Opposite of ALLOW – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Have you ever found yourself searching for words that are the opposite of “allow”? When it comes to seeking antonyms for this term, it’s essential to explore options that convey the idea of prohibition or restriction. Antonyms serve as linguistic counterparts that provide contrasting meanings to a word, adding depth and clarity to expression.

Discovering antonyms for “allow” can enhance your language skills and broaden your vocabulary. By understanding the opposite terms, you can communicate more effectively and precisely in various contexts. These antonyms can offer a nuanced way to articulate constraints, limitations, or denials in both written and verbal communication.

Exploring antonyms for “allow” can unlock a wealth of possibilities in expressing yourself with finesse and accuracy. By delving into the realm of contrasting terms, you can enrich your understanding of language and master the art of articulating restrictions or prohibitions. Embracing a diverse range of antonyms allows for a more nuanced and comprehensive grasp of linguistic nuances.

35 Antonyms for ALLOW With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for allow. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ALLOW antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Allow Sentence with Antonym
Forbid Allow yourself to rest after a long day. I forbid you from entering this restricted area.
Prohibit The teacher will allow extra credit for completing the project. The policy prohibits the use of cellphones in class.
Ban The gym will allow members to use the facilities at any time. The town council has decided to ban fireworks.
Prevent Allow sufficient time for the dough to rise before baking. Wear a helmet to help prevent head injuries.
Disallow The rules allow players to participate in one tournament only. The judge may disallow certain evidence in court.
Block Please allow the traffic to go through before crossing the street. Heavy snowfall can block roads and highways.
Stop The company will allow employees to work from home occasionally. The sheriff issued a statement to stop looting.
Prohibit Allow your children to explore new hobbies and interests. The school policies prohibit any form of cheating.
Refuse I will allow late submissions for the project this one time. The manager decided to refuse the proposed changes.
Inhibit Yoga can allow for a greater range of motion and flexibility. Stress can sometimes inhibit your ability to focus.
Bar The organization will allow volunteers to help with the event. The security staff may bar unauthorized persons.
Banish Allow time for your mind to relax and rejuvenate. Negative thoughts may banish your inner peace.
Oppose It is important to allow creativity to flourish in the workplace. Some people oppose the new policies implemented.
Resist I allow feedback from my peers to improve my presentations. Do not resist the changes that can lead to growth.
Hinder The new software will allow for increased automation in the process. Lack of resources can hinder progress in the project.
Disapprove Please allow for variations in the final designs of the product. The board may disapprove of the proposed budget.
Prevent Regular exercise can allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vaccines help prevent the spread of contagious diseases.
Deny The professor will allow students extra time to complete the exam. The insurance company may deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Forbid Allow yourself to relax and recharge during the weekend. The sign clearly forbids parking in this area.
Exclude Allow for various interpretations of the text in your analysis. The exclusive club may exclude certain individuals.
Interdict The policy will allow extensions for valid reasons. The court may interdict the sale of certain products.
Prohibit Allow for mistakes to happen as part of the learning process. The law clearly prohibits discrimination of any form.
Refuse The company will allow flexible working hours for employees. The landlord might refuse pets in the rental property.
Block Traffic lights allow vehicles to proceed in an orderly manner. Fallen trees can block the road during storms.
Forbid Allow your ideas to flow freely during the brainstorming session. The regulations forbid open fires in the park.
Banish These exercises will allow you to strengthen your core muscles. Positive affirmations can banish negative thoughts.
Oppose The school will allow students to choose their research topics. Some members may oppose the new club president.
Prohibit Computer software will allow for more efficient data processing. Company policies prohibit unauthorized software use.
Disapprove The chef will allow substitutions for dietary restrictions. The committee may disapprove of the budget proposal.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ALLOW

Restricting someone means to limit their actions or block them from doing certain things. When you refuse to allow someone to do something, you are essentially denying them permission or prohibiting them. By forbidding an action, you are preventing it from happening or disallowing it to take place. It is important to understand that by denying access or rights, you are essentially restricting or limiting someone’s freedom or ability to do something. In contrast, by permitting or enabling, you are granting permission and allowing someone to proceed with an action or behavior.

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