Opposite of AUSPICIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for auspicious are words that represent the opposite of favorable, promising, or fortunate circumstances. These antonyms convey a sense of negativity or misfortune, painting a picture of unfavorable outcomes or events.

When discussing antonyms for auspicious, it is important to understand that these words serve as contrasts to those that denote good fortune or positive beginnings. By exploring these antonyms, one can grasp a more comprehensive understanding of contrasting concepts and linguistic opposites that exist in the language.

By delving into the antonyms for auspicious, we can discover a range of words that embody adverse meanings and implications. Exploring these antonyms can provide valuable insights into the complexities and nuances of the English language, offering a richer vocabulary and a deeper appreciation for the diverse range of expressions available to us.

35 Antonyms for AUSPICIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for auspicious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AUSPICIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Auspicious Sentence with Antonym
Unfortunate The auspicious start turned into a disaster The day started off on an unfortunate note
Inauspicious The omens were auspicious for the new venture The signs were inauspicious and foretold failure
Unlucky The auspicious event brought good luck It was a day filled with unlucky incidents
ill-fated The couple’s auspicious marriage ceremony The pair was beginning to feel it was an ill-fated union
Unpromising The auspicious job offer promised success The offer seemed unpromising from the start
Doomful The auspicious blessing turned things around Their efforts led to a doomful outcome
Unpropitious The atmosphere was auspicious for the party The mood turned unpropitious as tensions rose
Discouraging The results of the test were auspicious The outcome was discouraging and disheartening
Pessimistic She gave an auspicious speech to inspire His words were pessimistic and dampened spirits
Dark The auspicious sky signaled a beautiful day The sky grew dark and storm clouds loomed ahead
Unhopeful Their faces brightened at the auspicious news Their expressions turned unhopeful upon hearing the update
Unfavorable The forecast for the project looked auspicious The outlook was grim and unfavorable
Bleak The auspicious beginning gave hope for change The situation turned bleak and showed no signs of improvement
Grim An auspicious start hinted at prosperity The situation turned grim as challenges arose
Inopportune The timing seemed auspicious for the meeting Unfortunately, it was inopportune and caused confusion
Sinister Despite the auspicious signs, doubts arose The signs turned sinister and sparked fear
Unlucky The auspicious amulet was believed to bring good fortune The trinket proved to be unlucky and caused misfortune
Disastrous The auspicious weather foreshadowed success The turn of events led to a disastrous outcome
Gloomy The once auspicious morning now felt bleak The day grew gloomy and cast a shadow over everything
Unprosperous The company saw an auspicious rise in profits Sadly, it was followed by an unprosperous decline
Unlucky The auspicious occasion brought joy to all It was meant to be a day of celebration but turned unlucky
Ominous The auspicious beginning soon turned troubling The signs ahead were ominous and foretold danger
Tragic The day began on an auspicious note Unfortunately, it ended in tragic circumstances
Miserable The initial signs seemed auspicious However, the day ended in a miserable way
Dark The auspicious outcome was a result of hard work They did not expect the dark consequences that followed
Dreary Despite their efforts, the news remained auspicious The atmosphere grew dreary as obstacles seemed insurmountable
Hopeless Their relationship had an auspicious beginning However, it turned hopeless as conflicts arose
Unpropitious The auspicious event was a cause for celebration The change of mood became unpropitious and led to tension
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AUSPICIOUS

In essence, contrasting phrases such as “ominous forecast” and “unfortunate beginning” serve as antonyms for auspicious, conveying a sense of negativity or ill-fortune. These opposing terms highlight the significance of words in shaping the tone and implications of a situation. While auspicious denotes favorable circumstances or outcomes, its antonyms signify challenging or unfavorable conditions. By exploring these antonyms, one can better understand the contrasting aspects of events and appreciate the impact of language on perception and interpretation.

It is crucial to recognize and appreciate the diverse meanings conveyed by antonyms for auspicious, as they offer insight into different perspectives and possibilities. By recognizing the range of sentiments encapsulated in these contrasting terms, individuals can navigate through varied scenarios with a deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities inherent in different situations.

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