Opposite of ANNALS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for the term “annals” are words that refer to records or accounts that are not historical in nature. These antonyms describe information that is not organized chronologically or systematically over time. Instead of documenting events or achievements in a sequential manner, they may focus on immediate or singular occurrences.

Opposite of “annals,” these antonyms denote records that are not recorded or archived for future reference. They may lack a historical perspective or a long-term view of events and developments. Instead of emphasizing the passage of time and the continuity of history, these antonyms may highlight the temporary or fleeting nature of certain information.

In contrast to the term “annals,” these antonyms signal a departure from traditional historical documentation. They may encompass records that are disjointed, fragmentary, or speculative in nature. Rather than maintaining a comprehensive and systematic account of past events, these antonyms may present information in a more sporadic, limited, or interpretive manner.

35 Antonyms for ANNALS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for annals. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ANNALS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Annals Sentence with Antonym
Present The annals of history are full of important events. There is no record in the present of such remarkable occurrences.
Forget The city’s annals will never forget this tragic day. The town quickly forgot these minor events from its history.
Future The annals of the company’s past successes are impressive. There is uncertainty in the future of the organization.
Minimize The annals of science document all major discoveries. It is impossible to minimize the importance of these achievements.
Ignore The annals of literature hold valuable insights. We cannot afford to ignore the lessons from the past in our actions.
Neglect The annals of medicine are filled with groundbreaking innovations. We cannot afford to neglect these valuable contributions.
Hidden The annals of the town show the rich cultural heritage. These dark secrets remain hidden from the annals of history.
Eternal The annals of time will always bear witness to these events. The passage of time has erased any trace of their existence in an eternal void.
Unwritten The annals of the kingdom provide crucial insights. These events are so obscure, they remain unwritten in history.
Erase The annals of the nation recount its struggles and victories. It is impossible to erase the impact of these events on society.
Present The annals of literature are rich with classic works. There is no mention in the present of such remarkable achievements.
Modern The annals of art showcase the work of old masters. These pieces belong to an era far removed from modern times.
Everyday The annals of the village tell stories of daily life. These events are far from the everyday occurrences of the town.
Future The annals of technology document significant advancements. The uncertainty in the future will prevent such progress from being annals.
Unknown The annals of ancient civilizations reveal fascinating insights. These details are still unknown and lie beyond the annals of knowledge.
Immediate The annals of the nation’s past decisions are well-documented. The consequences of these actions will be felt in the immediate future.
Vanish The annals of sports contain records of extraordinary achievements. These records are in danger of disappearing and may soon vanish from the annals.
Limited The annals of the family capture generations of memories. The opportunities for such a rich legacy are not limited to a privileged few.
Distant The annals of psychology trace the evolution of theories. These concepts are far removed from the everyday experiences of distant reality.
Completed The annals of education are filled with ongoing research. The work on this project is far from being completed and included in the annals.
Destroyed The annals of the empire are a testament to its grandeur. These documents were long ago destroyed, removing any evidence from the annals.
Brief The annals of space exploration are filled with discoveries. Their time together was too brief to be included in the annals of love.
Silent The annals of music tell the stories of legendary composers. His contributions to the art world remain silent and far from the annals of fame.
Absent The annals of philosophy illuminate the great thinkers. These ideas are absent from the annals of contemporary thought.
Minimal The annals of law detail the evolution of legal systems. The impact of these changes was minimal and not included in the annals.
Reveal The annals of the organization show its growth over time. The truth is yet to be revealed and remains hidden from the annals of history.
Cease The annals of the kingdom record a continuous line of rulers. The kingdom’s prosperity will soon cease, leaving a gap in the annals.
Quiet The annals of war are filled with tales of valor and sacrifice. The aftermath of the battle was strangely quiet and devoid of any mention in the annals.
Unmarked The annals of the ancient city are a treasure trove of knowledge. These mysterious graves remain unmarked and are absent from the annals.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ANNALS

In contrast to antonyms for annals, which include present, modern, and current, the absence of historical records can result in a lack of information about past events or developments. Without annals to provide a chronicle of events, our understanding of history may be incomplete or limited, hindering our ability to learn from the past and make informed decisions for the future.

While the antonyms for annals may represent the immediacy of the now, the value of preserving historical records cannot be understated. By documenting and studying the annals of the past, we can gain insights into the patterns and trends that have shaped our world, enabling us to appreciate our heritage and progress as a society.

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