refer to words that denote the opposite of being respected, admired, or having high status. These terms are used to describe things or individuals that lack honor, prestige, or importance in society.

When searching for antonyms for prestigious words, one may come across terms that signify insignificance, mediocrity, or low regard. These opposites can be used to convey a sense of being unimportant, ordinary, or obscure.

In contrast to prestigious, antonyms for this concept often convey a sense of being lowly, dishonorable, or unremarkable. These words can help to express the opposite of prestige or high social standing.

35 Antonyms for PRESTIGIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for prestigious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PRESTIGIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Prestigious Sentence with Antonym
Ordinary The prestigious award ceremony was attended by VIPs. The ordinary event was attended by regular people.
Common She received a prestigious scholarship for her work. He received a common recognition for his efforts.
Disreputable The school has a prestigious reputation for academics. The organization has a disreputable record.
Undistinguished The author was invited to speak at a prestigious conference. The artist’s work was considered undistinguished.
Ignoble His prestigious position gave him great influence. She was removed from her job due to her ignoble behavior.
Unremarkable The company won a prestigious industry award. Their products were seen as unremarkable in the market.
Mediocre The performance was at a prestigious theater. The show received mediocre reviews from critics.
Unimpressive She was accepted into a prestigious university. His presentation was unimpressive to the panel.
Insignificant The prestigious gala was attended by celebrities. The small gathering was insignificant in comparison.
Humble They received a prestigious honor for their work. He was content with living a humble life.
Unknown The designer was known for her prestigious fashion line. The artist remained unknown in the art world.
Second-rate The company is known for its prestigious customer service. Their products are considered second-rate by consumers.
Dull She comes from a prestigious family background. He has a rather dull and unremarkable background.
Lowly The author won a prestigious literary award. She came from a lowly background and worked hard.
Inferior The prestigious organization has strict qualifications. The shoddy work was clearly inferior to standards.
Commonplace It was a prestigious honor to meet the president. Meeting celebrities is a commonplace occurrence for him.
Cheap She won a prestigious scholarship for her research. The product was of cheap quality and low value.
Unimportant The prestigious medical award is highly respected. This matter is unimportant and not worth discussing.
Unsuccessful The company was awarded a prestigious business contract. They were deemed unsuccessful and lost the deal.
Humdrum She landed a job at a prestigious law firm. His daily routine was rather humdrum and boring.
Run-of-the-mill She wore a prestigious gown to the gala. His outfit was run-of-the-mill and unremarkable.
Unexceptional The film festival showcased prestigious documentaries. The performance was unexceptional and forgettable.
Rundown The prestigious hotel is known for its luxury service. The old motel was rundown and in need of repair.
Unfamiliar The prestigious tradition has been passed down for generations. The language he spoke was unfamiliar to the crowd.
Modest She comes from a prestigious background. His upbringing was rather modest and simple.
Uncelebrated The prestigious event was covered by the media. The work of the artist remained uncelebrated.
Unobtrusive She received a prestigious award for her leadership. Her presence was unobtrusive and easily overlooked.
Unimposing The prestigious building is a landmark in the city. The structure appeared unimposing next to skyscrapers.
Restricted He gained entry into the prestigious club. The public was restricted from entering the premises.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PRESTIGIOUS

Prestigious is often used to describe something highly esteemed or respected, while its antonyms like ordinary, common, or humble denote things that are more average or unassuming. When seeking to differentiate between items that hold high status and those that do not, one can look to these contrasting terms for guidance. While some may aspire to possess prestigious qualities, it is essential to recognize the value in simplicity and modesty as well. Embracing the ordinary can offer a sense of groundedness and authenticity that may be lacking in the pursuit of prestige.

By acknowledging and appreciating the antonyms of prestigious, one can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the full spectrum of qualities that exist. This allows for a balanced perspective that values both the exceptional and the everyday, recognizing the beauty and worth in all aspects of life.

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