Opposite of RIGOROUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for rigorous are words that represent the opposite end of the spectrum from rigorous. These antonyms provide a contrast to the strict, demanding, or thorough nature of rigor. Instead of adhering to strict rules or precision, antonyms for rigorous suggest a more relaxed, lenient, or flexible approach to a task or situation.

Choosing antonyms for rigorous can help to convey a different tone or atmosphere in writing or conversation. By using these antonyms, one can introduce a lighter, less intense perspective to discussions that would typically involve rigor. Employing antonyms for rigorous can also offer alternative viewpoints or interpretations to a subject that may be seen as strict or demanding.

Exploring antonyms for rigorous allows for a broader understanding of the concept and its implications. By considering the opposite end of the spectrum from rigor, individuals can appreciate the range of possibilities and interpretations within various contexts. Whether in academic settings, professional environments, or personal interactions, antonyms for rigorous provide a valuable tool for communication and expression.

35 Antonyms for RIGOROUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for rigorous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding RIGOROUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Rigorous Sentence with Antonym
Flexible The rigorous training program demanded a lot of discipline. The flexible approach allowed for creativity and innovation.
lenient The professor was known for his rigorous grading standards. He was surprisingly lenient when it came to late assignments.
relaxed The company had a rigorous dress code policy. The new relaxed dress code allowed employees to wear jeans.
easygoing The coach had a rigorous workout regimen for the team. The new coach was more easygoing and focused on fun drills.
casual The military training camp was known for its rigorous schedule. The new camp had a more casual atmosphere for trainees.
undemanding The job required rigorous attention to detail. The new position was undemanding and stress-free.
gentle The teacher had a rigorous teaching style that pushed students to their limits. The substitute had a gentler approach that focused on understanding.
moderate The rigorous diet plan helped the athlete reach peak performance. A more moderate diet allowed for balance and enjoyment.
lackadaisical The team had a rigorous practice schedule leading up to the championship. Their rivals, however, had a lackadaisical approach to training.
laid-back The project had rigorous deadlines that had to be met. The new project was more laid-back with flexible timelines.
slack The manager had a rigorous policy on punctuality. The new manager was more slack on arrival times.
indulgent The parents had a rigorous approach to discipline. The grandparents were more indulgent with their grandchildren.
easy The training program was rigorous and intensive. The new program was much more easy and enjoyable.
tolerant The school had a rigorous anti-bullying policy in place. The new school had a more tolerant approach towards conflicts.
forgiving The judge was known for her rigorous sentencing. The new judge was more forgiving and focused on rehabilitation.
lenitive Rigorous study schedules kept the students focused. A more lenitive approach to studying encouraged relaxation.
liberal The country had a rigorous immigration policy. The neighboring country had a more liberal immigration policy.
permissive The school had a rigorous code of conduct for students. A more permissive environment allowed students more freedom.
easy on The coach was rigorous in his training methods. The new coach was more easy on the players during practice.
lax The company had a rigorous structure in place for reporting expenses. The new company had a lax approach to expense management.
unrestricted The organization had a rigorous policy on internet usage. The new organization had an unrestricted internet policy.
nonchalant The professor had a rigorous attitude towards punctuality. The new professor was more nonchalant about arriving late.
indulging The supervisor had a rigorous approach to employee evaluations. The new supervisor was more indulging and understanding.
easy-care The company had a rigorous policy on work hours. The new company had an easy-care policy with flexible hours.
blithe The coach took a rigorous approach towards team discipline. The new coach was more blithe and relaxed with the team.
slackened The company had a rigorous quality control process. The new company had a slackened approach to quality assurance.
unstrained The program had rigorous rules and regulations. The new program was unstrained, allowing for more freedom.
unrestrained The manager had a rigorous policy on taking breaks. The new manager had an unrestrained policy on break times.
easy-handed The task required a rigorous attention to detail. The new task was more easy-handed and straightforward.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of RIGOROUS

In comparison to the strict and demanding standards of rigor, a more lenient and relaxed approach can offer flexibility and adaptability. While rigorous practices focus on precision and thoroughness, a more laid-back attitude can promote creativity and innovation. It is important to strike a balance between the two opposites to achieve optimal results. By incorporating a mix of both rigorous and relaxed methods, individuals and organizations can navigate challenges effectively and foster a dynamic work environment. Embracing different approaches allows for a diverse range of perspectives and solutions, leading to growth and success in various endeavors.

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