Opposite of APPETITE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for appetite refer to a lack of desire or interest in consuming food. When considering antonyms for appetite, one can envision a state of disinterest or aversion towards eating. This can manifest as a diminished hunger or a lack of cravings for different types of foods.

In contrast to appetite, antonyms for this term signify a reduced inclination towards ingesting meals or snacks. Individuals experiencing antonyms for appetite may exhibit a decreased motivation to eat, often leading to a lack of enjoyment in consuming food. These antonyms represent a deviation from the typical desire for nourishment that drives individuals to seek out and consume different food items.

Exploring antonyms for appetite sheds light on the spectrum of attitudes and behaviors towards food. While appetite generally encompasses a positive urge to eat and enjoy food, its antonyms showcase the varying degrees of disinterest or reluctance towards consuming meals. Understanding these antonyms provides insight into the complexity of human relationships with food and eating habits.

35 Antonyms for APPETITE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for appetite. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPETITE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Appetite Sentence with Antonym
Satiety She had a strong appetite for spicy food. After a large meal, he felt a sense of satiety.
Aversion His appetite for adventure was insatiable. She had a strong aversion to taking risks.
Disinterest The delicious aroma of the food sparked his appetite. He showed complete disinterest in the menu.
Indifference Her appetite for knowledge led her to read many books He exhibited indifference towards learning.
Rejection The aroma of the dish aroused his appetite. The taste of the food led to immediate rejection.
Revulsion She had a strong appetite for seafood. The smell of fish provoked a feeling of revulsion.
Disgust His appetite for desserts was legendary. The rotten smell of the garbage filled him with disgust.
Abstinence Her appetite for rich food was well-known. Due to health reasons, he practiced abstinence from unhealthy meals.
Fullness The all-you-can-eat buffet satisfied her appetite. The Thanksgiving feast left him with a feeling of fullness.
Apathy His appetite for life was evident in his joyful demeanor. She showed signs of apathy towards living fully.
Hesitance The delicious aroma whetted his appetite. She showed hesitance before taking the first bite.
Disinclination Her appetite for adventure knew no bounds. Due to fatigue, he felt a strong disinclination to explore.
Detest His appetite for spicy food was insatiable. She vehemently detested anything with a hint of spice.
Loathing The enticing aroma tickled his appetite. The foul smell of the dish filled him with loathing.
Repulsion She had an insatiable appetite for sugary treats. The sight of moldy bread caused an instant feeling of repulsion.
Abhorrence His appetite for books seemed unquenchable. He had a deep-seated abhorrence towards reading.
Revilement Her appetite for fast food was insatiable. He spoke with revilement towards unhealthy eating habits.
Dislike His appetite for exotic cuisine knew no bounds. She displayed a clear dislike for foreign foods.
Hinderance The tantalizing smell whetted his appetite. A food allergy proved to be a hinderance to enjoying the dish.
Nausea Her seemingly insatiable appetite for life was evident. The roller coaster ride left him with a feeling of nausea.
Deterrence The aroma of freshly baked bread tantalized his appetite. The unappetizing appearance of the dish acted as a deterrence.
Refusal His insatiable appetite for knowledge was evident. She demonstrated a firm refusal to engage in learning.
Abandonment The enticing smell piqued his appetite. Due to the burnt taste, he felt a sense of abandonment towards the meal.
Exhaustion Her insatiable appetite for adventures was known. The constant traveling left him with a sense of exhaustion.
Weariness The delicious aroma of the meal ignited his appetite. After a long day, he felt a deep sense of weariness.
Indifference Her insatiable appetite for seafood was well-known. He displayed complete indifference to eating any type of fish.
Enmity His appetite for excitement was insatiable. She harbored a deep-seated enmity towards anything thrilling.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPETITE

In summary, while some may have a strong appetite for food, others may experience a lack of desire to eat. Appetite can be described as either voracious or diminished, depending on one’s individual preferences and needs. It’s important to recognize and accommodate these differences in order to promote healthy eating habits and overall well-being.

Finding a balance between indulging in hearty meals and respecting a reduced appetite is key to maintaining a nutritious diet. By listening to your body’s cues and understanding the spectrum of appetites, you can tailor your eating habits to suit your unique requirements. Embracing diversity in appetite levels can foster a healthier relationship with food and promote a mindful approach to nutrition.

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