Opposite of APART – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for apart refer to words that express closeness, unity, or proximity. These are terms that convey togetherness and connection, as opposed to separation or distance. By utilizing antonyms for apart, speakers can describe relationships, situations, or objects that are adjacent, joined, or linked.

These antonyms serve to highlight the opposite of being apart, emphasizing bonds, relationships, and collaboration. By identifying antonyms for apart, individuals can communicate the concept of things being near, unified, or integrated. These words provide a contrasting perspective to the notion of distance or isolation, offering a more positive and inclusive representation.

In various contexts, antonyms for apart play a crucial role in describing interactions, emotions, and spatial arrangements. They allow for a nuanced portrayal of how people, objects, or ideas are connected and united, contrasting with the idea of separation. Embracing these antonyms expands the vocabulary and enables more precise and expressive communication.

35 Antonyms for APART With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for apart. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APART antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Apart Sentence with Antonym
Together They were apart for a long time, but now they are finally back together. They always do things together and rarely spend any time apart.
Close Keep your belongings apart from each other to avoid confusion. The siblings are always seen close to each other, never keeping anything apart.
Attached The ornaments broke into pieces when they were pulled apart. The magnets are strongly attached to each other and cannot be pulled apart easily.
Unified The two countries were once united, but now they are drifting apart. Despite facing numerous challenges, the team remained unified and worked together towards success.
Connected The train cars were initially coupled, but they got separated apart. The puzzle pieces are connected in a way that they cannot be pulled apart without effort.
Bonded The friends were inseparable but had to stay apart due to work commitments. The team was never bonded well and often ended up working apart from each other.
Joined The bridge collapsed, pulling the two ends apart. The two roads were previously separate, but a new bridge now joins them together.
Merged The paths split in opposite directions, veering apart. The two companies decided to merge and work as one entity, staying merged for years.
Intertwined The threads were pulled apart, causing the fabric to tear. The vines were intertwined around each other, making it impossible to separate them without damage.
Adhered The stickers could not be removed easily once they were pressed apart. The two papers were initially adhered together, but they came apart with a slight tug.
Closely Keep the books stacked apart to prevent them from toppling over. The puppies stayed closely together in a huddle to keep warm in the cold.
Fused The edges of the glass pieces were heated until they melted and fused apart. The metal was cold but could be fused with heat to join the broken pieces together.
United The twins were inseparable but had to stay apart due to different schools. The nations were once at war but decided to be united in peace for the better future of both.
Close-knit The family lived apart, but they were always close-knit at heart. The community remained close-knit, always staying together in times of joy and sorrow.
Intimate The couple was forced to live apart temporarily due to work commitments. The close friends were always intimate and shared everything without keeping secrets apart.
Absorbed She was so absorbed in her work that she didn’t notice time slipping apart. The students were equally absorbed in the lesson and didn’t want to be pulled apart for break time.
Overlapping The schedules overlapped, making it impossible to spend time together without keeping things apart. The two paintings were precisely placed so that their edges overlapped, creating a unique image when together.
Indivisible The society was once indivisible but had to live apart after the war. The core values of the team were indivisible, making them stick together through thick and thin.
Spliced The rope was spliced apart at the end, causing the threads to unravel. The two ropes were spliced together to make a stronger and longer rope.
Intermingled The colors were intermingled and could not be separated without pulling them apart. The different spices were intermingled, creating a unique flavor when used together.
Inseparable The siblings used to be inseparable, but they had to live far apart for college. The best friends were inseparable and did everything together without being kept apart.
Intact The toy was intact when it was pulled firmly apart. The delicate glass sculpture remained intact after being handled carefully together.
Coalesced The two liquids coalesced into one when the barrier between them was pulled apart. The ideas of the individuals slowly coalesced into a single plan when discussed together.
Entwined The vines were entwined around each other, making it impossible to pull them apart. The lovers’ fingers were entwined while walking, keeping them closely together.
Conglomerated The rocks were conglomerated but could be easily broken apart. The various departments of the company conglomerated to work closely together.
Melded The two materials were melded into a single piece, unable to be separated without tearing apart. The diverse group of individuals melded seamlessly and worked closely together for the project’s success.
Entangled The wires were entangled and difficult to pull apart. The dancers’ moves were entangled, beautifully synchronized, showcasing their ability to perform together.
Merged The lines of the painting merged, creating a beautiful blend where they were put together. The companies merged to form a stronger entity and worked closely together to achieve common goals.
Harmonized The music notes harmonized perfectly, creating a wonderful melody when played together. The two singers harmonized beautifully, their voices blending seamlessly when singing together.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APART

In conclusion, while the words “together” and “connected” convey a sense of unity and proximity, their opposites “apart” and “separated” emphasize distance and disconnection. When individuals are apart, they are physically or emotionally distant from each other, while being together implies closeness and interaction. The importance of staying connected and uniting as a community is exemplified through contrasting terms like “apart” and “together,” highlighting the value of togetherness in fostering relationships and building a sense of solidarity among individuals.

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