Opposite of AHEAD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for ahead are words that convey the opposite meaning of being in a forward position, lead, or advance. They represent terms that signify being behind, trailing, or falling behind in a particular context or situation.

These antonyms serve to provide a contrasting perspective to the idea of moving forward or making progress. Instead of focusing on being at the forefront or ahead of schedule, they emphasize positioning or falling behind in a race, competition, or undertaking.

By exploring antonyms for ahead, one can gain a deeper understanding of the concept of progress, success, and achievement by considering the opposite direction or outcome. These terms offer valuable insight into the different ways in which individuals, projects, or events can navigate challenges, setbacks, or delays in their journey towards a goal.

35 Antonyms for AHEAD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for ahead. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AHEAD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Ahead Sentence with Antonym
Behind She is ahead of schedule. He is lagging behind.
Slow Keep moving ahead with your work. Try not to be too slow in completing tasks.
Delayed We are making progress and moving ahead. The project is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.
Last Our team is looking to finish ahead of others. We don’t want to be the last to complete the project.
Finish Let’s plan to work and get ahead on the project. We cannot afford to be left in the finish stage.
Stop We must keep pushing ahead for success. It is not advisable to come to a stop now.
Lose With determination, you will forge ahead in your career. Without focus, you may lose your way.
Fail By staying focused, you can get ahead of your competition. Lack of effort can cause you to fail in your endeavors.
Slowpoke Come on, pick up the pace and move ahead! Don’t be a slowpoke in completing tasks.
Fall behind Stay motivated to keep moving ahead in your work. Try not to fall behind on your responsibilities.
Trail The athlete is pulling ahead in the race. The team is beginning to trail the other competitors.
Retreat We are advancing ahead in our plans. Retreating now would cause us to move backwards.
Slow down Let’s maintain our momentum to get ahead in the project. Do not slow down the progress by procrastinating.
Decrease The company aims to move ahead in profits this quarter. It is critical not to experience a decrease in revenue.
Late Don’t worry, we are still ahead of schedule. Being late could derail the entire plan.
Slack Remain committed to moving ahead with the tasks at hand. Avoid slackening your efforts and falling behind.
Linger Don’t linger on minor issues; keep moving ahead. The project is delayed if you allow yourself to linger on details.
Waste time Keep your focus on moving ahead in your progress. Avoid wasting time on nonessential tasks.
Below She performed better and finished ahead of the rest. Her performance was below the expected standard.
Retreat Let’s continue advancing ahead with our plans. Retreat from our path now would cause setbacks.
Tardy We are trying to get ahead of schedule. Being constantly tardy would lead to missed opportunities.
Sacrifice They will work hard to stay ahead in the competition. Lack of dedication can lead to the sacrifice of success.
Slow She is always moving ahead to achieve her goals. One must not be slow when striving for success.
Backward It is crucial to keep pushing ahead in our progress. Moving backward now is not an option.
Afterwards Let’s plan the next steps to move ahead in the project. Dwelling on the past and what comes afterwards will hinder progress.
Retreat We are making strides to move ahead with the project. Now is not the time to retreat from our goal.
Slowpoke He’s always leading the group and forging ahead. Don’t be the slowpoke in the race.
Stall Let’s not allow anything to stall our progress; keep moving ahead. A delay in implementation can cause our plans to stall.
At the back The top runners are pulling ahead of the pack. Those lagging at the back need to put in more effort.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AHEAD

In navigating life’s journey, it is essential to acknowledge and appreciate the various antonyms of “ahead.” While we often strive to be first or lead the pack, it is also valuable to remember the merits of following, trailing, or lagging. These contrasting perspectives offer different opportunities for learning, growth, and connection with others.

Embracing the antonyms of “ahead” can cultivate humility, empathy, and a deeper understanding of different paths and paces. By recognizing the value in being behind, beside, or alongside, we can foster a more inclusive and compassionate approach to our personal and collective journeys. Every position in the race of life has its own significance and contribution, reminding us that progress is not solely about being in front but about the richness of experiences gained along the way.

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