Opposite of ACROSS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms refer to words that have opposite meanings to one another. When we come across antonyms, we are met with a linguistic contrast that adds depth and nuance to our vocabulary. Instead of merely learning words in isolation, understanding antonyms allows us to grasp the full spectrum of a word’s meaning and how it relates to other words.

Antonyms bring balance and clarity to language by providing contrasting definitions to words within our lexicon. While synonyms offer similarities in meaning, antonyms provide a clear distinction, guiding us to choose the most suitable word for our desired expression. By recognizing antonyms, we expand our ability to communicate effectively and convey precise messages.

Exploring antonyms enhances our understanding of the subtleties in language and enriches our linguistic competence. Through the study of antonyms, we unravel the intricate intricacies of language, forming stronger connections between words and their meanings. By acknowledging antonyms, we appreciate the vast spectrum of possibilities that language offers, allowing us to articulate our thoughts with precision and finesse.

35 Antonyms for ACROSS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for across. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ACROSS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Across Sentence with Antonym
Close They swam across the river to reach the other side. They swam close to the shore and did not need to go far.
Stay She walked across the room to greet her friends. She decided to not walk and stay where she was seated.
Avoid Let’s walk across the street to get to the store. Let’s take a longer route and avoid crossing the street.
Around They hiked across the mountain to the other side. They hiked around the mountain and stayed at the same elevation.
Through Drive across the tunnel to get to the other side. Drive through the tunnel and emerge on the other end.
Over He leaped across the gap to the other building. Instead of leaping over the gap, he decided to go around it.
Apart The two cities are just across the river from each other. The two cities are so close that they are inseparable, not apart.
Together Let’s walk across the park hand in hand. Let’s walk, but not together, a few feet from each other.
On She balanced across the tightrope without falling. She lost her balance and fell off while trying to balance on the tightrope.
Nearby The store is just across the street, very convenient. The store is quite far, not nearby, and requires a long walk to reach it.
Away The ball rolled across the field and into the goal. The ball rolled away from the field, instead of towards the goal.
Towards Walk across the road and head towards the building. Walk away from the road and head in the opposite direction of the building.
Within They traveled across the country on a road trip. They decided to stay within the city limits and not venture outside the town.
Inside The children ran across the yard to play. The children stayed inside the house and did not go out to play in the yard.
Rest He carried her across the threshold on their wedding day. He let her walk and preferred to carry her only when she needed to rest.
Toward Drive across to the intersection and then turn left. Drive in the opposite direction and away from the intersection before turning left.
Near The playground is just across the street, very close. The playground is not near, but far beyond the street, requiring a long walk to reach it.
Throughout They traveled across Europe during their vacation. They decided to explore one country in-depth instead of traveling throughout Europe.
Facing The two armies stood across from each other on the battlefield. The two armies retreated and moved away from each other instead of standing facing.
Within The office is just across the block, not far. The office is outside the block and cannot be located within its boundaries.
Aright They walked across the tightrope without slipping. They stumbled and tripped while trying to walk aright on the tightrope.
Besides The store is just across from the café, very convenient. The store is nowhere besides the café, and one has to go a long way to reach it.
Around They sailed across the ocean to reach the other shore. They sailed around the ocean and did not attempt to cross it to reach the other shore.
Amidst She walked across the street amidst the bustling crowd. She decided to cross the street in an area where there was no crowd and she was not amidst it.
Beyond The island lies across the sea, a long journey by boat. The island is located close, not beyond the sea, and can be reached quickly by boat.
Sway They danced across the dance floor, gracefully. They danced standing still, not moving sway on the dance floor, very elegantly.
Follow She traced her finger across the map to plan the route. She decided not to trace a path across the map and not follow any predetermined route.
Without They walked across the bridge without looking down. They decided to avoid the bridge, not walk without looking down, so they looked around instead.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ACROSS

In essence, the varied antonyms elucidate different directions and positions that are opposite to “across.” While one may traverse “over” a bridge, another may navigate “under” a tunnel. The antonyms showcase the diverse ways in which an object or person can move or be situated relative to a specific point, providing insight into the vast array of spatial relationships that can exist.

Ultimately, exploring the antonyms for “across” reveals the richness and complexity of language, highlighting the nuances in how we describe motion and placement in our surroundings. By considering these different terms, we gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which we perceive and interact with the world around us.

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