Opposite of ANGRY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for angry are words that express the opposite of anger. These terms signify feelings of calmness, peace, and contentment as opposed to the intense emotion of anger. By using antonyms for angry, individuals can effectively communicate a range of emotions that differ from anger.

Identifying antonyms for angry is crucial in daily communication to convey emotions accurately. By utilizing these opposing terms, individuals can express feelings of happiness, joy, and tranquility instead of anger. Understanding antonyms for angry allows for a more nuanced and precise expression of various emotional states.

Moreover, incorporating antonyms for angry in writing or conversations can help in promoting positive communication and resolving conflicts peacefully. By expanding one’s vocabulary to include antonyms for angry, individuals can articulate their emotions effectively and foster healthier relationships with others.

35 Antonyms for ANGRY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for angry. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ANGRY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Angry Sentence with Antonym
Calm She was angry when she found out about the betrayal. She remained calm despite the chaos around her.
Pleasant He always appeared angry during our discussions. He was in a pleasant mood throughout the gathering.
Happy Why are you so angry after receiving the gift? She was happy to see her friends at the party.
Peaceful She was visibly angry at the injustice she witnessed. He stayed peaceful even in the midst of the argument.
Content The toddler’s angry expression indicated his hunger. The baby’s face was content after a satisfying meal.
Mild His words were harsh, and she felt angry and hurt. She responded in a mild manner, avoiding any conflict.
Kind She was angry at the unfair treatment she received. Her kindness shone through as she helped those in need.
Pleasant The customer seemed angry about the late delivery. The staff member’s pleasant attitude eased the tension.
Joyful He looked angry when he saw the messy room. She was joyful upon entering the beautifully decorated space.
Delighted She was angry after hearing the hurtful comments. He was delighted by the praise he received for his work.
Relaxed She was visibly angry as she faced the challenging task. He appeared relaxed and ready to tackle the job easily.
Forgiving He remained angry at the betrayal for a long time. She found it in her heart to be forgiving and move on.
Peaceful Her voice was filled with anger as she lashed out. Her speech was soft and peaceful as she calmed the situation.
Jovial He seemed angry with the way the day was progressing. She remained jovial despite the setbacks in her plan.
Cheerful She was angry because of the sudden change of plans. He stayed cheerful and adapted easily to the new situation.
Tolerant She was angry at the lack of consideration from her colleagues. He was tolerant of their differences and maintained peace.
Serene Despite his angry demeanor, he listened to her patiently. She remained serene even as the conversation grew intense.
Tranquil She felt angry as she struggled to remain calm. The serene setting helped her feel tranquil and composed.
Pleasant He appeared angry as he criticized the team’s work. She chose to give pleasant feedback to encourage improvement.
Cheerful The child’s tantrum made the mother angry and tired. The parent’s cheerful nature quickly diffused the situation.
Serene His angry outburst surprised everyone in the room. Her serene response deescalated the tension immediately.
Mellow She was visibly angry as she confronted the issue. He stayed mellow and handled the challenge with patience.
Kind The teacher’s angry tone did not help the situation. Her kind words and understanding attitude made a difference.
Peaceful She seemed angry about the constant disruptions. He maintained a peaceful attitude, even in chaotic moments.
Composed Despite her angry mood, she managed to stay rational. He remained composed and handled the issue with grace.
Easygoing She was angry about the sudden change of plans. He remained easygoing and adapted to the evolving situation.
Cordial His angry response only escalated the conflict. Her cordial approach helped in resolving the issue peacefully.
Forgiving She remained angry at the unfair treatment she received. He showed that he was forgiving by letting go of the resentment.
Friendly The customer was visibly angry due to the poor service. The waiter’s friendly demeanor quickly improved the customer’s mood.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ANGRY

It’s important to understand that staying calm and composed can bring about more positive outcomes than reacting with anger. Instead of being furious, try to remain patient and understanding in difficult situations. Rather than lash out, take a deep breath and approach conflicts with a level head. By choosing to respond peacefully rather than angrily, you can foster better communication and resolution.

Remember, maintaining a sense of tranquility and composure can help diffuse tensions and lead to more productive interactions. So next time you feel the urge to get angry, consider using opposite emotions like serenity and patience to navigate challenges with grace and poise.

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