Opposite of AGHAST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “aghast” are words that represent the opposite or contrary meaning to the feeling of shock, horror, or dismay that “aghast” conveys. These antonyms serve as a way to express feelings of calmness, contentment, or reassurance, offering a range of emotions that stand in contrast to being deeply disturbed or horrified.

By providing antonyms for “aghast,” individuals can expand their vocabulary and enhance their ability to accurately communicate various emotional states or reactions. Utilizing these antonyms can help convey a sense of serenity, peace, or acceptance in situations where one would typically experience shock or horror.

Exploring antonyms for “aghast” can also lead to a better understanding of the nuances of emotions and the diverse ways in which individuals interpret and express their feelings. By recognizing and using these antonyms, individuals can effectively articulate a spectrum of emotional responses beyond just being aghast.

35 Antonyms for AGHAST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for aghast. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AGHAST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Aghast Sentence with Antonym
Calm She looked aghast when she saw the accident. She remained calm upon hearing the news.
Fearless The audience was aghast at the magician’s trick. The audience was fearless and clapped loudly.
Delighted He was aghast when he heard about the promotion. He was delighted upon receiving the good news.
Amused She looked aghast as the clown juggled. She was amused by the clown’s tricks.
Unperturbed She was aghast at the idea of skydiving. She appeared unperturbed by the daring activity.
Bold The team was aghast at the challenge ahead. The team was bold and ready to face any obstacles.
Unfazed He was aghast by the unexpected turn of events. He remained unfazed despite the shocking news.
Joyful She was aghast to see her surprise party. She was overjoyed and joyful at the celebration.
Relaxed They were aghast upon hearing the exam results. They were relaxed and confident in their preparation.
Courageous The soldiers looked aghast before the battle. The soldiers remained courageous facing the enemy.
Pleased He was aghast by the horrible gift he received. He was pleasantly surprised and pleased by the gesture.
Indifferent Her boss was aghast at her resignation. Her boss seemed indifferent to her leaving the company.
Cheerful She was aghast when she saw the mess in her room. She was cheerful and quickly started cleaning up.
Excited The children were aghast when the power went out. The children were excited to have a flashlight party.
Composed He looked aghast upon hearing about the fire. He remained composed and directed the evacuation calmly.
Unconcerned She was aghast by the negative comments. She seemed unconcerned about the criticism.
Serene The hiker was aghast upon encountering a bear. The hiker remained serene and slowly backed away.
Delighted She was aghast by the news of the trip cancellation. She was delighted to hear the trip was back on.
Nonchalant The chef was aghast upon seeing the burnt dish. The chef appeared nonchalant and simply prepared another.
Comfortable They were aghast at the thought of sleeping outside. They were comfortable in their warm beds at the camp.
Reassured She looked aghast after receiving the threatening letter. She felt reassured when the security measures were explained.
Cheerful He was aghast to see the messy kitchen. He was cheerful and began humming a tune while cleaning.
Hopeful The team was aghast at the score difference. The team remained hopeful and played their best.
Jubilant She was aghast by the news of her car being stolen. She was jubilant when the police found her car.
Unaffected The actor appeared aghast during the emotional scene. The actor seemed unaffected by the intense acting.
Jovial He was aghast when the birthday surprise was ruined. He was jovial and suggested other fun activities.
Untroubled She was aghast by the storm approaching. She remained untroubled and continued her picnic.
Soothed They were aghast at the sight of the injured dog. They were soothed after knowing the dog was rescued.
Unperturbed He was aghast when the deadline was moved up. He remained unperturbed and continued working steadily.
Rejoicing She was aghast by the news of the event cancellation. She was rejoicing when she heard it was rescheduled.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AGHAST

In contrast to feeling aghast, individuals can experience calm, composed, and unfazed in the face of shocking news or events. Instead of being horrified or appalled, they might remain collected, indifferent, or even pleased. This range of emotions showcases the diversity of human reactions and the ability to respond differently to sudden or distressing situations.

By understanding the antonyms of aghast, we are reminded of the various ways in which people process and react to startling information. Being aware of these contrasting emotions can help individuals navigate unexpected circumstances with composure and resilience, ultimately leading to a more balanced and controlled response.

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