Opposite of APPLAUD – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for applaud are words that express disapproval or lack of praise. While applauding signifies approval, antonyms for applaud convey rejection or criticism. They are words that convey negative sentiments or lack of support towards a person, action, or outcome.

There are various antonyms for applaud that people use to communicate their dissent or disapproval. These words convey a range of negative emotions, from mild disagreement to strong disapproval, offering a contrasting perspective to applause. When someone uses antonyms for applaud, they are expressing their dissatisfaction or withholding praise.

Understanding antonyms for applaud is important as they provide an alternative way to express viewpoints that differ from those that deserve praise. By recognizing and utilizing these antonyms, individuals can convey their disapproval or lack of support in a clear and direct manner, ultimately contributing to effective communication and diverse expressions of opinion.

35 Antonyms for APPLAUD With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for applaud. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPLAUD antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Applaud Sentence with Antonym
Boo The audience applauded the performance. The audience booed at the performance.
Condemn The crowd applauded the winner. The crowd condemned the loser.
Jeer People applauded the speech. People jeered at the speech.
Denounce The spectators applauded the show. The spectators denounced the event.
Abhor The fans applauded the team’s effort. The fans abhorred the team’s performance.
Disapprove Parents applauded their child’s efforts. Parents disapproved of their child’s behavior.
Oppose The audience applauded the performance. The audience opposed the performance.
Deplore Supporters applauded the decision. Supporters deplored the decision.
Deride The audience applauded the comedian. The audience derided the comedian.
Dislike Everyone applauded the chef’s creations. Everyone disliked the chef’s cooking.
Criticize The crowd applauded the singer’s song. The crowd criticized the singer’s performance.
Censure The spectators applauded the performance. The spectators censured the performance.
Blame The audience applauded the actor’s role. The audience blamed the actor for the poor acting.
Hiss People applauded the magician’s tricks. People hissed at the magician’s failed magic.
Mock Fans applauded their favorite team. Fans mocked the opposing team.
Scold Parents applauded their child’s efforts. Parents scolded their child for misbehaving.
Revile The audience applauded the speaker. The audience reviled the speaker’s controversial views.
Insult Everyone applauded the performer. Everyone insulted the performer’s skills.
Taunt Spectators applauded the great play. Spectators taunted the players for poor performance.
Rebuke The audience applauded the pianist. The audience rebuked the pianist for the mistakes.
Deny People applauded the effort put in. People denied the possibility of success.
Hate Fans applauded the team’s victory. Fans hated the team’s performance.
Reject The audience applauded the speaker. The audience rejected the speaker’s proposal.
Repudiate Supporters applauded the decision. Supporters repudiated the decision.
Sneer Everyone applauded the performance. Everyone sneered at the performance.
Disown Spectators applauded the winner. Spectators disowned the loser.
Demean The crowd applauded the team’s effort. The crowd demeaned the team’s performance.
Disparage Parents applauded their child’s efforts. Parents disparaged their child’s abilities.
Disrespect The audience applauded the show. The audience disrespected the event.
Contemn People applauded the performance. People contemned the performance.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPLAUD

Critics often condemn performances, expressing disapproval instead of praise. While some view the show as mundane, others find it exceptional. The absence of support for artists is evident through the lack of acclaim from the audience. Rather than celebrating, some may critique the lackluster presentation. Disapproval can overshadow any positive feedback, leading to a demoralizing experience for the performers.

Despite the absence of applause, some individuals maintain a neutral stance towards the performance. The lack of applause does not necessarily equate to outright disapproval. It is essential to consider varied opinions and reactions, understanding that not everyone will openly express support or admiration for a show.

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