Opposite of ADJACENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for words that are the opposite of “adjacent,” we are seeking antonyms for terms that describe objects or places that are not beside each other in space or order. The concept of antonyms involves identifying words that have opposite meanings or convey contrasting ideas.

Antonyms provide linguistic variety and precision in communication by presenting alternative expressions that offer different shades of meaning. In the case of “adjacent,” exploring antonyms can enrich our vocabulary and help us articulate relationships between objects, locations, or concepts with greater nuance.

By examining antonyms for “adjacent,” we can enhance our understanding of spatial relationships and expand our ability to describe the positioning of objects in various contexts. This exploration of opposites can sharpen our language skills and foster a more nuanced expression of proximity and spatial arrangements.

35 Antonyms for ADJACENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for adjacent. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ADJACENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Adjacent Sentence with Antonym
Distant The adjacent houses shared a fence. The houses were quite distant from each other.
Separate The two adjacent rooms were connected by a door. The rooms were located in completely separate buildings.
Far The store is adjacent to the bank. The store is not far from the bank.
Disconnected The pieces are adjacent in the puzzle. The pieces are completely disconnected in the puzzle.
Apart Their houses are adjacent to each other. Their houses are situated far apart from each other.
Nonadjacent Please sit in the adjacent seats. Please do not sit in the nonadjacent seats.
Remote The adjacent mountains provided a majestic view. The mountains in the distance looked remote and mysterious.
Removed He moved from the adjacent chair to the sofa. He decided to sit in a chair that was completely removed.
Distant The restaurant was adjacent to the hotel. The restaurant was quite distant from the hotel.
Separated The two adjacent offices shared a common wall. The offices were clearly separated and had no shared space.
Remote The beach house was adjacent to the ocean. The cabin in the woods felt more remote from any water body.
Apart The two shops are adjacent in the mall. The two shops are located far apart from each other.
Disconnected The adjacent train cars shared a common platform. The train cars were deliberately disconnected during the journey.
Removed The book was placed on the adjacent shelf. The book was later found on a shelf that was removed from there.
Distant The bedroom is adjacent to the living room. The kitchen is located quite distant from the living room.
Separate The two adjacent schools had a joint assembly. The two schools were completely separate with no shared events.
Far The restaurant is adjacent to the theater. The park is not far from the theater.
Disconnected The apartments are adjacent to each other. The apartments are actually disconnected, not adjoining.
Apart The pools are adjacent in the water park. The beaches are located quite apart from each other.
Nonadjacent The tables are adjacent in the dining hall. The tables are nonadjacent, not next to each other in the hall.
Remote The adjacent farms were thriving this season. The woodland farm looked more remote than ever before.
Removed The ingredients were kept in the adjacent pantry. The ingredients were supposed to be in a pantry removed there.
Distant The aircraft hangers are adjacent to the runway. The fuel station is quite distant from the runway.
Separated The two houses are adjacent to each other. The two houses are completely separated by a high fence.
Remote The adjacent vineyards stretch over the hills. The small town looks more remote from the vineyards.
Apart The parking spaces are adjacent to each other. The parking spaces are located far apart to avoid congestion.
Disconnected The routes are adjacent on the transport map. The routes are actually disconnected and do not intersect.
Removed The article was placed in the adjacent section. The article was mistakenly put in a section that was removed.
Distant The shops are adjacent in the shopping complex. The cafes are quite distant from the shopping area.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ADJACENT

In urban planning and architecture, considering antonyms of adjacent is vital for creating diverse and dynamic spaces. By incorporating elements that are distant rather than close together, such as separating buildings or adding gaps between structures, a sense of uniqueness and openness can be achieved. This approach allows for a more varied and interesting environment that breaks away from the traditional idea of structures being directly next to each other.

Embracing the antonyms of adjacent enables designers and planners to think creatively about spatial relationships and layout. By exploring ways to incorporate gaps, intervals, or separations between elements, a more engaging and innovative design can emerge. This approach not only adds visual interest but also promotes movement and exploration within the space, resulting in a more dynamic and stimulating environment for users.

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