Opposite of APPROPRIATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a specified word. They serve as direct contrasts to a term and can help provide a deeper understanding of language. By exploring antonyms, one can enhance their vocabulary and communication skills by learning alternative expressions to convey different ideas.

For the word “appropriate,” antonyms would represent words that signify actions or qualities that are unsuitable, improper, or unfitting for a given context. These opposing terms can be valuable in expressing nuances or shades of meaning, offering a rich tapestry of language to choose from when communicating effectively. Antonyms for “appropriate” can range from casual to formal, with variations in intensity and connotations.

Understanding antonyms for “appropriate” allows for a more nuanced and precise use of language in different contexts. By recognizing the opposites of “appropriate,” individuals can expand their linguistic repertoire and choose their words more deliberately in various situations. Exploring these antonyms can deepen one’s understanding of language and offer a broader range of options for expression.

35 Antonyms for APPROPRIATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for appropriate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding APPROPRIATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Appropriate Sentence with Antonym
Inappropriate The teacher asked the students to wear appropriate attire for the school event. The teacher asked the students to avoid inappropriate clothing for the school event.
Improper It is important to use appropriate language in professional settings. It is important to avoid improper language in professional settings.
Unsuitable The color of the curtains was not appropriate for the room’s decor. The color of the curtains was unsuitable for the room’s decor.
Inapt The restaurant served an appropriate selection of wines with the meal. The restaurant served an inapt selection of wines with the meal.
Unfit Wearing the appropriate gear is essential for safety during outdoor activities. Wearing unfit gear is dangerous during outdoor activities.
Improper It is appropriate to arrive on time for the meeting. It is improper to arrive late for the meeting.
Incompatible The software was not appropriate for use on older computers. The software was incompatible with older computers.
Unbecoming Susan’s speech was highly appropriate for the formal occasion. Susan’s speech was unbecoming for the formal occasion.
Incongruous The bright pink color was appropriate for the festive celebration. The bright pink color was incongruous with the formal setting.
Ill-suited The heavy jacket was appropriate for the cold weather. The heavy jacket was ill-suited for the warm climate.
Unfitting Sarah’s casual attire was appropriate for the beach party. Sarah’s casual attire was unfitting for the gala event.
Improvident Making an appropriate budget is crucial for financial stability. Making an improvident budget can lead to overspending.
Wrong It is important to provide appropriate training for new employees. It is wrong to provide wrong training as it leads to confusion.
Incompatible The new operating system is appropriate with the latest hardware. The new operating system is incompatible with outdated hardware.
Unsuitable The novel was appropriate for young readers. The novel was unsuitable for mature audiences.
Inadequate The student’s response was appropriate for the complex question. The student’s response was inadequate for addressing the question.
Incorrect Setting the appropriate date for the meeting is crucial for attendance. Setting the incorrect date can cause scheduling conflicts.
Discordant The music played during the ceremony was appropriate for the occasion. The music played was discordant and did not match the atmosphere.
Unjust The punishment was appropriate for the crime committed. The punishment was unjust and too harsh for the minor offense.
Misfit The cake chosen was appropriate for the birthday celebration. The cake chosen was a misfit and did not match the theme.
Unqualified Only those with appropriate qualifications will be considered for the job. Those who are unqualified will not be selected for the position.
Unsupported The evidence presented was appropriate for the argument being made. The argument was unsupported as it lacked credible evidence.
Unjustifiable The expense was appropriate given the quality of service received. The expense was unjustifiable based on the poor service provided.
Inadequate His responses were appropriate for the simple questions asked. His responses were inadequate for the detailed analysis required.
Wrong The attire chosen was appropriate for the formal event. The attire chosen was wrong for the casual party.
Unfitting The music played during the game was appropriate for the intense moments. The music played was unfitting and did not match the mood.
Unworthy Only the most appropriate candidate will be chosen for the scholarship. Candidates who are unworthy will not be considered for the scholarship.
Unsuitable The tools provided were appropriate for the task at hand. The tools were unsuitable and made the job more difficult.
Misfit The color scheme chosen was appropriate for the room renovation. The color scheme chosen was a misfit and clashed with the furniture.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of APPROPRIATE

It’s important to be mindful of what is suitable for a given situation, as disregarding appropriateness can lead to confusion or conflict. Being considerate of others’ feelings and needs is essential in maintaining harmonious relationships. Rather than being careless or haphazard, exercising discernment and choosing actions or words that are fitting can prevent misunderstandings and foster a sense of trust and respect.

When contemplating what is or isn’t apropos, it’s crucial to remember that context matters. What may be inappropriate in one setting could be completely suitable in another. By being attentive to the appropriateness of our behavior and communication, we can contribute to more positive and constructive interactions in various aspects of our lives.

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