Opposite of ADHERE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for adhere are words that represent the opposite action or concept to adhering. Adhering means to stick or attach to something, while its antonyms denote detachment or separation. These words provide a contrast to the idea of adhering by offering different perspectives or actions that deviate from sticking or following closely. Antonyms for adhere help to broaden our understanding of relationships, principles, and physical attachments by highlighting the opposite actions or concepts.

Exploring antonyms for adhere can reveal a spectrum of options that expand our vocabulary and understanding of divergent actions or states. By examining these antonyms, we can appreciate the nuances of detachment, separation, and non-conformity in contrast to the act of sticking or adhering. The existence of antonyms for adhere underscores the complexity of language and how words can represent a wide range of meanings and actions, creating a rich tapestry of communication possibilities.

35 Antonyms for ADHERE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for adhere. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ADHERE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Adhere Sentence with Antonym
Abandon Adhere to your schedule to stay on track. Abandon your schedule and go with the flow.
Separate The paint failed to adhere to the wall. The paint easily comes off, showing it does not separate.
Disconnect It’s essential for the tape to adhere securely. The tape failed to disconnect easily.
Remove The sticker should adhere to the surface properly. Please remove the sticker carefully without leaving any residue.
Unfasten The suction cups didn’t adhere to the window. The suction cups are easy to unfasten from the window.
Release The glue must adhere before removing the clamp. Make sure to release the clamp after the glue has dried.
Let go The fabric doesn’t adhere well to the metal surface. The fabric easily let go from the metal surface.
Loosen The wallpaper wouldn’t adhere properly to the wall. The wallpaper started to loosen after a few days.
Disband Their beliefs made them adhere closely as friends. Their beliefs made them disband and drift apart as friends.
Detach Make sure the bandage adheres well to the wound. Make sure not to detach the bandage before the wound heals.
Skip Students must adhere to the classroom rules. Students tend to skip the classroom rules if not monitored.
Avoid It is important to adhere to safety precautions. Some people tend to avoid following safety precautions.
Neglect The glue should adhere within a few minutes. Neglecting this will prevent the glue from properly adhering.
Forsake He promised to adhere to the friendship forever. He decided to forsake the friendship and go their separate ways.
Part The new varnish will adhere better to the table. The varnish didn’t part easily from the table.
Let loose The dress didn’t adhere to her body properly. The dress easily let loose from her body.
Unbuckle The adhesive should firmly adhere to the surface. Make sure to unbuckle the adhesive carefully.
Disengage It’s crucial for the wheels to adhere to the track. It’s dangerous if the wheels tend to disengage from the track.
Depart The policy requires all employees to adhere to it. Some employees may choose to depart from following the policy.
Gleam The glitter beautifully adhered to the paper. The glitter failed to gleam as it did not properly adhere.
Loose The tape needs to adhere to the package securely. The tape appears to be loose and might come off easily.
Cleave The sticker did not adhere to the surface well. The sticker started to cleave from the surface after a while.
Reject Please make sure the stamp adheres properly to the page. Please make sure not to reject the stamp; it should stick well.
Wander It is important to adhere to the guided tour. Some tourists tend to wander off and explore on their own.
Loose The wallpaper won’t adhere properly if not done right. The wallpaper seems to be loose even if it was meant to stick.
Unclasp The adhesive tape should adhere to the wall firmly. Make sure to unclasp the tape gently when removing it.
Disobey Students are expected to adhere to the school rules. Some students tend to disobey the school rules.
Free The stickers must adhere to the album pages nicely. The stickers may not free themselves from the album pages later.
Override Make sure the paint will adhere before applying a topcoat. The new paint was unable to override the old color completely.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ADHERE

In conclusion, it is vital to acknowledge that flexibility in thought and action can lead to innovation and growth. Resisting rigid thinking and being open to alternative approaches can foster creativity and adaptability. While consistency and conformity have their place, there are moments where deviating from established norms can yield unexpected and beneficial results. Embracing change and exploring different paths can often lead to new opportunities and advancements in various aspects of life. It is important to strike a balance between adherence to tradition and being receptive to new ideas for personal and professional development.

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