Opposite of AVARICIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you seeking words that stand in direct opposition to the term “avaricious”? Antonyms are words that express the opposite meaning of another word. By exploring antonyms for “avaricious,” you can discover a wide range of terms that convey qualities like generosity, selflessness, and contentment instead of greediness.

Common antonyms for avaricious include terms that reflect positive traits related to selflessness, such as generous, magnanimous, and philanthropic. These words embody the notion of giving, sharing, and acting in a way that is not driven by an insatiable desire for wealth or possessions. Exploring antonyms for “avaricious” can offer a more nuanced understanding of contrasting attitudes towards material wealth.

By familiarizing yourself with antonyms for “avaricious,” you can enrich your vocabulary and deepen your grasp of the diverse ways in which individuals relate to wealth and resources. These antonyms can help you communicate ideas of generosity, moderation, and altruism effectively. Whether you are writing, speaking, or simply seeking to broaden your understanding of human nature, exploring antonyms for “avaricious” can provide valuable insights and perspectives.

35 Antonyms for AVARICIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for avaricious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AVARICIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Avaricious Sentence with Antonym
Generous The avaricious businessman hoarded all his wealth. The generous philanthropist donated a large sum of money to charity.
Benevolent His avaricious behavior was evident in how he refused to share his resources. She was known for her benevolent acts of kindness towards those in need.
Selfless The avaricious ruler exploited his subjects for personal gain. The selfless volunteer dedicated her time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return.
Altruistic The avaricious individuals only cared about accumulating wealth for themselves. The couple’s altruistic nature led them to donate a significant portion of their income to various charitable causes.
Liberated John felt avaricious and possessive over his possessions, never willing to let go. After decluttering her home, she felt free and liberated from material attachments.
Magnanimous His avaricious attitude towards sharing resources with others left a negative impression. The leader’s magnanimous gesture of forgiveness towards his enemies earned him respect and admiration.
Open-handed The avaricious merchant refused to offer discounts to his customers. The open-handed donor generously contributed to the fundraising efforts for the community center.
Self-sacrificing Her avaricious tendencies made her unwilling to share credit for the team’s success. His self-sacrificing nature was evident when he willingly took a step back to let others shine.
Noble The Knight’s avaricious pursuits led him away from the path of honor and righteousness. The Queen’s noble actions inspired her people and gained their loyalty and respect.
Charitable The avaricious landlord increased the rent prices without regard for his tenants’ financial struggles. The company’s charitable initiatives included donating a percentage of profits to local causes.
Unselfish Her avaricious behavior was evident when she refused to share the spotlight with her teammates. His unselfish nature shone through as he always put the needs of others before his own.
Philanthropic The avaricious CEO prioritized profit over the well-being of his employees. The philanthropic foundation dedicated resources to support education and healthcare in underprivileged communities.
Open-hearted The avaricious merchant haggled and argued relentlessly over prices with his customers. The shop owner’s open-hearted approach created a warm and inviting atmosphere that drew people in.
Compassionate Her avaricious nature prevented her from extending a helping hand to those in need. His compassionate actions towards the homeless man showed true empathy and kindness.
Self-forgetful His avaricious desires blinded him to the needs and struggles of those around him. The nun’s self-forgetful dedication to serving the poor and marginalized won admiration from all who knew her.
Prodigal The avaricious heir squandered his family fortune on extravagant luxuries and unnecessary expenses. The once prodigal son had learned frugality and responsibility, now living a modest and disciplined life.
Self-denying His avaricious pursuit of wealth led him to sacrifice friendships and relationships along the way. The monk’s self-denying lifestyle involved renouncing material possessions and embracing simplicity.
Magnificent The avaricious king built opulent palaces for himself while neglecting the basic needs of his people. The magnificent ruler constructed grand public works for the benefit and enjoyment of all citizens.
Selfless The politician’s avaricious actions showed a lack of concern for the well-being of his constituents. The community leader’s selfless dedication to service improved the lives of many in the neighborhood.
Unsparing The avaricious businessman held tightly onto his profits, never giving back to support his community. The town’s unsparing mayor allocated resources generously to address the needs of every citizen.
Unstinting Her avaricious nature kept her from sharing her time, resources, and talents with others. The artist’s work was unstinting in its depiction of beauty and emotion, freely giving to all who viewed it.
Lavish The avaricious billionaire indulged in personal luxuries while ignoring charitable opportunities. The couple’s lavish donations to hospitals and schools positively impacted the lives of many in the community.
Ascetic His avaricious appetite for wealth and power was in stark contrast to the ascetic lifestyle of the monk. The yogi lived a simple and ascetic life, renouncing worldly possessions and desires for spiritual fulfillment.
Charitable The company’s avaricious policies prioritized profits over community well-being, leaving many in need without support. The organization’s charitable initiatives aimed to provide aid and resources to those facing hardship or crisis.
Modest The avaricious celebrity flaunted their wealth and status at every opportunity, showcasing a lack of humility. Despite his success, he remained modest and humble, never boasting about his achievements or possessions.
Altruistic The couple’s avaricious lifestyle revolved around acquiring more for themselves, without considering the needs of others. Their altruistic endeavors focused on giving back to the community and supporting causes that benefited society as a whole.
Open-hearted The avaricious business owner showed little compassion towards employees, focusing solely on profit margins. The entrepreneur’s open-hearted approach fostered a supportive work environment where employees felt valued and appreciated.
Benevolent His avaricious ways led him to exploit others for personal gain, disregarding the well-being and dignity of those around him. The benevolent leader prioritized kindness and fairness, always considering the impact of decisions on the community and environment.
Magnanimous The CEO’s avaricious decisions prioritized shareholder profits at the expense of employees’ job security and livelihood. The company’s magnanimous policies promoted employee welfare, inclusive benefits, and opportunities for growth and development.
Unselfish His avaricious pursuit of material wealth isolated him from meaningful relationships and connections with others. The volunteer’s unselfish dedication and service brought people together, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AVARICIOUS

Generosity is the opposite of avariciousness. While being avaricious can lead to greed and selfishness, being generous fosters kindness and empathy. Instead of hoarding wealth, a generous person willingly shares with others, creating a more inclusive and caring society. In a world where avarice can often overshadow compassion, practicing generosity can bring about positive change and reinforce human connections.

Selflessness, benevolence, and open-handedness are all traits that counteract avarice. By cultivating a spirit of generosity, individuals can promote a culture of giving and support those in need. Remember, the true measure of wealth lies not in hoarding possessions, but in the ability to give back and uplift others.

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