Opposite of ABANDON – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for abandon are words that convey the opposite meaning of leaving something behind or giving up on it. These antonyms signify commitment, persistence, and attentiveness towards a person, place, or thing. When someone chooses not to abandon, they are demonstrating reliability, dedication, and loyalty.

Searching for antonyms for abandon can lead us to words that exemplify the qualities of support, stewardship, and nurture. These antonyms emphasize the act of caring for and maintaining a connection with someone or something, rather than relinquishing it. Choosing to embrace these antonyms signifies a sense of duty, protection, and safeguarding.

By exploring the antonyms for abandon, one can uncover a spectrum of terms that embody ideals such as staying, preserving, and cherishing. These antonyms underline the importance of commitment, responsibility, and faithfulness towards a cause or individual. Choosing to not abandon is an affirmation of one’s steadfastness and dedication in the face of challenges or obstacles.

35 Antonyms for ABANDON With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for abandon. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ABANDON antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Abandon Sentence with Antonym
Embrace She danced with abandon on the stage. She hugged her friend tightly, showing embrace.
Retain It’s important to abandon bad habits and retain good ones. He decided to keep and retain the old memories.
Cling He abandoned his old ways and learned to cling to the new values. She used to cling onto the past, but she let go and abandoned it now.
Maintain The old building was abandoned, but now they plan to maintain it. They decided to maintain their car instead of abandoning it.
Secure After days of abandoning the idea, they finally found a way to secure it. Their house was left unsecured when they abandoned it.
Keep Don’t abandon your dreams; always keep working towards them. They decided to keep the promise instead of abandoning it.
Retake He had to abandon the exam due to illness, but he’ll retake it later. She passed the test on her first try and didn’t have to retake it.
Embrace He finally decided to abandon his fears and embrace the unknown. She couldn’t embrace the idea of giving up and walked away.
Collect She chose to abandon the broken pieces and collect the intact ones. He decided to collect his belongings instead of abandoning them.
Secure They had to abandon the unsafe house and find a secure shelter. The documents were left unsecured after they abandoned the office.
Maintain They were unable to maintain the garden, so they abandoned it. She worked hard to maintain her health and didn’t abandon it.
Preserve The team decided to abandon the current strategy and preserve the resources. It was important for them to preserve the environment and not abandon it.
Guard The soldiers had to abandon their position and couldn’t guard it. They were able to guard the place properly and didn’t abandon it.
Support She had to abandon her project, but her friends continued to support her. They promised to support each other and not abandon their plans.
Capture The thief decided to abandon the stolen goods rather than risk getting captured. The police were unable to capture the criminal who abandoned the evidence.
Retain They had to abandon the original plan and retain a simpler version. It was important for them to retain the knowledge and not abandon it.
Claim The explorer had to abandon the lost treasure and couldn’t claim it. She found the hidden treasure and was able to claim it without abandoning it.
Cherish She decided to abandon the toxic relationship and cherish herself. He always cherished the memories and never abandoned them.
Hold He couldn’t abandon his anger and hold onto the peaceful feeling. She had to hold onto the rope and couldn’t abandon it in the middle.
Maintain The old house was abandoned for years but now they plan to maintain it. They couldn’t afford to maintain the car and had to abandon it.
Continue She decided to abandon her current job and continue with a new one. They faced obstacles but chose to continue rather than abandon the journey.
Embrace He finally had to abandon his fear and embrace the challenge. She couldn’t embrace the harsh reality and had to abandon her dreams.
Guard They couldn’t guard the fort when they had to abandon their post. The soldiers were determined to guard the border and not abandon it.
Stay She had to abandon her old life in the city and stay in the countryside. They didn’t want to stay in a toxic environment and had to abandon it.
Retain It was hard for her to abandon the bad habit and retain the good one. They decided to retain the knowledge and not abandon it.
Keep He had to abandon the idea but could keep it for later use. They were able to keep their promises and not abandon them.
Embrace The team had to abandon the failed project and embrace a new approach. She couldn’t embrace the new idea and had to abandon it.
Cherish She had to abandon the old keepsakes but could cherish the memories. He always cherished the valuables and never abandoned them.
Recover He abandoned his hope, but soon he could recover it with determination. She felt like giving up but didn’t recover until she abandoned the negative thoughts.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ABANDON

In life, it’s crucial to persevere and maintain dedication instead of giving up. When faced with challenges, it’s important to stay committed and resolute, rather than surrendering. Holding on to hope and staying steadfast can lead to success and fulfillment, unlike relinquishing and letting go of dreams.

Choosing to persist and endure rather than deserting or forsaking tasks can lead to personal growth and achievement. Upholding your commitments and responsibilities, instead of neglecting or discarding them, can pave the way for progress and contentment. Ultimately, steadfastness and determination are valuable qualities that can help navigate through life’s obstacles and lead to a fulfilling journey.

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