Opposite of AGITATION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for agitation refer to words or phrases that represent the opposite of feeling agitated, restless, or unsettled. These antonyms provide a sense of calm, tranquility, and peace, serving as a contrast to the disruptive and distressed state of agitation. By using antonyms for agitation, one can express emotions and states of mind that are characterized by serenity, stillness, and composure.

These antonyms play a crucial role in language and communication, allowing individuals to convey a wide range of emotions and feelings with clarity and precision. Antonyms for agitation enable people to articulate their inner state accurately, reflecting a sense of balance, relaxation, and ease. By using these antonyms, individuals can engage in conversations, writing, or self-reflection with a focus on tranquility and emotional stability.

In everyday interactions, recognizing and utilizing antonyms for agitation can lead to effective communication and understanding. These antonyms offer a dichotomy to agitation, highlighting contrasting emotions and states that bring about a sense of tranquility and well-being. By incorporating these antonyms into language, individuals can express themselves more comprehensively and connect with others on a deeper level.

35 Antonyms for AGITATION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for agitation. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AGITATION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Agitation Sentence with Antonym
Calm She felt a sense of agitation as the deadline approached. After practicing meditation, she was filled with calm.
Peace The constant noise in the city created a feeling of agitation in her. A weekend getaway to the countryside brought her a sense of peace.
Serenity Agitation filled her mind as she waited nervously for the results. Walking in the garden brought her a feeling of serenity.
Tranquility The storm outside caused a sense of agitation in the entire house. Sitting by the lake, she finally found tranquility.
Rest Nightmares often left him in a state of agitation when he woke up. A good night’s sleep brought him much-needed rest.
Ease The upcoming presentation was causing a lot of agitation for him. Once he finished the task, a feeling of ease washed over him.
Relaxed His heart raced with agitation as he awaited the exam results. Finally hearing the good news, he felt a wave of relaxed emotions.
Composure Showing agitation, she paced back and forth in the waiting room. Despite the delay, she maintained her composure throughout the ordeal.
Contentment Agitation clouded her mind as she struggled with the decision. Embracing her choice, she found a sense of contentment.
Poise Her voice trembled with agitation as she spoke about her fears. With a deep breath, she regained her poise before addressing the audience.
Harmony Agitation filled the room as the heated discussion continued. They worked together to find a solution, bringing back the harmony.
Comfort She felt a sense of agitation when she realized she was lost in the city. A friendly stranger guided her back, providing a feeling of comfort.
Quiet The constant chatter in the room caused her agitation to grow. As she sat by the window, the quiet surroundings allowed her mind to relax.
Placidity His hands shook with agitation as he prepared for the important meeting. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself and found placidity.
Repose The news of the accident created a sense of agitation in the family. Upon hearing that everyone was safe, they finally found repose.
Tranquil The busy streets brought a feeling of agitation as she navigated through the crowd. Retreating to the park, she found a tranquil spot to sit and unwind.
Comfortable The uncertainty of the situation left her in a state of agitation. Once she had a plan in place, she felt more comfortable.
Hush The constant noise at the party caused a sense of agitation in her. The hush of the library provided a much-needed break from the chaos.
Collected She struggled to remain agitation-free as the deadline loomed closer. With a clear mind, she stayed collected and focused on the task at hand.
Unruffled Her face betrayed her agitation as she tried to remain composed. Despite the chaos around her, she remained unruffled.
Equanimity The news brought a sense of agitation to her previously calm demeanor. She strove to regain her sense of equanimity amidst the turmoil.
Relief The uncertainty of the situation continued to fuel her agitation. Once she received clear instructions, a sense of relief washed over her.
Ease She couldn’t shake off the feeling of agitation after the argument. A heartfelt apology brought her a sense of ease.
Soothed Despite her efforts, agitation continued to cloud her thoughts. The soft music helped to soothe her nerves and relax her mind.
Reassurance The unexpected turn of events created a ripple of agitation in her. Words of reassurance from her loved ones calmed her fears.
Stilled Her mind raced with agitation before the important presentation. Closing her eyes, she focused on stilling her thoughts.
Collected The impending deadline brought a wave of agitation to her otherwise calm demeanor. Drawing on her inner strength, she remained collected.
Apaisement The news stirred a sense of agitation in her, leaving her anxious. Seeking apaisement, she turned to calming activities to restore peace.
Lulled Agitation gnawed at her as the storm raged outside, disrupting peace. The sound of rain lulled her into a state of calm and tranquility.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AGITATION

In peaceful serenity, the mind finds calm and tranquility where there was once turmoil and unrest. When turbulence diminishes, clarity emerges. With stillness replacing agitation, surroundings become harmonious. By embracing composure over disturbance, inner harmony is attained.

By shunning agitation and adopting composure, chaos transforms into order. In the absence of uproar, peace prevails. Through the practice of tranquility, one can cultivate a sense of balance and stability in every facet of life.

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