Opposite of BECKON – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for beckon are words that represent the opposite of beckoning or signaling someone to come closer. These antonyms convey a sense of repelling, discouraging, or ignoring as opposed to inviting or calling someone.

When we talk about antonyms for beckon, we are referring to a set of words that signify the act of shunning, dismissing, or pushing away instead of beckoning or gesturing for someone to approach or come nearer.

By understanding the antonyms for beckon, we can grasp the contrast between inviting gestures and actions that deter or ward off others. These antonyms offer an insightful perspective on communication and interaction, highlighting the diverse ways in which people express their desires for connection or distance.

35 Antonyms for BECKON With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for beckon. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding BECKON antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Beckon Sentence with Antonym
Ignore The waitress beckoned us to our table. The waitress ignored us as we tried to get her attention.
Repel The eerie glow of the haunted house beckoned me closer. The unsettling vibes of the haunted house repelled me from approaching.
Discourage She beckoned her friend to join her on the adventure. She discouraged her friend from participating in the risky endeavor.
Shun Despite his efforts to beckon them, they resisted his call. They chose to shun his invitation and walked away.
Deter The cozy fire in the cabin beckoned us to come inside. The stormy weather outside deterred us from entering the cabin.
Reject His gesture of holding out his hand beckoned for a handshake. His swift dismissal rejected any chance of reconciliation.
Avoid The alluring smell of fresh pastries beckoned customers into the bakery. The foul stench of rotten food avoided customers from entering the store.
Dismiss He beckoned them over to hear his exciting news. He dismissed their queries and walked away.
Turn away The bright lights of the city beckoned us from the distance. The darkness of the forest made us turn away and return to safety.
Push back The welcoming music from the restaurant beckoned us to come closer. The blaring noise from the construction site pushed us back.
Drive away The beautiful scenery beckoned us to stay longer. The unpleasant surroundings drove away any desire to linger.
Deter The intriguing mystery beckoned us to delve deeper into the story. The clear warning signs deterred us from pursuing any further.
Shove aside The warm smile on her face beckoned a wave of joy. The cold stare shoved aside any feelings of happiness.
Barricade The open gates beckoned us to explore the ancient castle. The closed gates with warning signs barricaded entry to the forbidden area.
Disgust The decadent chocolates beckoned us to indulge. The spoiled food disgusted anyone who dared to come near.
Rebuke The picturesque beach beckons tourists from far and wide. The dilapidated house rebukes any visitors from entering its premises.
Push back The scent of fresh flowers beckoned guests to the garden. The overwhelming smell of chemicals pushed back people from approaching.
Drive away The peaceful aura of the retreat beckoned visitors to relax. The tense atmosphere in the office drove away any sense of calm.
Turn down The enchanting melody beckoned us to dance. The discordant notes turned down our desire to join in.
Block His outstretched hand beckoned her to come closer. The closed door blocked their path from reuniting.
Despise The intriguing novel beckoned readers to plunge into its world. The poorly written book despised anyone who tried to read it.
Withdraw The warm light of the cabin beckoned weary travelers inside. The cold air of the blizzard withdrew any desire to venture out.
Disregard The grand entrance of the mansion beckoned guests to come in. The cluttered and neglected yard disregarded any welcoming feel.
Scorn The call of the wild beckoned adventurers to explore the unknown. The reality of the dangerous terrain scorned their attempts at bravery.
Ignore The gleaming treasure beckoned us from its hidden location. The dusty old relic ignored whenever someone passed by.
Supress The tempting aroma of freshly baked bread beckoned passersby. The pungent smell of spoiled food suppressed any appetite.
Spurn The open arms beckoned the lost child to safety. The closed off body language spurned any attempts at comfort.
Scare off The sparkling lights of the amusement park beckoned children to come play. The eerie silence of the abandoned house scared off any trespassers.
Curtail The carefree laughter from the party beckoned me to join. The strict rules of the gathering curtailed any enjoyment that I would have had.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of BECKON

In contrast to beckon, words like repel, deter, or discourage indicate a lack of invitation or attraction. Phrases such as “drive away” or “put off” express the idea of creating distance rather than drawing someone in. This diverse range of antonyms for beckon highlights the spectrum of emotions and actions that can come into play when trying to communicate a lack of interest or a desire for solitude.

By understanding the antonyms for beckon, we can grasp the nuances of communication and better navigate social interactions. Whether it’s signaling disinterest, warding off unwanted attention, or simply maintaining boundaries, these antonyms serve as valuable tools for expressing oneself clearly and effectively.

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