Opposite of AUDIBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for audible refer to words or terms that describe sounds or noises that cannot be heard or are not capable of being heard. These antonyms denote the absence of sound or the inability to perceive sound through hearing.

Silent, noiseless, and soundless are examples of antonyms for audible as they describe a state where no sound or noise is present. These terms signify a lack of audible vibrations or disturbances in the atmosphere that would result in the sensation of hearing.

By exploring antonyms for audible, we gain a better understanding of the different ways in which sound, or the lack of it, can be described and interpreted. This allows us to appreciate the diversity and complexity of language when it comes to expressing the concept of sound and the absence of sound.

35 Antonyms for AUDIBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for audible. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AUDIBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Audible Sentence with Antonym
Inaudible The audible noises woke me up in the night. The faint whispers were inaudible to me.
Mute The music was clearly audible from across the street. The room fell silent, making all sounds mute.
Silent His footsteps were audible in the empty hallway. The silent room made it easy to concentrate.
Noiseless The baby’s cries were audible from the next room. The house was so quiet that the faint noises were almost noiseless.
Hushed The professor’s lecture was audible in the quiet classroom. The library was so calm that even a pin drop felt hushed.
Quiet The rustling leaves were barely audible in the quiet forest. The bustling city was far from quiet.
Muffled The phone conversation was barely audible through the muffled walls. The thick curtains helped keep the noise muffled.
Faint I could hear a faint sound coming from down the hall. The voices from the street were barely audible and sounded faint.
Noise-free In the countryside, the night was audible with only natural sounds. The soundproof room was completely noise-free.
Silent They walked along the audible bank of the river. The underwater world was a completely silent place.
Soundless The audible chirping of birds filled the early morning air. The room was so quiet that it felt completely soundless.
Quiet The teacher’s instructions were clearly audible to all students. The quiet environment made it easy to listen to the whispers.
Unhearable The distant explosion was barely audible in the night. The faraway whispers were unhearable to the people nearby.
Speechless The audible sobs echoed through the empty room. Overcome with emotion, she was left speechless.
Silent The soft rustling of leaves was just audible in the silent forest. The noise from the city was so loud that it overshadowed the silent countryside.
Quiet The audible laughter of children filled the classroom. The quiet night was disturbed only by the chirping crickets.
Quiet The audible instructions helped the audience follow along. The audience waited in quiet anticipation for the show to begin.
Noiseless The audible sounds of the ocean could be heard from afar. The noiseless night provided a peaceful sleep.
Hushed The only audible sounds were the whispers among the crowd. The build-up to the surprise was met with hushed anticipation.
Soundless The audible construction noise was disruptive to the street. The room was so soundless that even the ticking clock could be heard.
Muffled The audible conversation could be heard through the muffled walls. The thick carpet muffled the sound of footsteps.
Faint The noise was barely audible as a faint hum in the background. The sound was faint and almost imperceptible.
Noise-free The audible evening noises filled the calm neighborhood. The house was noise-free due to the soundproofing.
Silent The music was barely audible in the silent room. The silent night was only broken by a gentle breeze.
Soundless The audible construction noise could be heard for miles. The room’s soundless atmosphere was eerie.
Quiet The audible chatter in the room made it difficult to focus. The quiet library demanded a respectful silence.
Unhearable The audible whispers could be heard from the other side of the room. The soft murmur was unhearable to those without keen ears.
Speechless The audible gasps filled the theater as the surprise was revealed. The moment left him speechless and unable to articulate his thoughts.
Silent The audible music from the festival could be heard for miles. The valley was silent save for the occasional rustling of leaves.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AUDIBLE

In summary, when sounds are *inaudible*, they cannot be heard or detected by the human ear. Conversely, when sounds are *deafening*, they are extremely loud and overwhelming to the point of causing discomfort or harm to the ears. Understanding the range of *silent* to *deafening* sounds can help us appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy auditory environment and being mindful of the sound levels in our surroundings.

By being mindful of the volume of sounds around us and seeking moments of *quiet* in our daily lives, we can protect our hearing and promote a more peaceful environment. Embracing the spectrum from *inaudible* to *deafening* can lead to a greater awareness of the soundscape we inhabit and a deeper appreciation for the nuances of auditory experiences.

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