Opposite of ANNUAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example, the antonym of “big” is “small.” In linguistic terms, antonyms are words that express contrary or contrasting concepts.

When it comes to events or occurrences that happen once a year, such as a birthday or anniversary, the word “annual” is commonly used. But there are times when we want to express the opposite meaning, indicating something that does not occur yearly.

In this article, we will explore a variety of words that serve as antonyms for “annual.” By understanding and utilizing these words appropriately, you can enhance your vocabulary and effectively communicate when you want to signify something that is not recurring on a yearly basis.

35 Antonyms for ANNUAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for annual. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ANNUAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Annual Sentence with Antonym
Daily The company publishes an annual report. The company updates its financials on a daily basis.
Sporadic We have our annual family reunion every summer. Our family gatherings are sporadic and unplanned.
Weekly The library holds an annual book sale. The library has a weekly book club meeting.
Nonrecurring Our company hosts an annual charity event. The charity event is a nonrecurring occasion.
Continuous The concert is an annual tradition in our town. The concert is now part of a continuous music festival.
Infrequent We take an annual vacation to the beach. Our visits to the beach are infrequent.
Irregular The club organizes an annual fundraiser. The fundraiser occurs at irregular intervals.
Occasional We attend the annual conference every year. Our attendance at the conference is occasional.
Biennial The company’s annual meeting is next month. The company’s biennial meeting is scheduled for next year.
Semiannual The plant hosts an annual garden show. The plant also has a semiannual flower exhibition.
Bimonthly The magazine produces an annual special edition. The magazine releases a bimonthly newsletter.
Triennial The art exhibit is an annual event. The art exhibit is now a triennial showcase.
Quarterly Our company reports on its annual earnings. Our company provides quarterly updates on its performance.
Monthly We celebrate our annual wedding anniversary. We go out for dinner on our monthly anniversary.
Secondhand The library hosts an annual book sale. The library also has a secondhand book fair.
Regular The spa offers an annual membership package. The spa also provides a regular customer discount.
Annualized The company calculates its annual revenue. The company estimates its annualized profit.
Centennial The town celebrates its annual festival. The town is gearing up for its centennial celebration.
Mundane We celebrate our annual family reunion. Our family gatherings have become quite mundane.
Cyclic The business has its annual sales event. The business follows a cyclic pattern for promotions.
Recurrent The company recognizes annual achievements. The company acknowledges recurrent successes.
Perennial The farm has its annual harvest festival. The farm also hosts a perennial flower show.
Repeated We attend the annual cultural festival. The cultural festival is not to be repeated.
Epochal The museum holds its annual exhibition. The museum is preparing for an epochal display.
Ephemeral The artist collaborates on an annual project. The artist is also working on an ephemeral art installation.
Impermanent The museum displays an annual art collection. The art collection is intended to be impermanent.
Recurring The organization holds its annual fundraiser. The fundraiser is part of a recurring series of events.
Semestral The school conducts its annual assessment. The school also administers a semestral examination.
Year-round The town awaits its annual fair. The town’s fair has become a year-round attraction.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ANNUAL

In summary, the antonyms for “annual” indicate occurrences that are irregular, sporadic, or occasional. These terms highlight activities that do not happen on a yearly basis but rather at random intervals or rarely. By exploring the opposite of “annual” through words like sporadic, occasional, and irregular, we can better understand the concept of events that do not repeat every year. This comparison emphasizes the contrast between regularity and variability in the frequency of occurrences, providing a clearer understanding of how certain activities differ from those that happen annually.

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