Opposite of SOLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for sole refer to words that denote the opposite of exclusive or singular. Instead of representing the one and only, antonyms for sole express the idea of multiple or shared ownership or existence. By exploring antonyms for sole, one can understand the concept of inclusivity and the absence of exclusivity.

These antonyms provide a contrast to the idea of sole possession or unique status, offering a perspective where things are not restricted to a singular entity. By examining antonyms for sole, one can grasp the notion of sharing, collaboration, and collective ownership. This helps in broadening one’s understanding of diversity, cooperation, and the interconnection between different elements.

Antonyms for sole play a significant role in expanding vocabulary and enhancing communication skills by providing alternative words to express the opposite of exclusive ownership or singularity. Through the exploration of these antonyms, individuals can enrich their language skills and develop a more nuanced way of expressing ideas related to ownership, exclusivity, and uniqueness.

35 Antonyms for SOLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for sole. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding SOLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Sole Sentence with Antonym
Collective She is the sole owner of the company. They are a collective group of owners.
Multiple He is the sole survivor of the crash. There are multiple survivors of the crash.
Shared She has sole responsibility for the project. They have shared responsibility for the project.
Joint He is the sole decision-maker in the team. They are joint decision-makers in the team.
Mutual She is the sole contributor to the fund. They are mutual contributors to the fund.
Plural She is the sole member of the committee. They are plural members of the committee.
Secondary He is the sole focus of the investigation. They are secondary focuses of the investigation.
Divided She is the sole heir to the family fortune. They are divided heirs to the family fortune.
Multiple He is the sole talent on the team. They are multiple talents on the team.
Coequal She is the sole recipient of the award. They are coequal recipients of the award.
Co-owned She is the sole owner of the property. They are co-owned owners of the property.
Conglomerate She is the sole investor in the project. They are a conglomerate of investors in the project.
Collaborative She worked as a sole contributor on the project. They worked as a collaborative team on the project.
Together She is the sole contributor to the charity. They come together to contribute to the charity.
Cooperation She prefers to work as a sole individual. They believe in cooperation as a team.
Ally She stands sole against her opponents. They stand allied with their supporters.
Co-occurring She experiences it as a sole occurrence. They see it as a co-occurring event.
Plurality She is the sole exception to the rule. They represent the plurality of exceptions to the rule.
Aggregated The company works with a sole supplier. The company works with aggregated suppliers.
Dualistic The team is now a sole entity. The team is now a dualistic entity.
United He is a sole contributor in the project. They are united contributors in the project.
Combined She stands as the sole representative. They are combined representatives.
Divided She is the sole inhabitant of the island. They are divided inhabitants of the island.
Conjoint She is the sole decision-maker in the group. They are conjoint decision-makers in the group.
Collective The police found the sole suspect. The police found the collective suspects.
Coexisting She is the sole survivor of the crash. They are coexisting survivors of the crash.
Nonexclusive She is the sole owner of the property. They are nonexclusive owners of the property.
Associate She stands alone, sole in her opinions. They are associated in their opinions.
Unanimous She was the sole winner of the competition. They were unanimous winners of the competition.
Collaborative The artist works as a sole performer. The artists work as collaborative performers.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of SOLE

In conclusion, having a partner in business or life can provide support, collaboration, and shared responsibilities, fostering a sense of teamwork and mutual benefit. Conversely, standing alone can lead to independence, freedom of decision-making, and the ability to take full credit for one’s accomplishments. Both scenarios come with their own advantages and challenges, highlighting the importance of balance and adaptability in navigating various aspects of life. Whether walking the path independently or sharing the journey with others, embracing the diversity of experiences that come with differing viewpoints can lead to growth and well-roundedness in personal and professional pursuits.

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