Opposite of ABSCOND – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When seeking words that are the opposite in meaning to “abscond,” one may look for antonyms. Antonyms serve as words that present opposite meanings to the original word. By using antonyms, one can express ideas with precision and clarity by juxtaposing contrasting concepts. These words provide writers with a way to expand their vocabulary and create nuance in their writing.

35 Antonyms for ABSCOND With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for abscond. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ABSCOND antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Abscond Sentence with Antonym
Stay Sarah decided to abscond from her responsibilities at work. Sarah chose to stay and fulfill her responsibilities at work.
Arrive The thief managed to abscond before the police arrived. The thief was caught as soon as the police arrived.
Show up The criminal intended to abscond before the court date. The criminal decided to show up for the court date as scheduled.
Remain Alex was planning to abscond from the boring party early. Alex chose to remain at the party until it was over.
Reveal The spy attempted to abscond before his true identity was revealed. The spy’s true identity was finally revealed before he could escape.
Surrender The fugitive was caught before absconding from the authorities. The fugitive was left with no choice but to surrender to the authorities.
Face Instead of absconding from the difficult situation, she decided to confront it. She chose to face the difficult situation rather than run away.
Stay put The student wanted to abscond from the boring lecture. The student decided to stay put and listen to the lecture attentively.
Wait The dog tried to abscond as soon as its owner turned their back. The dog was patiently waiting for its owner without trying to run away.
Appear The suspect tried to abscond before the evidence appeared against him. The evidence finally appeared, preventing the suspect from fleeing.
Attend The concert was so boring that some people wanted to abscond before it ended. Despite the boredom, most people decided to attend the concert until the end.
Approach The criminal tried to abscond as the police officer approached. Ready to face the situation, the criminal did not abscond when approached.
Face up to He was tempted to abscond from his problems, but he knew he had to face up to them. Rather than running away, he bravely decided to face up to his problems.
Stay behind The student wanted to abscond from the class before the final exam. The responsible student chose to stay behind and study for the final exam instead.
Submit The employee made a wrong decision and tried to abscond from the consequences. Realizing the mistake, the employee was ready to submit to the consequences.
Secure The thief planned to abscond with the jewels before the alarm could be secured. The security system was successfully secured before the thief could attempt the theft.
Return The criminal was about to abscond when he remembered he had left something behind. He rushed back to the scene, deciding to return before he got too far away.
Approach Faced with a difficult task, she was tempted to abscond from it. However, she chose to approach the task with determination and perseverance.
Take on The cowardly knight tried to abscond from his challenging opponent. Ultimately, he had to take on the challenge and fight with courage and honor.
Encounter The frightened rabbit tried to abscond from the predator. But it ended up encountering the predator instead of escaping.
Await The suspect managed to abscond before the police could arrive. Unknown to him, the police were already there, and he had to await his arrest.
Stick around Tired of the long meeting, some employees wanted to abscond. However, they decided to stick around and participate until the meeting concluded.
Be found The suspect had no intention of being found and tried to abscond. But the police did a thorough search, and the suspect was unable to abscond successfully.
Dare The easily frightened child was ready to abscond from the haunted house. With encouragement, the child had the courage to dare to explore the haunted house.
Remain Rather than absconding from the challenges, he chose to face them head-on. By deciding to remain and confront the challenges, he demonstrated strength and determination.
Meet The criminal was planning to abscond before facing justice. However, he was soon captured and had to meet the consequences of his actions.
Challenge He thought of trying to abscond from the difficult task ahead. Yet, he decided to challenge himself and tackle the task with determination and perseverance.
Stay Feeling uncomfortable, she wanted to abscond from the social gathering. Instead, she opted to stay and enjoy the company of her friends and acquaintances.
Confront The guilty party tried to abscond from their responsibility. In the end, they had to confront their actions and face the consequences thereof.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ABSCOND

In conclusion, rather than absconding, individuals should consider confronting, facing, or meeting their challenges head-on. Taking responsibility, remaining present, and dealing with the situation directly can lead to better outcomes and resolutions. Instead of avoiding or escaping from difficult circumstances, it is often more beneficial to tackle them with courage and determination. By staying, enduring, or confronting obstacles, individuals may find growth, strength, and potential solutions that can help them overcome adversity.

Ultimately, facing challenges instead of absconding can foster personal development, resilience, and problem-solving skills. Choosing to confront difficulties can lead to empowerment, self-improvement, and a sense of accomplishment. By standing firm, staying put, and addressing issues when they arise, individuals can build confidence and navigate through life’s obstacles with greater clarity and maturity.

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