Opposite of AVID – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language and expanding vocabulary, it is essential to understand antonyms. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings and help to provide depth and variety in communication. By identifying antonyms, we can enhance our writing, speech, and comprehension skills.

Antonyms serve as a valuable tool in expressing contrasting ideas and creating emphasis in our communication. By recognizing antonyms for a particular word, we can offer nuance and precision to our message. This enables us to convey thoughts with clarity and avoid ambiguity in our interactions.

Moreover, mastering antonyms allows us to enrich our language proficiency and improve our ability to articulate concepts effectively. By incorporating antonyms into our writing and speech, we can express ourselves with greater precision and eloquence. Understanding antonyms enhances our linguistic dexterity and provides a more comprehensive grasp of the language we use daily.

35 Antonyms for AVID With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for avid. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding AVID antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Avid Sentence with Antonym
Uninterested She was an avid reader and finished the book in one night. He was uninterested in reading and never picked up a book.
Apathetic He was avid about collecting stamps from around the world. She was apathetic and showed no interest in any hobbies.
Indifferent They were avid fans of the team and never missed a game. The group was indifferent and did not care about the outcome of the match.
Dispassionate He was avidly enthusiastic about joining the photography club. She was dispassionate and showed no excitement in any clubs.
Unenthusiastic She was avid about attending the concert and bought tickets as soon as they were available. He was unenthusiastic and showed no interest in going to the event.
Detached He was avidly involved in the discussion about climate change solutions. She was detached and did not participate in the conversation.
Halfhearted She was an avid supporter of the charity and volunteered every weekend. He made halfhearted attempts to help and rarely showed up.
Lukewarm She was avid about learning a new language and practiced every day. He was lukewarm about the idea and only studied sporadically.
Nonchalant He was avidly interested in birdwatching and spent hours observing different species. She was nonchalant and casually glanced at the birds.
Passive They were avid participants in the debate club and always had strong arguments. The group was passive and did not engage in any discussions.
Unenthusiastic She was avid about starting a new exercise routine and went to the gym daily. He was unenthusiastic and seldom bothered to work out.
Reluctant He was avidly passionate about volunteering at the animal shelter. She was reluctant and hesitant to help out with the animals.
Reserved She was avid about joining the dance class and looked forward to each session. He was reserved and did not enjoy being the center of attention.
Uncommitted She was avidly engaged in the book club discussions and shared her insights. He was uncommitted and rarely participated in group activities.
Unexcited He was an avid follower of the local sports team and never missed a game. She was unexcited about sports and preferred other hobbies.
Disinterested She was avidly interested in studying marine biology and dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. He was disinterested and showed no curiosity about the subject.
Unresponsive He was an avid user of social media and checked his accounts multiple times a day. She was unresponsive and rarely interacted online.
Dull She was avidly passionate about art and visited museums regularly. He found art to be dull and preferred other forms of entertainment.
Negligent He was an avid gardener and spent hours tending to his plants. She was negligent with her garden and rarely watered the flowers.
Useless She was avidly dedicated to her studies and aimed for top grades. He thought studying was useless and preferred practical skills.
Listless He was an avid hiker and explored new trails every weekend. She felt listless and had no desire to go on outdoor adventures.
Uninspired She was avidly keen on participating in the poetry slam competition. He was uninspired and did not feel motivated to write poetry.
Uncommitted He was avid about pursuing a career in music and practiced his instrument daily. She was uncommitted and unsure about her future plans.
Disheartened He was avidly interested in astronomy and attended every stargazing event. She felt disheartened and lost her passion for gazing at the stars.
Ignorant She was avidly knowledgeable about fashion trends and always dressed stylishly. He was ignorant and unaware of current styles in clothing.
Nonchalant He was an avid reader and devoured multiple books per week. She was nonchalant and rarely found joy in reading.
Disinterested She was avidly engaged in photography and loved capturing moments. He was disinterested and didn’t understand the appeal of taking pictures.
Lethargic He was an avid runner and completed marathons regularly. She felt lethargic and lacked the energy to engage in physical activities.
Vacant She was avidly interested in history and loved visiting historical sites. He felt vacant and uninterested when learning about the past.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of AVID

Those who are indifferent often lack enthusiasm and passion, showing a disinterest in pursuing certain activities or topics. On the other hand, individuals who are eager exhibit a strong desire and enthusiasm for engaging in various pursuits, displaying a keen interest and excitement. While some may be apathetic towards certain subjects, others are enthusiastic and eagerly embrace new opportunities with fervor.

It is essential to recognize the contrast between those who are lukewarm and those who are enthusiastic, as it highlights the varying degrees of interest and passion individuals may have. By understanding the differences between these antonyms for avid, we can appreciate the diverse ways in which people engage with the world around them, whether with indifference or with eager enthusiasm.

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